Uh oh. Looks like Bandit just figured out that Kat asked Danni to go hero. Here’s an interesting question: will he ask Dude to go villain to keep the group a villain group, or will he let it be because he saw that Kat is actually happy for a change?

Why is Jane mad? Was she hoping for a villain group?

I wonder if Jane is only putting on an insane persona.


Nooo, remember, Bandit and Dude have set out to make Kat build up a thicker skin so she doesn’t freak out and murder everyone when things don’t go her way. So he’ll almost certainly work against Kat being a ‘hero’. But it’s a fine line, you don’t wanna push her so hard that she freaks out either.

Jane’s mad because she struggled emotionally in the tutorial (remember the little boy?). She got through it the way she wanted, but she didn’t enjoy it and doesn’t relish doing it again.


Interesting theory. I’m pretty sure Jane’s insane behavior is an act, but if she struggled with the tutorial, how does she expect to keep up the act in the Game? I think she and Sandra may need to work out an alternate plan for whatever it is that they’re conspiring to do.

(And the idea of Jane turning into a “hero” character somehow just really tickles me.)

I’m guessing the Mani route involves somehow summoning the village back using the Esone. I suppose that could be the Kesti route, though.


I think that little show of humanity will only make her more popular, endear her to the fan. It could have been completely intentional. …Or she could just not care, you know, just doing whatever she wants. I need to go back and reread that section, now.


Dude! The idea of Jane turning hero scares me more then Jane being Jane! (..and that is scary!)


I love the two expressions in that last panel, very well done. 🙂

Alexander The 1st

Danni: “So Kleya…any chance you can teach me how to do well with Kesti while *also* crashing the islands together? That’s possible, right?”


Bandit originally resolved to be a villain, but I wonder if he’ll be able to stick to that plan on a second go, given how enthusiastic his not-girlfriend looks about Danni changing her alignment? 😉 Is Mani counted a “good” alignment? (I can’t remember, but if Erbana, Kesti, and Kardista are all good, I guess it can’t be.) We haven’t seen that one in action yet, and it wouldn’t surprise me if Danni isn’t the only one who tries to change strategies.

Alignment info pages 254 and 298, for anyone else who forgot… Confirmed Mani is also a villain route. So Bandit could stick to his villain plan (whatever that’s about) but switch alignments, if he doesn’t want to repeat his island-crashing move, for some reason. He got a lot of attention with it on the first go-round, but may feel he has to do something else this time to keep the ratings up. Mani might not be as visually spectacular as Demoli, but it’s known as a difficult route, so that might appeal to him (and the viewers). Also, in re-reading… Read more »

considering what Bandit said in 381 i would presume he will get Dude to do a villain route so bandit could teach dude to do mani and as no one did that well on morto he could try and 100% that instead or they could do it the other way around

either way presuming Jane does the same as before the group will still be villain, lets just hope Kleya keeps her cool this time XD

this is also presuming they get to redo the tutorial as Sandra hasn’t confirmed that yet


Their happy looks tell me they are not going to redo the Tutorial. Besides, watchers would be bored by watching the same thing again, this group needs to move on if they want popularity. Also… Jane doesn’t look very happy with the idea of redoing the Tutorial, either.

Haha, look how Bandit’s determination melts by the sight of Kat’s happy, sincere smile 😀


For some reason I’ve been able to see it hours ago…


I always really like how Jake peeks at Kat. It’s pretty sweet to see him check up on her even after all that’s happened.

Squire James

The mere title of this comic suggests the group is going to be on the Villain side. Otherwise, it’s something like “Not a Villain? Of course not, you’re in a hero group!”

Still, I gather not all groups have all “good” or all “evil” in them. I guess Morto and Erbana is a hard combo to maintain, though.


I imagine Jane wasn’t really happy doing her path, if you remember she turned the childs head away assuming she killed the mother, which she might not have enjoyed doing, being a mother herself.


Round 3 of comic mix is up (for those of you who like voting as much as I do). Not a Villian is up against Grrl Power, which will be a tough match. Voting ends on tomorrow (Friday) midnight!


Hrmm will redoing the test make it better or worse?

Siva Smith

Jane is an outsider. I have a suspicion that she is no longer a mother, that what prompted her to kill off her entire last group was the deaths of her children, utterly preventable deaths for which she blames a city, or maybe TenKa. Quite possibly, a child did something he/she shouldn’t have, like open a hatch that let in bad air?


So, what happened to Danni? I was going back a few pages and on 369 you commented that her 10 minutes were up. Did they force a disconnect or did she just have a break-down on her own? And for how long is she allowed to continue? Did TenKa say something like “No, guys, you can’t tear apart this group, we need them for our secret mission!”?