Yes, Danni, he seriously *can* be that stupid. Now, if he seriously *is* that stupid is another question.

Dragon Master

Good point.


As Daniel the Human would say…

Never underestimate the power of Human stupidity…

Alexander The 1st

Ah, so The Dude *is* going for the classic “How *else* will he mess up?” tactic to gaining fans.

Sean Stevens

He is most definitely that stupid. not unintelligent, stupid. huge difference.


no, he is that clever 🙂 people like watching other people fail like that


Talk about your very literal “Leap before you look”


I am with Danni here. Someone that stupid can’t possibly win a tournament.


I direct your attention to Dragon Ball, and one of the primary protagonists therein.


I have to disagree, because apart from their good-natured-ness Goku is actually the Dude’s opposite, i.e. he is lacking common sense, but he is extraordinarily adept at physical excercise in general (not just fighting). Also his fighting style is very straight-forward (while Dude is probably going to be a trickster or something what with his pretending to be goofy) and Goku actually looks forward to battling others, even up to the point that he allows others the time they need to power up to full strength, while the Dude loves to run away.


I believe it was Ehnawnemuss’s point that Goku was “lacking common sense.” That he is a “stupid,” but not necessarily unintelligent, character who won a tournament. Your rebuttal was to a question, possibly a statement, no one made.


Oh, no, my rebuttal fitted just fine, because if you care to compare Goku an Dude again, then Dude is not at all lacking common sense, as you may have seen when he talked to Bandit alone. Dude is pretending to be stupid, but not at all lacking common sense, while Goku is 100% honest and mostly lacking common sense due to his living alone for a long time. And this is why they are not at all similar.


Neither Ehnawnemuss or I have tried to equate The Dude to Goku. Are you stipulating that Goku is not “stupid,” or that he did not win a tournament?

“Someone that stupid can’t possibly win a tournament.”
Goku was a character you admit to being more “stupid” than Dude who won a tournament.

Please define what you mean by the term “stupid” as accurately as possible ignoring any rules of brevity.

Thank you


Why don’t you define “equate” instead if you seriously claim Ehnawnemuss did not try to equate them? Because that’s exactly what s/he did in regards to being stupid and winning a tournament.

I have written what I meant in very easy to understand words and I have done it twice so far. If you aren’t able to understand easy words and require a professional super-accurate definition with no brevity instead, then I can’t help you. Good-bye.


Danni’s bluntness just makes me smile and laugh.


Dude, have you never heard the phrase “look before you leap”?


Dude… Come on dude.





And also: Tee hee. 😛





Way to be clumsy dude. Sometimes I just think he is just the comic relief of the group with how he acts and sometimes with what he does. I can’t wait to see more antics between the members of the group! Take to account that kat helps danni out around the areas they are presented with and any situations, she barely teaches her how to communicate between members (which the dude later on does). I almost want to see if the bandit will teach her anything else that we (the readers) are unaware about the game which may not have… Read more »

I suspect he’s one of those goofy people “IRL” who 75% of the time is being silly/stupid on purpose to lighten the mood, but the trick is figuring out which 75% is deliberate.


Yeah, that had to be staged. But hilariously so. 😀

Got to love the Dude. I can’t wait till he gets some more cards.


Dude’s barking up the wrong tree there.
I’ll see myself out.

Renshear Blade

watch out for that… (ooof) … tree… a certain song has entered my head…


(Dude) of the Jungle?

A Nonny Mouse

You, my friend, are evil. I had successfully gone a couple years without thinking of that song. Until now…..


Dude… ~__~’


Sorry to burst Danni’s bubble, but yes, he can be that stupid XD


To ambush Mary Jane? What about Bandit? Guys, think about him!!!
[By the way, can the players read any comments while they play? If they can check their pop stats…]
Poor Dude, does he have a concussion?

Kessy Athena

I think Danni has a point – I’m starting to suspect that a lot of Dude’s persona is an act for the sake of the watchers. Not all, but some.


What the-
How did he-
I don’t-


I bet that Kat is making that “New Reader? Click here” face right now. ^^


Maybe even adding in a facepalm for good measure…

Dragon Master

Dude Owned Count: 2


I saw what you did there. 🙂


I love Danni’s response.


*Branch cracks and falls on his head.
*Danni gains a Club.
*Dude is Unconscious.

I not means to be critical, because I really like this comic. But it just seems to be moving along a little slow… entire pages dedicated to something that really doesn’t add to the story. Just a little *positive* criticism. Since it’s only updated twice a week, maybe a little stronger focus on content and moving it along? Other than that… loves it. Great story concept, interesting characters, always waiting to see what happens next. Only thing is what happens next doesn’t always entail much happening and feels like “filler”. That’s just my personal opinion for what it’s worth. Still… Read more »

On the contrary, this seems to add a lot of personality, helping show The Dude’s “stupidity” which he is using to help keep his votes up, and possibly assisting Danni with her votes. And light humor comics are important to all stories, and I don’t feel it is overdone here at all.


I really recommend clicking here and then following through in order. The ‘slowness’ of pacing is simply an illusion caused by haivng to wait for the next page rather than getting the hit at once. on re-reading you see how exceptionally well-paced the story actually is.

My approach is to savour the wait, and archivedive when I need the hit 😀


Is sad or encouraging that The Dude’s behavior reminds me of my own in most group settings? Becuase, if he does I do… yeah, he’s going to get within an inch of winning and somehow fall into a snake pit no one even knew existed…


Dude could, of course, be going for the comic relief approach to popularity – appear to be such a klutz that no-one takes him seriously…

…until it’s too late. But even then, his attacks may have to appear accidental to avoid too many people realising the trap he’s leading them into…

Iron Ed

“George, George, George of the Jungle!
Strong as he can be!
Watch out for that-WHAM!!!
…tree.” 🙂

Iron Ed

Great. One of the very few times I comment before reading the other comments and of course I get bit by a snake! (i.e. Someone already made a “George of the Jungle comment!” Argh. 🙂


I waited this long to see if it would show up in the comments. Gotta say this is the kind of thing that makes people ship characters . . . She has to begin by thinking he’s beneath comprehension. And they can’t be farther apart . . .


If danny and dude keep that up both players popularity will probably get up…


Head goes Baum?

I quite like the way this si going to play off when we see what he can do with an Esone (sp.?). Considering we know that that is where the strength of his play style lies, i think the contrast will be pretty sharp, dramatic and hopefully focused around a splash page. Duude

also, @awhorl – mayyyybeeeee!! But until there’s a piggy back, i reserve judgement :p or is that trope just for the dramas I watch??