Alexander The 1st

Oh wow; Danni beat Jane so hard Jane didn’t even want to rhyme before getting second blood.

@Azrael: Good job on calling it. 😀 Kicking the waist is easier when you know some martial arts, but I guess when you’re doing ballet, “Boot to the head” is what’s more likely to happen. I’m curious how this continues. In reality a kick like that can mean instant knock-out, especially since judging from the angle she must have hit Jane’s chin (which is an instant-k.o.-spot like the brow/temple or the solar plexus). And since Jane wasn’t able to put her weight into the slice anymore she couldn’t have done too much damage to Danni. I guess next time we… Read more »

Hey, I was the first to say about kicking her in the face 😛


Sorry, didn’t see that. 🙂 The “boot to the head” thing kinda stuck in my head though.


Eh. Kicking the waist probably woulda been better for not getting hurt, especially if the force of the kick was enough to create a gap between the sickle and the torso.

Kessy Athena

You know, Danni might not have been aiming for Jane’s head. Remember that they’re in half gravity, which Danni has no experience with. And she definitely looks overbalanced to me in the first panel.


Boot to the head. 😛


At first I was: “Yes!!” And then I was “Noooo!”


Not the Posterior Tibial artery!
Anything but that!


Also, FOIST!


Danni unlocked the ability “Firststrike”. Or it was just a reflex.


Let’s hope Jane doesn’t have “Deathtouch”.


Or a Weapon of Wounding.


She certainly does have the ability to exile others (a term from MTG which was called “remove from the Game” earlier).

Commander Dulton

Na Jane’s abilites would more likely be termed as “Bury”or “Destroy”. Exile intales a level of destruction so great there is no longer a body or you’ve been removed from the plane completely.



Yay MTG References.

Commander Dulton

Now I want to stat the characters up as MTG cards….


Go Danni!

Oww, that final panel really hurts.

Thank you for the wallpaper! I missed Jane’s smirk in the regular strip, and it really adds.

Well, that’s bound to boost Danni’s popularity – she may be a newbie, but being prepared to strike back immediately upon spawning – and with a kick to the head – is bound to get noticed. Since many here have equated Erbana to the traditional Healer classes, it may be that Kat can fix up her leg in time for combat proper – ideally an NPC will appear at about that time to give Jane something else to think about… Meanwhile, if Danni continues to dish out such awesome kicks, but a little lower on the body… “You really should… Read more »

I don’t feel this last comment is appropriate.


Good point; it’s more likely that the comments will be along the lines of how she spends her time doing high kicks while wearing a skirt.


Or how Jane should tear off some of Danni’s clothing with her sickle. 😛

Dragon Master

Well seeing as she’s wearing leggings/pants under her skirt it’s all good. No foul, no harm, and kid friendly. 🙂


So in a comic where one person just tried to MURDER someone she was supposed to team up with, you find body humor inappropriate?

I’m sorry that you are simultaneously both so jaded and so overly sensitive.


YES! Go Danni, don’t let that one hit stop you. Kick her again!


Oh no… not the injured leg!


The leg wrappings are not an injury, they are wrapped to provide strength and protection. In the low G the leg hit may not be as forceful but it should cause Jane to be forced back. Danni needs to find out about parkour because in Low G with Ballet skills you could be talking some serious crouching tiger wire work action.

The injury might be psychologically damaging to Danni, depending on how detailed the damage system is (like if the pain is actually concentrated in her leg instead of just a generic HP system). The first thing I thought of when I saw this page (well, right after I made sure that Danni indeed hit first) was that Danni’s facial expression seemed disproportionate to the damage done to her. Since we don’t know exactly how Danni got crippled in real life, it is possible that some very ugly memories are associated with a leg wound. Also, most of Danni’s style is… Read more »

I wasn’t referring to the wrappings…
I was referring to some of her complaints showing something about her leg. Don’t remember which one, though.


Sickle to the shin is a nasty thing, but at least it isn’t an arrow to the knee. 😉


To take an arrow to the knee is Scandinavian slang for getting married. Surely nobody would want to endure that. :p


Not Scandinavian slang, it is instead fantasy Scandinavian slang. The developers of Skyrim made it up.


Yeah, that arrow might end your adventuring career.


If only Danni had kicked with the other leg. Then the force of the kick would have deflected Janes body and lessened the force of Jane’s strike. Jane always seems to strike with the right hand. As such you should attack her left side. Coincidentally that would have propelled Jane at Kat for a real “Kat” fight.


Eh. It’s a leg hit. Minus 5 HP. The next page is going to be Danni looking down at herself, blinking, and going,”That was all? Jane’s big bad attack was just a little leg slice?” And while she’s distracted, Jane will decapitate her.


What is the weird glow coming from Danni’s right hand? I noticed it in the previous page too.


I bet her Esone.