‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 383


And so ends Volume 3.


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And the Dude brings up another point in the vote incentive!

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Row Row Fight The Power?

You know someone’s gotta say it. Anyway, here’s hoping things work out and don’t drive her nuts with sticking to being a villain group.


Not driving her nuts? That would be like

Row row row your boat
Gently down the stream
Merrily merrily merrily merrily
L.i.F.e. is but a dream.

I don’t think this is likely to happen. 🙂


Dang, you beat me to it… But still!

Go beyond the past and kick justice to the curb! That’s how team TENKA rolls!


She doesn’t have to stick to it, she just has to earn a hero group fairly. And didn’t she?


So glad someone else thought of this. Jake, don’t believe in yourself. Kleya believes in you! Believe in the Kleya who believes in you!


Gorgeous picture of Kleya. She isn’t smiling, but that fits her (especially if we’re seeing her through Dude’s eyes, which seems likely). Would it be at all possible for me to get a version of this image without the Bandit face in the middle?


No, I’m pretty sure we’re seeing her here through Bandit‘s eyes.
She’d probably look crazy, scary and horrible through Dude’s eyes.

David D

Excellent end page. You are good at your job. ^^


Yes you are, “Jakey”! 😀


And admit the unadmittable!


Beautiful. 🙂


The AAA (Anonymous Alt-Text Addicts) demand their fix!


Nice closure.


Pretty sure the word is irredeemable, not unredeemable.

Hitokiri Akins

Correct. But let’s assume that Brandon is making the mistake, rather than the author. 🙂


Ya know, Jake, friendcrush is a thing too…


Kleya, please stop making wishes to the UFAI. It’s not helping.


Magnificent job on her eyes. Well done!


Ohh, I love where this is going.


I think Bandit doth protests too much
(Like A LOT)

Alexander The 1st

Between redeeming the irredeemable, and getting The Bandit to admit he’s head over heels for her, I think the latter is the more impossible task they have at hand.

If they manage to do the latter, the former will be a piece of cake.


Well said!
And very true (hoping he cracks soon-in a ‘good’ way)


I love that close-up panel.


I’m super excited for the next volume! If pattern holds, meaning that each volume gets better, this next one is going to be epic!

I really like the picture of Kleya, although it did startle me a little when it came up; I wasn’t expecting a huge face after all those smaller panels. 🙂


Lol =P


Yeah he is. The Dude knows what’s up!


The denial is strong with this one!


I just realized Brandon’s hair in the last panel is flat instead of detailed. Are the servers acting up? 😮

Dawn Song

Is Kleya’s real name ever mentioned in the comic? If it is would someone please tell me what it is?


Deny it all you want Jake. We know the truth.

Though he may be pleasantly surprised to learn that Kleya is as interested in redeeming herself as he apparently is in redeeming her.

Beautifully done volume end.