Jane: It’s Murdering Time!


Dude, never turn your back on a crazy lady holding a scythe.

Aneeka, I think you captured his expression perfectly. It made me laugh so hard!


Sickle: scythes are much bigger, with long handles, usually used for cutting wide swaths of grasses/grains; while sickles are small, not a particularly long handle, usually used for cutting small bundles of grasses/grains.


Neither make very good weapons because the cutting edge is towards the user, making them very non-threatening to someone who knows anything about them. You can check Kings 1 and 2 for references to beating spears into scythes and the other way around (and swords into plowshares, and plowshares into swords)


I agree. I was laughing too!

Ok, this is starting to be fun. But why did she pull the Dude in on this? He shouldn’t have a reason to be afraid right now. Unless of course she did it on purpose to get some reinforcements / a meatshield into the fray. What is Jane holding on to in panel 1? Also Aneeka, your links have some problems. Page 410 isn’t linking to 411 and when you go to the main page it still shows page 409 (without link to the next page as well, but if you click on the image of page 409, you go… Read more »

It looks like that are the legs of her dolls.


==>What is Jane holding on to in panel 1?
She’s holding her dolls 😉


I think those are Jane’s possessed dolls.


I think she’s holding her two dolls, upside-down, and we’re seeing the dresses & feet.


I think it’s one of her dolls in her hand, feet facing up.


She cant use dude as a meat shield or else she cant keep 100% in Erbana. She has to go back amd save dude. Which i am almost certain she will attempt in the next strip

Alexander The 1st

Yeah – if I had to guess, Kleya went towards the Dude because she knew he’d need help, but also because if she used the Bandit as a target, he would’ve likely stopped her from getting Danni past far enough for her to be able to go back and prevent either him or Jane from using mortal combat skills, given the Bandit’s Demoli alignment, and would be totally okay blowing stuff up.


The Bandit promised to help Dude against Jane. By pulling Dude into Jane’s agro she gets EVERY member of the team in the fight.

Alexander The 1st

Ah, that is right. Can’t believe I forgot about that.

That’s impressive, getting The Bandit himself to do Kleya’s work for her.

I feel like that should tip her into Mani if she does it often enough though.


She cant use dude as a meat sheild, or else shell lose her 100% alignment in erbana. Shes going to go bacl and help him. Garuntee


How would it be Jemma’s fault? Jemma only does the coloring, not the inking.

(Also, I’m quite confident Aneeka would never be as critical of *somebody else’s* work… In fact, most people wouldn’t.)

Thanks everyone for explaining her holding the dolls. Those were quite a lot of responses. 😀 To me it looked like a bundle of sticks upside-down and I didn’t realize that there are two skirts. Kat may not actually use the Dude as a meat shield, but still kinda sorta like one by distributing Jane’s aggro more. She just can’t let him die, that’s all. @antrik: Ok, I guess I confused inking and coloring then. I know that ink printers have colored ink, that’s why. And of course I was just kidding, as I said. The mouse-over text just sounded… Read more »

I think they were all waiting for approval simultaneously. It took me a second to realize what she was holding as well. At first, I thought she was holding the flower, but the shape wasn’t right.


Yes, I think so, too. I’m just happy that so many people wanted to clear that up. 🙂

Dragon Master

Dude, shut up and RUN! Unless of course you want to become a nice little pile of minced-Dude-meat.
I bet Bandit is laughing at this whole thing and will never let Dude forget this.


I wouldn’t be so sure about that. After all, all of them won the tournament, so the Dude can’t be quite as helpless as he has been letting people believe so far. I think he’s more afraid of her creepiness than her actual combat skills. He might cast something out of reflex soon.

Dragon Master

I thought Dude won because he managed to avoid being killed during the combat portion and won in the voting section because of his overwhelming popularity.


Well, would you look at that 🙂

Iron Ed

I really like panel four! Great drawing highlighted by great coloring. Panel five may not be quite what you envisioned, but it looks really well done to me.

I suspect Dude just happened to be on the path Kleya was taking to help Danni get away from Alice.
Also; that looks like Alice has grabbed hold of the plants Kleya held in her face to distract Alice with sneezing.

Because “It’s Clobbering Tiiime!” was already taken? 🙂


Actually, her name isn’t Alice. It’s Jane.

Trivia: Her last avatar was named “Bloody Mary,” and she’s called “Jane” now, as a pun on her previous name. (Mary Jane)

Iron Ed

Thanks! I read tooo many comics! 🙂


Huh, I thought it was because she references fairy tales when she’s about to kill people.


Um, as a lot of people have explained to me above, Jane is most likely holding her creepy dolls in her hand in panel 1. 🙂


Jane is holding the scythe in her right hand (that’s what you see) and the dolls in her left. Just saying


The Dude: “Fights like boy. Screams like a little girl.”




Wow! This is like the first time we’ve seen Jane’s full face. And man is she furious!