Is that an I or an L in his name?

Ethan Mitchell

I’m pretty sure it’s Iemis and not Lemis

Fortune Teller

Under the assumption that the name is capitalized, it’s a capital “i”.

Dr. Acula

When Dude states “And he’s a Mani”, that indicates that “Iemis” is a name. The rules of English grammar require proper nouns to be capitalized, making it clear that it’s a capital “i”, not a lowercase “L”.
This is a common problem for most sans-serif fonts, the capital I (i) is identical to the lowercase l (L). This is why so many people on YouTube still think the Ievan Polkka is called the Levan Polkka.

Rowen Morland

Isn’t confusing Ievan Polkka and Levan Polkka more forgiveable since song titles are typically capitalised.


There is no song called Levan Pollka. The point is that people just think it’s called that because the capital i in “Ievan” is indistinguishable from a lowercase L.


Someone smack Bandit, please.


Hey, what happened to Saisuke? Wasn’t their premiere supposed to be delayed by 2 days because of him? Even if the time when the lights went out counted towards that for some reason, no more than half a day could have passed, what with Bandit being forced to take a time-out and sleep for a while. Shouldn’t Danni be like “What? Already? I thought I had 2 days worth of time to prepare for this battle.”

Fortune Teller

Wait…trees? Lol am I missing something here.

So if they get turned into a tree does that count as a death in the game I wonder? Or maybe it will be like a status effect (I.e. Paralysis in pokemon and that sort of thing)?

Herald of the Vile

Most likely it’s a permanent status affect like Paralysis. D&D and by extension Pathfinder have a similar scenario happen when players are turned to stone via magic or monster abilities. In the Game under TenKa, I imagine this is an auto ejection from the game if it happens to your character.


I guess it could be trees as in The Lord of the Rings (the books). Maybe something like Ents, intelligent treelike beings, or better Huorns, wild moving trees.

Maybe under that form they have special powers or features that make them more dangerous, so under the control of Iemis they became powerful enemies, and thus Kleya’s concern.

Now I’m wondering if high level Erbanas would have some power over plant-like beings.

Kris Denger

How does the PACIFIST keep people around her from dying to an actual person?


Has anyone made any jokes about Erbana and drugs, yet? I feel like there’s an easy joke there.


Well, not exactly a joke, but I wrote something about drugs from a more dramatic angle here:

TL;DR: Kat will be hated and seen as an evil monster because she weaponized the only peaceful alignment in the Game e.g. by using drugs. People will think that after the Apocalypse she wants to destroy humanity’s last bit of peace.


Ah, so Mani is a more interesting path than I thought. Fun Fun Fun.


Only when you get to the highest echelons. In the beginning it’s all just pretend-crying to get out of speeding tickets and stuff.

Did the Dude mean “90 percent at least” or “90th percentile at least”? The first is a score (meaning he got 90% of all the points), while the second will be Iemis’s position relative to everyone else (meaning that he is better than 90% of all the Mani players but worse than 10%). If there are 1000 players who have played Mani, and if Iemis is in the 90th percentile, then 100 players will be stronger than him, which means he will probably be unknown. However Dude’s reaction suggests that Iemis is very well known. Also the 90th percentile is… Read more »

I don’t think that Iemis is a human controlled player. It sounds more like a powerful NPC who has always controlled that island.

This makes it look like NPCs also have alignments as well.


Okay, that makes sense – especially seen as his infamy survived the ending (Kleya knows about him, but she has not played since the ending).


Or it may be meant in relation to currently active players, which are probably less than a hundred. But then I guess it’d make more sense to say “top ten”.


I think it means 90% of success in his Mani attempts, ie “can control almost anyone”.

I’m wondering what “control” means. With NPCs it’s easy, could means that they start to obey his commands.

But, could he control a player? And how?

Maybe he take control, or interferes, with the AVATAR actions. For instance, Kleya (the player) tries to use a special to attack him and Iemis makes Kat (the avatar) to attack Bandit instead.


Uh. I messed the edit up there. It should be “it translate into 90%…”.

Thinking about it “percentiles” is the way that make sense, because in a game like this (relative) power is important. Now you know that he will control 9 out of 10 persons, no matter how the absolute level distribution is.

BTW: Yes Jon, your example is right, but I doubt that there will be that many Manis 😛


Since they spoke before about bloody mary going for 90% morti ‘at least’ and since the 90% mani is said right before “he can control you”; and since everyone got a percent score in a path when they completed, I’m guessing that this defines how much your committed to a given path. he may be 90% mani, 5 % mori, 1 % domoli etc. I supect the abilities of a person depend on how much they commit to a given pat, so by being so committed to the mani path he gets high level manipulation powers.

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Yeah yeah, of course it’s a happy coincidence, Aneeka. Did you know that Fluttershy would like to be a tree? 😀
And Kat has been “You’re going to LOOOVE MEEE!!!” ever since the beginning of the comic.

I’m calling Kat becoming a Stare Master or something like that as well. 😛