I didn’t realize that it’s Dude whispering with Danni before he said “my Kat question”. I thought it was Sandra from out of the Game because she is most concerned about the popularity stats.
I think I would have the same problems as Danni doing all these things at the same time! 🙂


As long as Danni is alive, the Dude considers himself a lower priority target to Bloody Mary- Er, Jane. Danni was the 1 Jane was planning to attack straight off the bat. He just got in the crosshairs cause Danni escaped…


Eh? This was supposed to be a reply to CrazyGerbil below. Sorry…


Dude is trying to help Miss Dude survive? Perhaps that should be the future Mrs. Dude… Let the shipping commence!

Alexander The 1st

The Whispers will get insane during battles?

I look forward to that. Though perhaps some indicator to whom they’re whispering to might be useful if it’s member to member Whispers, or party-internal whispers.

Also, now Dude being all crazy like in the tutorial makes sense – he’s used to putting more effort into Whispers and Specials, presumably with splitting his focus.

Dude for Raid Leader 2015.


+1 for whisper indicators. Hadn’t thought of that, but when it’s supposed to get insane during battles they are probably going to be crucial.

Scott McCarthy

I think the color of the text window’s border and background is the indicator.

The dude is red, Dani is blue, Kat will probably be pink, Bandit ??Green?? and Jane Grey/Black…


No, that indicates FROM whom it is, but it doesn’t tell you TO whom the whisper goes, so if lots of people whisper to each other during an insane battle it is difficult to say who is talking to whom.

Also the intended colors that say FROM whom it is are probably seen in page 389.


To indicate who the message is FOR, it’s good to put it near their ears 🙂
I hope this will remain the method.

Rowen Morland

Maybe the border colour could indicate the speaker in the top left of the border and the recipient’s colour could be the bottom right.


Oh, so it really was the Dude who talked to her. Since he’s using pink I thought it was Kat. Didn’t the Dude get brown at some point way back? I’m too lazy to look it up, though. Probably shown shortly after the tutorial.


Hm, now that I took the time to check the intended coloring I found this:

So it looks like Dude and Kat have a similar color to begin with and if you brighten the Dude’s color up (which you have to do to make the text readable), then he gets very close to Kat’s color. Maybe his boxes could be shifted more towards a light brown?


Not gonna lie, I thought it was Kat too… Now that I know it’s Dude, I can kinda see the color as maroon, but it could totally pass as pink. I thought it was pink when I thought it was Kat speaking.


Maybe since Dude’s color ends up looking pink in the background, Kat’s color will match her other acceptable outfit color and be yellow?


I suggest shading Dude’s whisper color a touch more purple. (Like his shadow colors) Give him more of a dark red/purple to contrast with Kat’s bright pink.

Also 2nd the idea of From/To color coding if that becomes necessary.

Hmm… Well different colors helps, but if you want to be really clear, maybe you could put their name by the first whisper box? Or a little icon of their face? (Not every box, since that would get cluttered, and distracting; I actually saw a webcomic that did that as a standard for whenever speakers switched, FOR ALL DIALOGUE. I found it detracted from the story.) But yeah, a little reminder when it’s the first time they’ve whispered for awhile might help. You could still leave it out if you ever want the whisperer to be mysterious. Changing “You’re missing… Read more »

+1 for names or icons.


Mix with the above comments – perhaps a face for the person who is talking, and then a faded face corresponding to every person who can hear it, particularly if it’s a multi-person chat? (Only if it might be unclear, of course – rather like, say, Stand Still Stay Silent does with the flags.)


I would love names or icons. I’m keeping up so far with context clues and the limited pallet but I’m worried colorblindness might kill my ability to follow the series later.


Now imagine how does it look to watchers:
– What was that?!
– What was what? …Did you hear something scary? I can’t afford any more attacks!
– …Uh, okay, right, I’ve heard about whi… uh…
– …
– …
– …so, where’s Kat?
– …
– …
– In the trees, okay?

While these two are getting along, watchers think it’s mostly awkward silence xD


lol, now that you summed it up that way, the fans probably know already what’s going on. 🙂


Eh, I don’t blame Danni! Hard to learn 10 new things in five minutes.

Though she isn’t doing that well…

Still, my respect for Dude has grown.


So… is Kat really deaf to their Whispered conversation?


She probably should be, but knowing Kat she probably isn’t.


My guess is that she can see the Whispers through her hacky super-vision. Or at the very least, that she can tell they’re Whispering, even if she can’t see the contents of the messages.

Dragon Master

Given it’s Kat she can probably hear him just fine, but is ignoring him because she finds him annoying or something.


Yes, the whisper coloring makes sense.

Kat will get pink, Jane probably grey and Bandit should have green.


Check page 389 for how they’re going to be colored most likely. 🙂


Hey Danni, check the oven; I think something’s burning. By the way, it’s raining and your car windows are down. You know today’s the last day to file your taxes. Isn’t your mom waiting for you at the airport?

Scott McCarthy

I half wish she had responded with a pun on Kat’s name and Cats climbing trees.


Kat? Kat’s stuck in a tree. We need to call the fire department!


i wonder when kat will make a move to show her moves

The people of this world seem pretty infantile and petty. I’ve been thinking this for a while. For one thing, there was the angry mob berating Kleya for the route she chose, and now the “watchers don’t like this” and “watchers don’t like that” stuff. They can’t even grasp that you might need a day or two to learn the ropes before you start playing in character? I would think a worldwide cataclysm or two would take some of the pettiness out of people, especially when they have I face the deaths of people close to them and the very… Read more »
On the other hand, with the world being so messed up, everyone in their real lives are heavily focused on just surviving (either they’re city folk with a day job or outsiders trying to scrape a living in LiFE while trying not to die from environmental factors). Reality sucks. The people are desperate for escapism. The Game provides this: for Players, it’s a way up in society (get credits for playing: the better you play or the popular you are, the more you get. all while getting to at least pretend to live in a very different world); for Watchers,… Read more »

Have you SEEN fans? 99% are wonderful people, but that 1% can get really loud and drive the whole narrative.

I for one thought the end of Mass Effect 3 was 90% fine, for example. That statement got me some angry emails.

Most people aren’t jerks, but the jerks stand out more, and affect more people.


Alright, let’s see if I can chat on here too. If so, Gravatars just got more awesome…

Looks like Kat has already worked out they’re Whispering to each other. She looks to be about the same distance away. Probably sussing out the situation…


So… with dudE being a pinkish colour, I guess kAt is going to be yellow. I guess.


I would ship. But eh Danni’s personalitys so straight laced (in a good way) that I can’t see it happening oh well I shall ship the friendship instead

In a game that is already played almost completely within your mind, dividing you attention to hold two conversations simultaneously without making it obvious has got to be difficult. I hope the rest of the party has the courtesy not to distract Danni during anything important when she’s not used to this. On the other hand, since Bandit/Jake’s idea of ‘redeeming’ Kat seems to be giving her a hard time… That said, I think it’s a cool aspect of the Game to think about – that the personal, private interactions between players may be very different from the roles they’re… Read more »