Michael Davison

If the Dude were brilliant, he would be the Doctor.


Aw man, the Dude didn’t tip his hand. 🙁
But actually I didn’t expect him to do it anyway.


Btw: What were the problems with the dialogue on this page?
The result looks fine. 🙂


After Panel 2, I’m half expecting Dude to announce he’s devised A Cunning Plan™ at some point during The Game…

Meanwhile, Kat’s probably deduced where best for the group to head next (once they’ve stopped larking around) – maybe at some point we’ll see a whispered conversation with Jane (who despite being generally regarded by the public as nuts, is the group’s leader), revealing a different side of her to her public persona?

Scott McCarthy

I don’t get why. 🙁

Rowen Morland

Cunning Plan™*

Blackadder’s Baldrick was famous for his cunning plans. They always womped hard.

Scott McCarthy

Someone gets it.
IIRc it was not just Baldrick, but his were the “best”.


I’m interested in finding out about the rare thing Kat found in the tree.


Dude, don’t even bother trying to be brilliant. You’re the Comic Relief guy.

Alternatively, *do* try to be brilliant. You’ll keep failing to in an amusing way, and it’ll be funny. Except in those moments where you being actually brilliant will be even funnier.


Oh, yes, those moments are among my favorites, i.e. when the dumb guy dumbfounds a smart adversary by accident by having a point.


If I were any player in this game, I would be very hesitant to attack anything that PINK. It’s like they said in Firefly: “Man wears a [hat] like that, folks know he’s not afraid o’ nuthin!”


I usually assume that anything that pink is pure evil . . .


Not every thing that is pink is bad.


If Kat were really the nice, mild mannered lady she wants to project she wouldn’t have such a sharp tongue.

Dragon Master

Dude Owned Count: 3


I find it interesting that dani seems to expect/know that Kat can heal. Sure we all have taken it for granted, but it’s never been said in comic, and Dani seems pretty new to all the RPG tropes.

Kate from Iowa

I think it would be a safe assumption, given that Kat’s (or someone) told her that someone pursuing a perfect run in Erbana can’t let anyone die.

Oh yes, I think it’s pretty obvious. However, Dani has seemed pretty naive about ‘obvious’ game mechanics before. If you never come from a gaming enviroment the very idea of a dedicated healer may seem foreign. Even if it isn’t, how does she know it’s easy. Some games healing is difficult enough that demanding a heal for a minor injury would be wasteful. I wonder if she guessed, if she knew just enough about the Game to be familiar with the idea that some people take up healing (presumably with ebona as a secondary trait to something like the questing… Read more »

“See? She didn’t even deny it!”
I love it!


I know. Those 2 of Dude’s lines (that one and the previous one) were my favorites on this page, followed closely by Kat’s not paying attention statement.


Dani discovers that her popularity goes up every time she kicks Dude in the face.

Hilarity ensues.


This is the perfect plan – every time she kicks him but doesn’t kill him, her Morto goes down, right? She’ll be a popular Kesti in no time!


Let the kicking begin…

…But don’t overdo it, don’t want the novelty wearing off too soon…


Dude, Kat, and Danni look like they could be a pretty good group together. Danni can fight people off without killing them, Dude negotiates with his high charisma, and Kat handles healing for the group as well as people Danni fights, along with uncanny area knowledge. Also, Dude is the comedian with Danni as the straight man, with Kat being the onlooker that constantly shakes her head at the two of them.

If you remove a comma from my first sentence, it changes the meaning significantly.


The dialogue on this page made me laugh.
“See? She didn’t even deny it!” XD


Brandon sure was quick to jump from “Kat’s gonna kill us all” to “Kat save me” =D


That’s what the player is/was thinking. I don’t think he’s planning on letting them know that.


I just love NAV. It gets better every page and it’s always interesting. There are quite a few stories regarding video games, but this one really stands on its own. Love it!


If someone is going to die soon it seems brandon is doing a great job at getting himself killed


Dude either has a tiny health bar to the point that he’s dying after two attacks or he can take more punishment and he’s faking… either way he’s being a little overdramatic…


Dang, I was genuinely hoping Dude wasn’t as derp as he appeared, owell…