‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 405&406

It's a spread (double page)!

Also, please welcome my new colorist, Jemma.


What I assume shall be FAQ about this new move:

Q: Why did you hire a colorist?

A: Mainly for my sanity. The Reality pages, sad to say, burned me out on coloring. It was really hard to admit to it. My pride didn't want to concede that I needed help; I thought I could recover during the LiFe pages since the coloring is easy. Alas, I never did. (Yet, at least. I'm still holding out hope.)  I was soon staring at the cold, hard truth that I was going to seriously burn myself out altogether on NAV (and just when we're getting into the good stuff!) if I didn't do something different quick. I didn't want to reduce the frequency of updates (pride thing, again), and I still enjoyed sketching, so I decided to go for a colorist.

Q: How much time does this free up for you?
A: About 10-20 hours a week. I have yet to enjoy it since I'm currently using it to catch up on other things, like my Kickstarter (I will be doing a post over there this week!) and the third installment of my Chaos Gods series. Oh, and email. I'm woefully behind on that. Sorry!

Q: Does the AneekaChannel/Patreon produce enough money to pay for this colorist?

A: No. It covers about half of the expense (thank you!!). The rest is coming from my savings.

Q: Will Jemma be the colorist from now on for NAV?

A: She is contracted for just this section of the Game pages (no, I don't know the exact amount yet, but it's a large section so far). The fun thing about doing different art styles is that I can incorporate new colorists without a huge jar to the story. Also, I'm still hoping to recover. Eventually.

Q: Will this mean you'll update more frequently???

A: No, sorry. 2X a week is all I can promise for now.

Q: Are your readers awesome?

A: Yes. Yes, they are.

Thank you all for reading my story!






Yes, Jemma is awesome, and this page is breathtaking!

I hope you’ll be able to recover soon, Aneeka. being creatively burned out is no fun.


Way to go Dude!


Well I for one welcome our new color overlord. This new place looks really cool btw. Hope you’re able to catch up on your health n other duties without much stress


While I commend you got getting a colorist, it be nice if they didn’t throw in photo edits. The dandelions look really out of place and lighting for them is all over the place. Unless there’s like many light sources that totally don’t apply to the rest of the world they just look… distracting.



Wh-wow! Very charming scene. Cool, a new colorist. I hope this is as helpful to your sanity as you plan for it to be. The fact that it isn’t all being covered by Patreon makes me wish even more that I could! (Alas, I can’t, but I would :P) NAV has been (and is!) one of the things I enjoy a lot in life, and I feel like expressing my thanks right about now. And that’s a lot of thanks to give, I really don’t know what to say to express my admiration for the comic accurately, so I’ll just… Read more »
Alexander The 1st

I like to imagine that the Dude was orientated towards the fight, and is deliberately turning away while whistling innocently in the background. That seems like the Dude thing to do to stay on Jane’s good side.

Hope the new ink/colouring pipeline works out for the best.

Oh, that’s sad to hear. You did well in holding on for so long. *hug* Take your time to regenerate. Maybe it’s time for the Dude’s adventures part II. And III and IV. 😛 And yes, Jemma, you really are awesome! You preserved Aneeka’s style very well and the picture looks really pretty. I love it when the ground is illuminated, though in real life it would probably annoy me. Welcome to the community! Feel free to join the discussions whenever you like. @comic: This image looks like Jane is going to receive a heavy reflex-kick into the waist a… Read more »

I will give up my first-born for a copy of this spread as a desktop background!


*right click* *save as* first born child please, I accept infants and adolescents


I vote for “no dialog”.


The image is beautiful, but I would not even joke like that.

Asra Meredith

The coloring looks amazing! I’m glad you found a way to save a little sanity, Jemma did a lovely job!


Really beautiful!
Thank you and welcome, Jemma.


Aneeka, you had to do what you had to. Burning out is a tough thing, especially for a creative artist like yourself, and especially for one who does it as part of their living. I can only contribute a little to your AneekaChannel, but I hope that in time that you are able to make a living from this and/or Patreon.


Honestly, she did a great job. I’m happy that you’ve found a partner. The textures and colors are beautiful. This is probably my favorite page you’ve done.


No worries on my part about a different colorist for the Game sections. I’m sorry the cost isn’t covered by the income from NAV, but you need to stay sane. (I hired a grading TA out of pocket one semester when I became overwhelmed teaching a double section– and I like teaching a lot!) I think you’ll feel more up to coloring again after a break, but even if you don’t… hey, the Foglios use a colorist for Girl Genius. 😉


My question: Are you friends? You should be. The readers are going to like her just like they like you. She’s great 🙂 Also, if she’s covred financially just in half, you sadly can’t do it forever… And comics done by more people are as awesome!


Also… Kick her in the face, Danni!!!


Boot to the head. 😛


I thought they’d be further from each other. Like, have to look for each other.


This page looks spectacular. Congrats on getting a colorist, and a good one at that.

Does anyone else recognize Danni’s pose? I have a feeling Kat’s about to remind Jane to ‘BE NICE’.


Unfortunately, the BE NICE special does not work in the game, because the happiness stat is prevented from going below zero. Some other special, though? Entirely possible.


Oooh, so pretty!


D… I was hoping for more frequent updates.


I suspect there’s going to be much less dialog covering the Game pages *amazed


Low gravity eh? Jane will strike hard but her reflexes will throw her off. Danni will jump by reflex and be 9 meters up in the air before Jane recovers. Kat strikes with Bandit’s support. Beautiful line art and coloring. As for quibbling about the lighting I say the planet has two suns and this is reflected in their computer modeling.


Dude is looking at the trees wandering if he’s going to be one soon. :^)
Love the page. Yes Danni looks like she’s about to clean Jane’s clock. Kat may have to save Jane from Danni. Let the game begin!


Wonderful page! 🙂

Aneeka, you has been doing awesomely so don’t worry, we all have limits and you are doing the right thing taking some help. I wish you the best with this new experience.

Jemma, welcome aboard 🙂 you just did an auspicious start. Also I glanced your website and I’m really impressed. Your concept pages are truly profesional. And the alternate coloring of Dragon Age’s pages is amazing, I like it better than the original. I didn’t know about Children of Eldair but I will certainly dig it as soon as I have some time 🙂


Holy…This is gorgeous. It just perfectly captures the skewed realism most video game environments have.
I really don’t know why, but I feel like either Kat-eya will end up taking the hit for Danni (possibly taking her place as the one to die, I dunno) or Danni will be all ballet-bad*ss and break everyone’s expectations. Either way I am now painfully eager for the next pages.


Sooo, the pink-ish trees are people then? Because veins with blood and all that?


Welcome aboard, Jemma. 😀

This is, indeed, a beautiful and well rendered page. However, I think every old man in America just howled in anguish. 😛


Hey Aneeka, do you take page sides for paper versions into account when you make spreads?