‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 386


And Jane gets even shorter...


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White Rice

Wait, something out of their control (well, most of their control) that affected them as much as everyone else hurt their popularity. With the way society seems to be at this point, that’s about the same as there being an earthquake & the Internet at large blaming whatever sports team happened to be playing as it hit.

So, a completely accurate representation of the Internet these days 😀

(I like all the reactions to the ground changing, quite fitting for everyone)

Kessy Athena

Ha! It’s not just the internet, it seems to be people in general. Like how everyone gives the President the credit or blame for the state of the economy, even though the President doesn’t have all that much ability to effect it.


I was about to say the same thing.


They’re a new group, and the blackout probably kept their “buzz” from spreading as much as it might have otherwise, negatively impacting popularity. That would be enough to get Sandra annoyed. Hopefully annoyed enough to arrange to schedule a new tutorial broadcast of some kind that lets Danni and Kleya re-negotiate their hero/villain mix.


Now, I may be completely wrong, but didn’t someone somewhere say they weren’t going to re-do the tutorials? Whether it was Bandit in comic world or Aneeka off-screen, I’m not sure.

I started writing one alternate theory as to why their ratings dropped, but as I wrote more and more alternates popped into my head. I am guessing that when Sandra says their ratings are down, that she means that they are receiving less votes compared to everyone else. Maybe they are more supportive of hero groups after black outs. Or it is possible that the ratings dropped because the people could not watch the replays any more – out of sight, out of mind, out of receiving votes. Or maybe a large chunk of Kleya’s fans who were standing by… Read more »
Kessy Athena

Public relations is an arcane and dark art. I suspect their strategy sessions involve incense and goat guts. I gave up trying to understand why the public reacts the way it does ages ago.


I’m finding it hilarious that while there’s no background and no nothing, complicated lighting from below is still rendered. You’d think the ‘everything turned off’ mode would have simple ambient lighting.

It does make for really cool athmosphere, tho.



Jane: mining for ERROR.


Kat’s feeling guilty.
And Bandit’s feeling bad for her even though it was her fault.


OMG! Danni raising her foot in fear is absolutely adorable! 🙂


I got it! The blackout means they lost face time with the fans: Something incredibly valuable for a new team. This means the fans are already forgetting about them and talking about the blackout which is way bigger news. Blackout’s trending.Team Dude and pals?..:(


Still not the leader, dude.


Many sports teams are named after their mascot, not their team captain or coach. Dude is more of a mascot in this team than most.

Alexander The 1st

Kat is more of the mascot than Dude.

She even comes with built-in merchandising opportunities!


Jane is hilarious here . . .
*tink tink*


The Dude’s reaction is the best. Although I keep wondering why he’s the only one who is afraid of Jane.


Kat doesn’t care.
Bandit knows no fear.
Sandra and Paddy are in cahoots with Jane.
And Danny has bigger problems to worry about.

Besides, Dude kinda was the only one in this company so far to get attacked by Jane. Not to mention he just panics a lot.


Oh d***, a very good webcomic and I’m all caught up now. Can’t believe I read everything in one sitting, keep up the great work!

Oh man, if the makers of Romantically Apocalyptic made some guest comics here…