“But I thought they got rid of anything that, you know, “that hacker” did in the Game?”

If they did, evidently they didn’t do a very good job. How much of the code in the Game itself is actually Kleya’s? We know at least the whole Demoli path itself was her doing.


Not to mention, if they got rid of her code, how come you can’t say her name?

Kessy Athena
Whether in real life or in fiction, attempts to expunge everything touched by a certain person because of how much people hate that person almost always turn out to be all about rhetoric and appearance, rather than substance. And when they don’t, bad things happen. For example, should Republicans win sufficient majorities to repeal Obamacare, they undoubtedly will do so immediately, and then immediately pass a virtually identical law that just has someone else’s name on it. If they don’t, millions of people will loose their insurance, the entire health care sector will be thrown into finacial chaos, and insurance… Read more »
You should have the words “Speak of the Devil and (s)he shall appear” burned into your skin for such a question. Seriously, “whose that shall not be named” is a thing. Doesn’t matter if you think they’re deader than if you personally shoved a nuclear warhead in their face and set it off, and they’re in more pieces than the world they live in. There are some fates you just don’t tempt. Ever. (Unless you’re really stupid, and/or really confident. Or just really, really clueless. Especially since the devil you know, and don’t want to speak of directly, happens to… Read more »

I don’t think the Demoli path is her doing. It is her favorite but I think she wasn’t part of the original development.


It’s her game, I think all of it was her’s originally then modified later. I’m betting they didn’t get everything.


I don’t think that page means she programmed the game. Just that she is the best in the game so in that sense, it is “her game”.


The Game seems to be really huge, with tons of content. It’s not really a one-person project. Kleya being on the development team sounds pretty likely to me…


I don’t think Danni meant Tenka. If she did, Bandit and Dude wouldn’t have mentioned people trying to kill Iemis. After all, if Tenka wanted him gone, they’d just ban/delete the character, and done. So when Danni says “they”, she means people in general, specifically other players.

Kessy Athena

Wow, Dude has a really amazing ability to say exactly the wrong thing at any given moment. It makes me wonder how he’s managed to survive this long without anyone strangling him.


Let me guess, Jane is our “fan created” miracle zone player Annie!

Techno Gray

Can’t be. At the very least, it has been established that Jane has kids.


I like the old theory that she’s Mina’s mother…

Lex Pearson

So there is a light (dim) that Kat could defeat her fathers avatar and people will begin to like and care about her. But maybe Jane’s first to defeat him and steals that chance from Kat.


she has to defeat him without killing him, hmm maybe reflect his free curse on him and somehow undo all the other trees


I think her dad actually made it so only Kleya could defeat him. Don’t follow the rules~


It is not completely clear to me whether Kleya harbours negative feelings towards her dad (even though he is clearly not the best of fathers), especially as at one point she said “All I wanted was my dad back.“. Although it could be argued that she was speaking in the past tense and that there is evidence that her feelings have changed.


I wonder how Jane would react if she learns that Danni is someone “about to die”.


Good question. And Danni is technically an adult, I think, but close to still being a child. I think Jane would have issues with that.


More proof that poor Jane is an Outsider playing at Evil for the sake of feeding her children.



Am I the only who thinks Jane is Mina and Mae’s mom? I mean, she’s an outsider and the dolls in her special look like Mina and Mae. At the very least their hair matches.

Kessy Athena

That is a totally brilliant idea! It hadn’t occurred to me at all. I’ll have to go back through the archives to see if the details support it.

Tim C
This was talked about in the comments before. Let me see if I can find a link… Mentioned here: http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-223/ Discussed a bit more here: http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-239/ …I think I’m not looking far enough back. Maybe it was immediately after the game preliminaries? I think it’s an extremely plausible theory, but there’s a big question I’d want an answer to before I fully believe it: Who wrote Jane’s Dreadful Dolls? The following are facts: -Even copying and pasting chunks of code together takes a certain amount of know-how to debug the resulting mess until it does what you want. -Kat was… Read more »
I’m not entirely sure that Jane is a good programmer. A lot of really bad programmers can take a bunch of existing javascript code and make an impressive website. But looking at the code, it will be cobbled together with parts that aren’t used, parts that only work because the stars are lined up correctly, and all sorts of other issues. So, Jane might have some basic programming knowledge and just luckily found a few specials that she could cobble together (maybe her kids were big players before The Ending and they had some?). Since Kleya had a hard time… Read more »
Tim C
If there’s enough scraps of code lying around that a really bad programmer could make something like the Dreadful Dolls, why are Specials so rare? Furthermore, if it’s easier to paste a bunch of scraps together and throw new art on it, why was Kat surprised to see that Jane’s special was made of bad code? Wouldn’t that be the more common way (among beginners) of writing specials than coding the whole thing from scratch? There’s also the issue of maintenance. The Game is continuing to be updated. If the Dreadful Dolls contained parts that only work because the stars… Read more »
Kessy Athena
Well, I’d suggest that Jane might be a purely self taught programmer. She might be talented while still not having the faintest idea how to deal with the large scale systems you need to run a city. I think that the hacker hunts would give any programer very good reason to conceal their identity and skills. I get the impression those feelings haven’t entirely faded away yet. If Mrs. Lily were Jane, that could also give her very good reason to conceal the fact even from family and friends. A reason named Mina. Mina’s a sweetheart, but I don’t think… Read more »

What if the special was programmed by Mr. Lilly? It’s been mentioned he knows what he’s doing. He and Kleya work together to keep May’s avatar working, maybe he’s good enough to make the special?


I suspect Jane is Mrs. Lilly, but either someone else does her programming (possibly Mr. Lilly, perhaps with deliberate obfuscation), or she deliberately acts like she doesn’t know what she’s doing where the kids can see her, as part of her secret id. She plays scary/nasty characters, and probably doesn’t want her kids to know about that.

Herald of the Vile

This weeks issue is filled with issues.

Dragon Master

I love the look on Kat’s face in the last panel it’s almost as if she’s telling Jane “Don’t even think about it.”


So it looks like Kat and Jane are about to explode. They will either say something or take action.