Gotta love Paddy and Sandra.


Best couple ever.

In NAV, anyway.


Booooo Bandit. You’re a terrible inside man.


more like dude is, outing bandit as having contacts inside tenka

Hm. If the system doesn’t have records of their characters, then assuming alignment continues to shift throughout the Game, matching game play, Danni can still effectively change her alignment. The question is, what’s the real impact of them officially being a “villain” group? Does it change their starting conditions in the game, or anything else about game play, or is it just a reputation/marketing thing? I’m surprised Sandra let them go into the tutorial cold, without a plan about what kind of group they were going to try to be. All that work on avatars, and they didn’t strategize on… Read more »

The whole point was for them to choose their team’s alignment publicly.


Think of it as “Horde” vs. “Alliance” perhaps?


Poor Kate, she was so hopefull


Actually, the avatar’s name is Kat, not Kate. (Notice there is no E in her name)


Aww man, the poll is an impossible question.

Who would I Watch most? Well, I’ve got OOC knowledge, so it’s not a fair question there. If I stuck to only things known by the fans, well, I don’t know what all they do, and it’s probably a little different from how I’d actually want to vote anyway.

Besides, it’s the main cast. I’d stick to their group to the point of glue actually being unhelpful.


Hmm. Comic ends revealing that they will show a graph on the popularity of the group next.

Author just happens to create a poll asking people to provide their own opinions on the popularity of the group, providing such a graph.

Wouldn’t that be the real kicker, if the results of the poll turned out to be the actual source of the graph Paddie is about to show off.


Doubt it. More like the two graphs will be compared to each other, like the last time.


If I were in-world, I’d find Danni the most interesting, because she’s the most unpredictable. I don’t know how long that would last, but if she develops skills fast enough and in an interesting way, she would keep my attention. Kat would also get my attention, because her behavior is so puzzling compared to her public behavior as Kleya. Bandit is actually boring, because his moves are too perfect.

Kessy Athena

Bandit’s character seems to have been designed for “pretty boy” appeal. If you’re not into virtual male eye candy, his appeal would probably be lost on you. I’d almost expect his avatar to be sporting bishie sparkles. Maybe someone should suggest that to Paddie. 😉


Paddy: I’m an avatar designer and channel editor, not your power point ma ager. And yeah I know how that sounds, but Patrick is Irish, not Scottish, so stick that in your warp drive and see if it’s gonna blow. :/