That’s weird. So her dolls have stopped working? Did Kat do more to her than make her sneeze by holding that flower in her face or something? Is her Esone reacting because Danni got the first blow and Jane failed to kill anyone?

I am curious whether the story is going to progress in a manner that makes us feel sympathy with her. 🙂 I love to hate developments like that, so go ahead.


Ooooo, spooky doll magic!


I’m guessing her current Esone isn’t strong enough to support her special, and it’s been so long since she was this weak she’s forgotten that, or perhaps due to the way the special is all cobbled together something broke between the last time she was in the game and now, though that seems less likely.

Herald of the Vile

Likely that her esone is fueled by the deaths she sows in game, using the ‘stolen lifeforce’ to animate her Dolls with temporary life.

This scene also cause a few theories to spring to mind about Jane’s girls because those dolls clearly serve as a tokens for them.
1) They’re dead or dying.
2) They’re paralyzed and Jane’s special is ‘cobbled together’ out of a desire to see them ‘walk again’.

Let’s all hope that Jane doesn’t have Windows 7 or something similar installed. Just try shaking any of your currently open application windows with your mouse and see what happens: I.e. everything else minimizes. After a while I found out that shaking the window again restores everything. I hate that feature so much, because everytime I want to highlight something to someone like this (or maybe I just shake it out of frustration) everything disappears. But note that Kat commented on that Special as something combined from 4 different programs and that she’s lucky that it works at all or… Read more »
Bill Gates

Windows 7! LOL!


windows 95 all the way 😀


That’s right. Windows 7, 8 or 10 are soooo yesterday. We’re already way beyond that with Windows 95. 🙂

I wonder whether Microsoft will survive long enough so they have to face this problem. But I probably won’t be alive by then.


They already had to face it. They had to skip from 8 to 10 because a lot of legacy code from the XP years is written to support older Windows, and it just asks whether the operating system is “Windows 9_”. Those programs don’t even look at the next number after the 9, so a new Windows 9 would fool them into displaying their 20-years-ago-compatible version rather than their regular made-this-10-years-ago version.


Squirrel, it’s what’s for dinner!


“Jane is not having a good day,” -and so she will shake her tiny dolls!


Aww, the poor dolls won’t wake up?

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Oh, my! Jane decides to continue with the hostilities after all, and then finds out that her special isn’t working as expected. There is, indeed, a lot going into ruining her day.


Aw, the dollies died. 🙁


Bonus irony points if Kat ends up being asked to help fix the code for Jane’s special….

Siva Smith

I think she manifested her dolls, then killed them.

Hmmmm. Maybe people’s specials require some sort of charge they gain from adhering to their alignment? In that case, Kat already had a one-up on everyone since she saved Danni. I’m confused by the rules in the game. Does your alignment grant you powers? In that case, do they grow in strength over time? Do you level up or something, or does it have to do with their alignment percentage? Can alignment specific items, like Dudes cards, be used by other alignments, or only the card alignment? Also, what do Esone or whatever do? Do you get an island or… Read more »