‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 428

Colors by Jemma and Audrey except the first panel (reality memory). That and everything else is by me.


Happy memories can be painful.


And NAV is back! Go here for the previous page (and skip all the hiatus stuff--which I'll move out sometime later this week).


I'm still working on finishing up the Kickstarter orders. I'm so nearly done; can't wait! Also, NAV turns five this Saturday. I wanted to do something big for it, but I don't think I'll have the time for anything cool. But at least we won't be in hiatus!


Welcome back!

Alexander The 1st

“…But I had to be out in the countryside to get plants to trade in for the plants I would need.”

Anyways, congrats on the five year run so far! Been enjoying it every step since I got here.

Drakanor Dream

Sooo … yea she is definitely not a daddy’s girl anymore XD


Yay, your’re back in time for the birthday!
I think the reality panels are cool enough 🙂 I really like the overlapping style!


I agree, the way the Game and Reality overlaps is well done.


Welcome Back!!!


Yeeees! At last! Welcome back.


So glad it’s back! I’ve been missing NAV!

Poor Kleya. Can’t even think about plants without being reminded of her dad. 🙁

Darren Craig

Longest month ever glad your back!!!


Welcome back! 🙂

And happy NAV anniversary!! Half a decade is a lot of time 🙂

Hope everything went as you expected 🙂 You seems so busy, did you have some actual rest?

Dragon Master

Welcome back Aneeka, and congratulations on NAV’s 5th birthday. It’s a big achievement. While I’m happy the comic is back I hope you got enough rest.


I survived the hiatus! Sort of…

Iron Ed

Welcome back, Aneeka! I hope you enjoyed the time off. I certainly enjoyed what you put up for us while you were “away”. 🙂

Ah – finally figured out what was bugging me about the “reality” frame. The teeth! (real teeth don’t go back at that perspective – and the molars are much bigger then the front teeth) Suggest you use a mirror or take a selfie. Simply placing the mass of the teeth/dentures in the right area will help a ton. You don’t even have to detail every tooth unless you want to. (Also the visible thumb – but hands are insanely hard so I really don’t blame you) Little Kat is adorable by the way. And hopefully this reality flashback was non-stressful… Read more »