Bye bye scenery. We will miss you.


Sounds like Paddy crashed something again, and it’s not his avatar this time.


Didn’t she say somethng about her city not having a decent programmer?

I guess her husband is a programmer.
Just not quite a decent one…


*pops in*
Surprised no one said anything about Kat and Bandit both looking up last page. Someone mentioned her ears, like she was listening, but nothing about them looking.
Clearly Paddy’s code-messing-with didn’t work. 😛

Any updates on book three for Ki and De? *is way too excited to read it and forgets the vague ‘done-by-date’ mentioned a while ago*


To me it looked more like avoiding each other’s eyes, than looking up at the sky / codes.


I love the “video card failure imminent” lines for the background of that first panel!



Cue everyone but Kleya worried about hackers


Cue Dude panicking and calling Paddy a hacker.

Nah, Dude is traumatized by mechas, but he’s friends with Bandit. He’s not one to cry hacker. Danni is the one who brought it up before, but even then she was noting that he had a lot of the same skills as a hacker; not actually accusing him of being one. She’s in somewhat of a unique position of isolation, where she’s threatened by hackers but I don’t think she was directly affected by them (not counting the guy who actually hacked her in the game trials), and she also pretty much sat out the hacker hunts. I’m not sure… Read more »

Huh, they must be in realm 404.


The rss feed doesn’t seem to be up to date.


It appears to be working now.


I would have thought that these meeting areas would not be prone to instability and that any alterations would not be done on a live version.

Alexander The 1st
Sandra mentioned before to both Kleya personally then offhand when The Bandit was around that they don’t have official technical support or even full server access in her City. This is just Sandra’s small personal server that’s probably one of the few computers there. So instead they’re relying on Paddy doing maintenance, and they had hoped to have that all fixed before people came, but he was still working on fixing something – and it appears he pulled the landscape card (Not a full GPU, as the other characters are still there – possibly an isolated dedicated card? At least,… Read more »

Can not trust Alexander The 1st! Anybody that knows as much as I do is certainly suspect as a hacker!


More likely a software component than a physical card– that looks like a deleted scenery generation file or routine to me.


Aneeka, you didn’t make any errors in drawing the perspective!
Clearly, it was part of a rendering glitch as the rendering system broke down.


Oh, right, we’re in a computer. Thanks for reminding me, Aneeka. 😉

As for mistakes… their heads might be a little too big, especially Kat looks like her inintial avatar, but I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t commented me in the right direction. 🙂

Tim C

Of all the systems that could have failed, the ability to render the terrain texture seems like a fairly benign one.

…Then again, the word “ERROR” is also being rendered as a texture – and with light emission, no less – so the graphics must still be working. Either that’s artistic license or it’s displaying ERROR to warn Sandra that something else is broken.


Or it’s a fallback texture, something that gets defaulted to when the image is missing.


An emmissive texture is REALLY simple compared to what they are rendering and displaying that far into the future.


Most likely the scenery was already an emissive texture, so swapping the animation file/generation routine with a static error message retains the emissive function.


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After having worked with Windows for so long, I looked to see if the room had turned blue.


I just read your entire comic so far in one sitting (came over from a banner ad from electronic goonish shive) and I gotta say I love it! I can’t wait to read more.


I’m never able to read an entire comic in one sitting because I’m always interested in reading the comments as well.


*El Goonish Shive* my kindle likes to auto correct the dumbest things.

Anyway, I could never read the comment section of a comic I just find. Not only am I impatient to find out what happens next, but I find I get spoiled too easily when I read the comments of a newly discovered comic.

Admiral Ackbar

It’s a trap! (Trick to see programming skills of their team?)


Not according to Sandra’s face.