Kat: Not if I have anything to say about it, she won’t.


I don’t like Jane, but I will say that her comment made me laugh.

Also, taking on a threat that no one has ever beaten before? Makes me wonder about the leveling system and how much equips count for. Seems like the power level is mainly on your ability to handle the area, and the specials you create. Not grinding exp points and getting the best items.


Jane is supposed to be a charecter you hate anyway


Is it bad I like her then?


I’m liking her more and more. There’s something oddly appealing about someone so *gleeful* evil, rather than malevolent or nasty.


Not at all. Jane currently stars as my background on my ipad.


Naw… I love Jane! She rocks!


I might not like what she’s so gleeful about, but I must say, her….enthusiasm about it certainly is entertaining. In a strange, disturbing, morbid sort of way.


A character to love to hate I guess


Did we ever learn what exactly esones are?
I keep thinking back to the game intro where there were connected to physical objects but this makes it sound like they are weapons or something.


Materia from FF7???

Alexander The 1st

The esones seem more like power sources that can tie themselves to players or objects.

With the Chaos Mists being around the islands, the esones kept the islands from separating, but could also be used to power your Specials.


A detail about “Porto del Fama”

If that is Italian “del” is used with singular masculine names. So, if “Fama” is as in “fame” it is feminine singular and must be used “della”.


Maybe it was named by a video gamer? Their [sic] worse then [sic] most with grammar errors. 🙂


You mean as a given name: “Fama’s port”?

Not a bad idea 🙂 but in that case the right word is “di”: Porto di Fama.


I interpreted it as “Fama” as in famine, not fame.

I’m not sure if I understand. Italian “fama” means “condition of being known”, like the english “fame”. English “famine” if meaning “scarcity of food” in Italian is “carestia”, and if meaning “hunger” is “fame” (yes, same syntax that the English for “being known”, different pronunciation). Italian “fama” (being known) and “fame” (hunger) are the both feminine so the right preposition would still be “della”: – Porto della Fama: Fame Port – Porto della Fame: Hunger Port General public: Italian is a gendered language, ie most words have different forms for masculine and feminine. For instance the article “the” is “il”… Read more »

*Fine*, but this could be an example of a time when proper grammar is trumped by slang. Also – there’s nothing forcing it to be Italian. It could be Latin, for example. Or Spanish. Or – it could be any of the many Latin / Romance hybrid crossover things that people like to use when they want to sound vaguely Italian – like most scientific nomenclature. The Italian root could be “fame” “famine” or anything else – but I wouldn’t read too much into a preposition.

Ops. Well, I agree, that’s why I started saying that it was just a detail and conditioning it to “if that is Italian”. I really was expecting to be told that it was another language, jargon or a made up for the game. But more importantly I wasn’t trying to criticize in any way, just to help. Sometimes it could be a typo or a misunderstanding. Nobody knows everything and Aneeka has thanked this kind of heads up in the past. You know? I did think about other languages but the differences were even bigger. Also take account that game… Read more »

Interesting that Jane uses definite articles before “Danni” as well as “Kat.” I thought it made a kind of sense to refer to “the Kat” and “all Kats,” but “the Danni” is a little more offbeat….

Sandra and Jane must have known that Kat would try to protect Danni when they came up with this plan. They also want to recruit Kat for something. Either they’re being very, very clever, or not clever at all. I would prefer to believe the former, but I confess my faith is starting to waver….


Honestly, I assume they’re trying to off Danni. Remember, Kat only said she’d play if Danni was on as well. If Danni dies in the Game, “oops, she died. Nothing we can do about it. You’re still on the team though.”

Tim C

My money’s on “Not clever at all.” They seem to have completely forgotten about the idea of wanting to win Kat’s trust.

Either that or Sandra’s hoping to take Danni out so that she can offer to re-petition on her behalf if Kleya agrees to an import deal. Which is a terrible idea and everyone should know it. (But hey, at least it means they aren’t afraid of her. Even if they really really should be.)

Kessy Athena
At least for the time being, I don’t see any reason to assume that Jane and Sandra have any deep ulterior motives. It looks to me like they’re simply scripting some intraparty drama to attract viewers. If they’re unaware that for Danni getting booted from the Game means having her life support turned off, as far as they know, this is just a game. I agree with the idea that Jane’s user is just playing a part and isn’t crazy or murderous, so the threats against Danni may simply be an act. Jane may well have no intention at all… Read more »
Iron Ed

I vastly dislike Jane as a -person-, but think she’s an extremely interesting -character- for the story.


Jane’s player is a sweetheart. Mark my words. This is all an act.


Ah, the sweet tang of brewing inter-party conflict. Reminds me of the AD&D game where my character shoved a crossbow up the Paladin’s nose and told him, “Don’t ever do that again.” (A bit of player protest at the GM failing to strip a paladin for a blatantly chaotic evil act . . .)


Kat – the world’s scariest Erbana player.

For some reason, her standing around being quiet and just giving looks is making me significantly more worried than anything else she’s done so far.

Ignis Maximus

LOL, I agree with you there.

The Dragon Emporer

Kat’s look in that last panel, to me it seems as if she’s thinking either “Bring it” or “Don’t even think about it.” about Jane.


Kat-“Let’s d-d-d-duel!


Easy tips for drawing maps:
trees are clouds with lines
bodies of water have squigly lines
if you have a body of water connecting to another or to the ocean, under no circumstances should you block it in

I reread the comic in the last few days and I remember Sandra, Paddy, and Jane all speaking together about Kat. As I recall, Sandra was concerned that TENka, more specifically Bandit, would want to recruit Kat (or so she believes) and Jane said something along the lines of “leave her friends to me”. I wonder if this may be them putting that plan into action, though I don’t see how Danni would really affect Kat like that. If I am remembering correctly, Kat wants to be friends with her but also wants to pay her back for helping her… Read more »