You know, it feels a bit weird to me that everyone in the comic is freaking out because Kleya went Erbana. Her entire combat focus during the various games has been completely in this style. She made a special that can incapacitate without harming a persons stats. Her avatar was designed to look cute and harmless. I have no doubt that she will be able to do amazing things with whatever the limitations are. With her programming skills, she can find work arounds for pretty much any situation she will come across. I can only assume they are surprised because… Read more »
I think the ones that are freaking out are doing it for different reasons. For Dude it is because he knows Kat as the vicious arch hacker, so the idea of her doing Erbana seems way out of character. For Sandra it is because she is thinking of the group’s rankings, so having someone boring the viewers is something she wants to avoid. I agree on Kat’s prior fighting style, though. Sandra should probably try to sell Kat as a person who will surprise you with their successful but unusual approach, rather than as a person who will wow you… Read more »

D*** bandwaggoners who think Erbana is boring.

It’s d*** difficult being the support that’s not allowed to kill anything while still carrying the game >_<

tbh I normally root for the unconventional character in stories and games. There's just something amusing about the all-powerful fighter getting taken out by a mountain-sized pile of weird strategies and getting totally outplayed. It's even more entertaining than watching people use swords as ranged projectiles numbering in the low hundreds.


Every single time I see someone who shares this view, I have a moral obligation to throw out this reference: Watch Log Horizon. MC is a buff class. Fun show.


*annoyed strong believer that bard is the best DnD class ever conceived*


A muscle man who wants to live his life as a housewife? Now that sounds like the premise of a hilarious anime or sitcom…


I’ve actually seen a few Korean webtoons about gangster women that fell in love and tried to become a “good housewife” haha.

Dragon Master

Really? I’d be interested if you can recall their names.


Mrs. Angel is one I know of.


Or, for an even more comedic example, Belkar of OOTS.


Oh, but for him it doesn’t contrast at all… *gets carried off kicking and screaming by a chorus of people chanting “take this to the proper forum”*


Am I right in saying this is the first time we see that she knows who he is?


She been referring to him as Jake in her head for a while now.

Alexander The 1st

She knew the first time when she had the one message from The Bandit in L.I.F.E., but she didn’t necessarily know that he knew that she hacked the system or that she was aiming for a hero group.


She became suspicious a while before, though.


I notice Dude taking cover as he says his lines. 🙂


I thought he might still be there from an earlier Jane show, but in the last page they were all lined up. I am a little unclear as to why the duck and cover in his reaction.


That’s not an inexplicable breeze blowing Jane’s hair. Looks like it’s time for Bloo–Jane to scare the crap out of another of her teammates. 😀


Holy crap, I’m on the same wavelength as Dude concerning Morto. Absolutely boring just killing everyone, all of the time.
I mean sure, it’s fun to load up a game of Skyrim and just go on a murder streak, but that’s just once in a while. If there were some order to the madness, then maybe Morto would be fun to watch, but Jane just seems to want to outright murder anything moving for no reason whatsoever.


Jane? As in “Mary Jane”?
I know what you did there!
I’m not certain which one, but this CAN’T be coincidence!!!
Can’t… stop… laughing at myself for not realising it sooner… 😀


Now consider that as Morto, she wants to blow everything up into smoke.

*waits out the laughing fit* 🙂


Wow I never noticed that either…THANKS SO MUCH FOR CLEARING THAT UP! I thought that a name like “Jane” was kind of random haha


Also, I think I have enough hints to know the basics of Mary Jane’s sad back story ^_^


so we are going to have kat being peaceful and jane trying to kill everyone (including teamates) i can see this going swimingly, specially with kat trying not to hulk out and crash the servers


It has been suggested a few times that Jane’s whole ring girl appearance and personality is an act. It would be interesting to see what she looks like in the Physical World.


Also also! Wouldn’t Danni get, like, few dozens of fans and supporters now that its revealed she is the Moretti?
This hasn’t been addressed yet…


I agree with the rollover text, but I also like how panel 2 Bandit turned out.


is it just me, or do the eyes look like there is no white on them?

also, love the comic.


You are right, they are reddish, everything is. And have been that way since the red ERROR message popped out, because its glow is illuminating the whole room.


Sorry, but Sandra contradicts herself between the two panels. Panel one, she says that technically, which generally includes power capability and defense, there’s nothing wrong with Erbana, but it does it rank well with viewers (which is not technical in this case). Then she turns right around and says that Erbana’s have no defense and Kat will be dead in a few days. That doesn’t scan well.

Huh? Why yes, I do like watching posts of Everything Wrong with ****** in ** minutes by Cinema Sins. Why do you ask?


Wouldn’t Erbanas have little offensive ability, but possibly really good defensive? I mean they are peaceful so all else being equal, they build walls rather than swords. To mix a few metaphors.

I think she is referring to a play style that does not FIGHT. Sounds like a crafting class. Fun to play, but quite boring to watch someone mix a potion for the thousandth time. No defense or attack because… it never fights at all. Good for staying in town but why drag Erbana along to a battle? Kat may know a few things about the end-game content for Erbana the rest of the world doesn’t. Its not been stated if the game had been “beaten” when the world ended. And… if the current internet is jury-rigged from servers originally manufactured… Read more »
Alexander The 1st

I took it as she meant technically that there ain’t no rules says a dog can’t play basketball saying that you can`t run Erbana, but much like the World Of Warcraft guy who got to level 90 by only gathering materials in the starting zone, it’s both very hard and unlikely to be very popular.


Nah. I think that there was no expectation on Sandra’s part that Danni was questioning whether or not it was possible to pick Erbana, and unlike rules that were made without considering dogs, Erbana had to be positively created and presented as an option.

As I commented on the previous page, Jane knows exactly how to keep the attention of viewers with her psycho routine. Kat needs to work on this. She needs to bring some personality to her Erbana character, not just a perfect technical performance. Danni has the same problem, but if she can get her technical Game skills up fast enough, she understands how to draw an audience with performance art. I think Bandit also has this problem, personally, but as someone mentioned on an earlier page, he’ll have fans just for being a “pretty boy.” Life is so unfair, sometimes…… Read more »
Kleya!Kat said to herself when she started the Tutorial that Erbana was her mother’s favourite route. It’s also been said that no-one’s been able to play Erbana since her mother died and survive (in-game) – so it’s not surprising those familiar with The Game as it’s currently played have a pessimistic view of Erbana. Jake probably remembers Erbana being played before the catastrophic events that overtook the world, but it’s a route that requires both skill and tremendous amounts of patience. The Kleya he knows had lots of skill, but very little patience. If she plays and survives, he’ll know… Read more »
If Erbana are potion makers and there are very few Erbana out there, then potions are probably very expensive and the demand for Erbana players very high (though not from the audience’s opinion). If I were in a hero group and we’d encounter these guys I’d definitely try to take her away from them. Imagine being in a dungeon full of snakes and spiders and you just had to use your last antidote. An Erbana just uses the plants that are growing around them (or even the poison from the monsters) to create new ones, or maybe they can even… Read more »

So suppose Kleya cleans up her act so well that she is no longer under suspicion for being horrible psychogirl–and her dad starts going after someone else instead– say, for example Jane–who is just trying to survive by playing to the survivors’ desire for revenge and release.

New moral quandary–what does Kleya do then? Watch what you choose, Jane.


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KAT is using FLUTTERSHY’S color palette!!!
Aneeka… Did you do this on purpose?!