Arcanist Lupus

Not quite that easy, Danni. As Sandra just said, you’re terrible at acting. She’s really going to try and kill you.


Ouch. Jane’s not exactly one to hold back, and those self-replicating dolls of hers can a lot of damage (not to mention due to their small size, they’re not very kickable). Hopefully, back in LiFe, Kleya can give her some useful tips on how to survive the encounter.


From what I recall, they only duplicate when killed, so it should simply be a matter of finding a way to disable them without killing them, then it would directly be Danni vs Mary, which would give her at least a chance.


If I understood it correctly, they actually won’t duplicate if whoever fights them doesn’t deal more damage than necessary.


She can avoid killing them but the two are still pesky, and much to the say of disabling a program that a user designed themself. People will notice… a hacker possibly might have been doing that.


And Danni already lost to Jane before.


Now sounds like a good time for Kleya to give her a special that will help her stay alive against Jane. Her using a special would also be good for her popularity boost, probably, and now that they are out of the tutorial they can use those again, right?


“This is to your benefit.”
“Because you might not die”
“But you just said I would!”

I am getting mixed messages, Sandra. 😛

Also, couldn’t Klela rig up some sort of resurrection special? Cause that would be pretty darn cool.


I wonder if Sandra and Jane would have been on the same page as know had they know that for Danni death in the Game = death IRL…


I’m pretty sure that’s their plan. I mean Jane/Bloody mary has done it before.


If I were Kat, and wanted to both save Danni, swap her to Erbana AND improve her ratings?

I would teach her a new special move, one that gives her insane dodging ability. Imagine her dancing between all the dolls without a care, harming none and finishing by giving Jane a hug. 😀


They wanted to swap Danni to Kesti not erbana though XD


That would be awesome.


Jane is right, death is no stage; it’s just the end of the final act.
‘Tis Life who is but a walking shadow, a poor player,
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage,
And then is heard no more. It is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing

Hitokiri Akins

Okay, here’s my rundown of how things will go;

Kat’s “kitty sense” (read: D alerting her to danger) catching Jane’s attack, thus saving Danni from death.

Danni getting indignant about her teammate trying to kill her, and them fighting it out, all the while spouting heroic stuff to help shift her alignment to Kesti, which she will learn how to do via Kat’s instruction.


lol, yeah, all the time pacifist Kat will tell Danni what kind of monsters she has to slaughter in order to be heroic.

Hitokiri Akins

As well as how to interact with NPCs and other players in order to shift her alignment to what Danni wants it to be.


Hey Aneeka,

Not sure if I agree with Sandra’s logic. Please tell me Kat has a plan and it won’t work out like Sandra is hoping? Please?
(Plus, I feel like there is a third rail option here)

Also what happened to the voting bonuses? Do you think we could have more soon?


Maybe Kat should jump in to protect Danni like just a few pages ago.


I have a better idea, Sandra. Jane tries to murder Danni. Danni dodges to buy time. Kat waits till Jane is distracted and then jumps in with a special to save Danni. The special “accidentally” kills Jane. Everyone is surprised and the ratings jump :-). If you need higher ratings, Kat then just murders Danni for no reason.


It is the Final Four of the comic mix tournament. We are up against “Stand Still, Stay Silent”; which is a very strong competitor, even if we do not beat them, let us give them some tough competition.


S4 is killing NAV at the moment, but the margin is only ~300 votes. A little rallying could see victory.


Their advantage fell down to 194 right now.


At this moment with a difference of 122 votes, six donations of $ 5 would put us head to head.

Just saying 🙂


Six donations of 5$? You do realize you could just become a NAV patron champion for a month instead?

I can’t believe anyone would really want to waste money over there thinking that it’d help Aneeka more than donating the money to her.

That voting website is a parasite, nothing more, and it aggravates me that people who are willing to help their favorite artists are getting misguided and abused this way.



Do you realize that the money goes for charity and is tax deductible? I find those a plus that some people could find appealing for this one time. I would do both if I could.

But that’s just me, why don’t you ask Aneeka what she prefer you do? Give her one-time money or give it to charity in her name.

I will be fine following her will.



NAV reached the Final Four (out of over 400 initial contestants!) in the highest ComicMix tournament I have seen until now.

In average “Stand Still, Stay Silent” has had a bit more than twice votes than NAV, with up to 1 in 5 paid votes (20%).

Come on folks. We all, and I mean we ALL, must vote. Also whoever that could spare some money for beneficence THIS is your opportunity (even $1 helps) .

Lets do this the highest NAV votation!



Voted. 🙂


I won’t pay for additional votes. Ever. I hate that business model.

I’d rather join the Aneeka channel (even if it were just for a few months) instead of throwing money into a meaningless vote.

And I would be a patron by now if PayPal wouldn’t insist on wanting a credit card number. I don’t understand what Aneeka does differently from Erfworld, because over there I was able to become a “Tool” without any problems. I asked her about it on the previous page but she seems to be very busy with the upcoming Convention right now (i.e. no answer yet).


I am always in favor of beneficence. You really looks like you don’t give money to charity because you don get nothing in return.

Admittedly It could be better ways, but you would be helping several people in need instead helping one single person that already have incomes, just one time .

Also you will NOT be taking money away from Aneeka, just giving a bit more for some other people in her name. And helping her to become more popular at side effect.

To donate it’s a we-all-win situation to me.

@Aneeka: Ok, I am patiently waiting, no problem. 🙂 Have fun at the convention! @NotFred: Well, the tournament page is stating that the proceeds go to charity and according to proceeds are profits (i.e. after deducting server costs etc., but also salaries). Also by now I am pretty certain that you’re a staff member of that website, because you’re advertising the tournament quite heavily. I don’t believe that you’d put this much energy into a purely charitable event and therefore I’m returning your “getting something in return” right back at you, because advertising the tournament is likely not a… Read more »

Ops, somehow I didn’t see this comment before post my reply to your other one below. Anyway some of the points are still valid.

You are entitled to your opinions, now as I said in my other post lets go back to have fun reading NAV.

Best wishes.


We are 557 vs 760 SSSS votes. If we all vote, we can pull this off. It seems like you can vote once per IP address; so I am voting once at home, once at work, once on my cellphone at home and once more on my cellphone at work in case being in a different area gives me a different IP address.


The IP address can be the same, it doesn’t matter.

The vote system use cookies so you can vote once for each device (computer, smartphone, whatever) in the net, each user in the same machine, and each browser in the same user.

Yes, you can vote once with IE, Chrome, FireFox, etc cetera in the same machine, with the same user.

At this moment: NAV – 1285 vs SSSS – 1428
A difference of 143 votes (or $ 35)



You know, I am starting to wonder how many of those who advertise the comic mix tournament are actually agents from that very website.

Yeah, I guess that is a valid concern; but looking at other comic forums it is clearly some of the regulars promoting the tournament (and I and NotFred have been here for a few months, although I do not post that often); I think many of us just like competitions and/or want to enter our own favourite comic for the exposure. My biggest pet peeve with Comic Mix is how hard it is to find out when the next round is out; a simple rss feed to subscribe to would be nice but I guess that they want us to… Read more »
Thanks for the info, Jon. 🙂 I just don’t like the vibe coming from Comicmix. Their design isn’t exactly pretty and you said they don’t even have something as simple as an RSS-Feed and apparently they don’t send out any Newsletter for tournament rounds either? The way NotFred talks about the charity thing it’s as if it’s just being used for prestige, as part of their business model, and not because they actually care. They don’t say they donate 100% of all paid votes, afaik they say they donate the surplus money, so if you want to help some artists,… Read more »
I don’t want to start an argument just rise some points: 1.- Quoting ComicMix in each tournament page: “All proceeds from paid votes will go to the Hero Initiative, an organization that helps comic book creators in need.” (bold mine) 2.- If you want to actually know about Hero Initiative: “The Hero Initiative creates a financial safety net for comic creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work. … benefit over 50 creators and their families with over $500,000… It’s a chance for all of us to… Read more »
I agree about ending this. It’s good to hear that nobody on NAV ever donated votes. 🙂 Since you wanted to hear my thoughts I’ll answer but I’ll try to make it short: 1. Yes, that’s what I said. 2. H.I. are not the same as Comicmix and their aggravating paid votes. 3. That doesn’t invalidate my point, because there’s no harm in agreeing to free mentioning of one’s name, so most artists would agree. 4. Yup, no fault, just remember that likely far less than 100% of the paid votes go to charity. If you think about voting just… Read more »

I voted for you in the ComicMix vote. Good luck against the SSSS powerhouse.


Well done! 🙂

I just became your reader due this tournament and I’m voting for you against Girl Genius. Good luck to you too!

Hey, It surely would be cool if NAV and SS reach the Final 😉

(not a lot of suspense but yeah, cool 🙂 )


Glad to have you ^_^


Kleya may need to cheat a bit to keep Dani alive.

Although… The idea is that Jane attacks Dani, there is nothing to say Kleya can’t pull out her specials and use them to protect Dani. Kleya does defence, Dani does offense, between the two of them they could force Jane to retreat, or even ‘kill’ her, although it doesn’t sound like they want Jane out of the group.

This sounds like Dancing With The Stars, it’s not about how good you are, it’s about how popular you are!


Good at the Game, that is.


It seems that NAV’s fans are starting to show up 😉

We are NAV: 1735 – SSSS: 1678

Yep, NAV is WINNING 🙂 which is more like it actually if you remember that we are often above SSSS in Tob Web Comic.

However there’s still the paid votes that will be added after this ends and SSSS will have a chunk for sure.

If you are yet to vote don’t forget to do it, the votation closes TODAY.


Tim C

Results as of now:
Not A Villain 2480 – 32%
Stand Still. Stay Silent 2329 – 30%

Looks like a win for NAV unless SSSS gets at least $39 more than NAV in paid votes. If we win here, we’re also favored to win the finals.

Go NAV go!


Just-just-Kleya’s ears in that last panel. <3

It’s over and it seems NAV lost but, WOW!! What a final sprint! 🙂 NAV reached 2480 votes!!! The poll ended with NAV winning by 151 votes, but it seems that they purchased at least 720 votes ($180) while NAV none (0). We are still waiting the official announcement but so far the totals are: NAV: 2480 SSSS: 2329 + 720 = 3049 That was a h*ll of a race and a I’m totally happy with what we accomplish 🙂 SSSS has been a powerhouse since the start crushing all their opponents even without counting paid votes. NAV ran head… Read more »

Oops, I thought this message didn’t was sent, I couldn’t see it before when I was about to send the other (now almost identical) later one.


And it is the final round of the Comic Mix tournament, we are competing for third place against Girl Genius. We lost the previous round, but wow we managed to rally up an amazing 2480 votes in just two days.

Girl Genius is one of the big names in webcomics so lets get out there and vote. (Also, like us, Girl Genius had a kickstarter campaign in April, hence paid votes probably will not be a deciding factor for this round).

It’s over and NAV lost but, WOW!! What a final sprint! 🙂 NAV reached 2480 votes!!! The poll ended with NAV winning by 151 votes, but they purchased 1044 votes ($261) and NAV none (0) so the totals are: NAV: 2480 SSSS: 2329 + 1044 = 3373 That was a h*ll of a race and a I’m totally happy with what we accomplish 🙂 SSSS has been a powerhouse since the start crushing all their opponents even without counting paid votes. NAV ran head with head and technically won forcing the need of paid votes for the first time 🙂… Read more »

lol, you can’t believe how happy I am to read that not a single NAV-reader has donated votes for this. On the other hand, you probably can believe it. 😛

Thanks for the info!


Why I wouldn’t believe it? It’s consistent with the past rounds and it’s not the only one that never donated, Girl Genius for instance.

That I suggest something doesn’t mean that I expected it happening, but always it’s better to try.

You are welcome, glad to help to cheer you up 🙂


About the donations there’s the point of how much is taken away before it goes to Hero Initiative. I didn’t thought about that before (I don’t live in the USA) but I think is important so I asked it and here is the answer.

I don’t have a PayPal account so I can’t further research but although NAV is not donating it seemed fair to share the information.

Dragon Master

Kat looks very much annoyed in the last panel.