‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 405&406

It's a spread (double page)!

Also, please welcome my new colorist, Jemma.


What I assume shall be FAQ about this new move:

Q: Why did you hire a colorist?

A: Mainly for my sanity. The Reality pages, sad to say, burned me out on coloring. It was really hard to admit to it. My pride didn't want to concede that I needed help; I thought I could recover during the LiFe pages since the coloring is easy. Alas, I never did. (Yet, at least. I'm still holding out hope.)  I was soon staring at the cold, hard truth that I was going to seriously burn myself out altogether on NAV (and just when we're getting into the good stuff!) if I didn't do something different quick. I didn't want to reduce the frequency of updates (pride thing, again), and I still enjoyed sketching, so I decided to go for a colorist.

Q: How much time does this free up for you?
A: About 10-20 hours a week. I have yet to enjoy it since I'm currently using it to catch up on other things, like my Kickstarter (I will be doing a post over there this week!) and the third installment of my Chaos Gods series. Oh, and email. I'm woefully behind on that. Sorry!

Q: Does the AneekaChannel/Patreon produce enough money to pay for this colorist?

A: No. It covers about half of the expense (thank you!!). The rest is coming from my savings.

Q: Will Jemma be the colorist from now on for NAV?

A: She is contracted for just this section of the Game pages (no, I don't know the exact amount yet, but it's a large section so far). The fun thing about doing different art styles is that I can incorporate new colorists without a huge jar to the story. Also, I'm still hoping to recover. Eventually.

Q: Will this mean you'll update more frequently???

A: No, sorry. 2X a week is all I can promise for now.

Q: Are your readers awesome?

A: Yes. Yes, they are.

Thank you all for reading my story!