When will D get to have his fun huh??


Pffff…she doesn’t have to do anything so bold as re-repositioning people. All Kleya has to do is -slow down- Jane’s program, glitch her into lagging a few seconds–something that can easily be explained away by the servers being unmaintained–and voila, Danni has a few seconds of grace to either attack first or get away.


Loading screen lag…the bane of many a gamer, bwahahahahahah!

kit ramos

That’s true that would be an option, give dani a second or two to think about what she needs to do since she’s not good enough at the fights yet to act on reflex yet. though Dani would still have to think fast as couldn’t create to long of a delay before it would be suspicious.


Now it gets interesting. Will she find a way to distract Bandit or don´t risk to alter the positioning.

I also wonder if all loadingscreens look for kleya like that.


I’m pretty sure the whole game looks like that to Kleya. She just chooses to ignore it some of the time.

kit ramos

What I think it is she has to vision modes she can switch between at any time: normal vision, and “hacker vision.” she could look at the normal loading screen if she wanted but with how much is often at stake during these matches/games that during the loading scenes she always uses the “hacker vision” mode to get a tactical edge on how the match/game is going to start. even if she’s not going to mess with the code it does help her to come up with a better plan of attack.


I don’t even see the code. All I see is blonde, brunette, redhead.


This series just gets better and better!


The only reasonable solution is to glass the continent. They’ll be too busy dealing with that to notice that you re-re-positioned everyone. I never liked Australia much, anyways.


But… But I’m from Australia! And I’m sure in the world NAV is based on, most people wouldn’t care about Australia much, so it probably wouldn’t concern them too much if this happened anyway xD

Australia is on the Ring of Fire, but lacks a lot of supervolcanic potential once you’re away from the east coast. You’re hosed if you’re from Melbourne/Adelaide around past the capital territories at Canberra, through Brisbane up to a spot between Weipa (it’s a town on the pointy bit in the northeast corner of the continent) and Papua New Guinea…but Perth over on the west coast is free and clear. …Of course, that doesn’t take into account the effects of a virtual nuclear winter as created by the massive amounts of sulfur and ash spewed into the skies…but Aussies are… Read more »
Kessy Athena

There’s a supervolcano in Australia? I didn’t know that. I’ve only heard about Toba in Indonesia.

Anyway, a volcanic eruption on that scale could easily devastate the entire continent of Australia and make it uninhabitable. Let me put it this way – FEMA is the US government agency that deals with natural disasters, and their scenarios for a supervolcanic eruption in Yellowstone include dealing with ash fall in New York and the rest of the eastern seaboard. It could bury the entire continental US in volcanic ash.


“Uninhabitable”? Pssht. This is Australia we’re talking about. 95% of the world already considers it uninhabitable. At least a supervolcanic eruption would take care of the wildlife.

Hmm… on second thought, maybe it wouldn’t. This is Australian wildlife, after all.


I hope Danni will be okay.


Would you look at her confidence melting.
Before, she wanted to quit hacking because it’s bad.
Now the only reason she didn’t hack is that she’ll be caught.


That I feel like is unfair, she’s essentially trying to save Danni’s life: if she fails here, life is going to go back to worse in RL.

kit ramos
I agree with pyndragon on this, she’s not hacking for her own gain, or to even to knownly give an unfair advantage to someone. Rather her wanting to hack here is to actually try to balance things for Dani, since she knows that Dani is going to have to to a pvp play off with a much higher skilled opponent almost right out of the gate and she also knows the consequences for Dani loosing the match could very well be fatal irl for her. not sure what’s at stake for Jane but being as her last team didn’t make… Read more »

Let the backstabbery Comence!


Light show is best show! Also, I’m curious who is changing the positions.

kit ramos

My guess is Bandit did, as a Test for Kat. The switch has hacker bait written all over it, and we know he does suspect Kat is their uberhacker, but he’s been keeping that under wraps as he also notices that she’s not the evil s.o.b. that every one says the uberhacker is, he does notice she’s trying to be good and not cheat the system so that she can always win. But he also needs to know that she won’t crack under pressure and go back into hacking everything.


or paddy, remember they were planning to have jane and danni fight at the start, sticking em close allows for that


There isn’t any sort of… masking code?

Karis Van Valin

Sort of. You can use code to hide what you are doing but there is still additional code that would be seen. Plus, most of the ways to hide who is doing it wouldn’t work in this situation. (Unless you are going to change the way the computers work in this world but that gets messy.) So Bandit would still see that Kat was changing things.

Kessy Athena

Kat needs a superhero persona for times like this. Do you think Bandit would be fooled if she put on a pair of glasses?


Imagining Kat wearing underwear on the outside. Perfect disguise xD

Kessy Athena

LOL Well they say the point of superhero costumes is so that people won’t be looking at your face. Trying to imagine Kat wearing something like that… Nope. I think that would break my brain worse than dude finding out she did Erbana. And I suspect she’d sic D on anyone who suggested it.


…does not seem fair somehow…

1) Inject code into Bandits monitor
2) Move Danni again
3) Restore Bandits monitor
4) Profit

ya, that’ll happen…


Why do I get the impression most of Kat’s hacking has had all the subtlety of a brick to the face? She may be able to do anything she wants to the game, but she can’t hide it.

She can code very subtly, as evidenced by her sneaky Happy Smiley and Be Nice specials, but coding is like handwriting; if you’re not a handwriting expert, you might not be able to describe exactly why your mother’s handwriting looks different from your father’s, but you can recognize it. She suspects the Bandit is Jake, and Jake saw enough of her coding when they were younger to be able to say “yep, that’s her style”…and if he can do that, then others can do that, too, back at TENka headquarters. Remember, she forfeited her initial entry into the game because… Read more »

Why are they trying to execute Danni straight out of the tutorial? Seems fishy.

Sandra and Jane were hoping to get Kleya to lean upon them and rely upon them; Jane’s thought was to remove any friends Kleya has made (presuming that friend/supporter is Danni), so that the only one she can trust is her Game manager, Sandra. Opening up another spot on the team might also give them a slender but possible chance of slipping in another anti-TENka player. (Waterman? Someone else?) It’s a bit ruthless, but hey, you don’t survive The World Ending by handing out kisses and iced tea… …Great, now I want iced tea. I’ll skip the world-ending, tho’. *sigh*

Actually, Jane already took a swipe at Danni and Kleya pulled her out of the way.
A lot of this is not adding up.


Meh, who needs to change the code for positioning?

Positions are just configuration, after all…. 😉

Just poke a few of the memory values and get out. Nobody but Sandra & Paddy should know where they’re supposed to be.


Hello, fellow person who actually is familiar with technical stuff and is probably rolling eyes at half the comics along with me 😀

You do need to code to /get/ into configuration I think. I doubt there’s a cheat-enabled console avaliable at loading screen :\

Squire James

Of course, the proper move at this point is to switch Dude and Danni and watch the fun!


lol, yeah, hadn’t thought of that.

The only problem is: Besides Kat he’s the only one with a Hero alignment.


oo rather than dude, put jake beside her, and watch the fireworks


I feel as though Jake would be able to contest that attempt.

Alexander The 1st

Honestly, the most fool-proof move would be to swap Danni with herself.

Kleya: Hello Jane – expecting someone else?

It would both halt Jane since player killing Kleya isn’t her intended goal, and people would have a hard time justifying why, if Kleya had hacked the code, she would put herself in harm’s way – especially since it’d be bluffing Jane into not attacking, which might not have her win if the bluff fails.


That… could actually be freaking hilariously fun. I’m not wanting to put any pressure on the artist buuuut…. *points subtly at the comment above* That could work for comedy value.