Wait, the “big plan” involved assuming Kleya was dead? Wow, I really thought this was a plan to draw her out of hiding. (And just how many conspiracies is Jake involved in?) Hm. Whatever the big plan is, it involved Jake playing a “villain” and Brandon playing a “hero” in a villain group. And we know Sandra and Paddy have some kind of plan in cahoots with BlooJane, probably an attempt to weaken TENka. Dr. Grace approved a plan for Jake to start Bandit as a new character. But does Dr. Grace really know what Jake is up to? Time… Read more »

I thought the plan of BlooJane was about destroying the relationship between Kleya and Danni.


Why would she do that? There’s nothing to gain out of it.


First panel of http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-239/ seems quite indicative that BlooJane is planning to manipulate people in some way. Which options aside destroying friendships are left?


I’m not sure but in the vote incentive image, panel four, Dude’s bubble, shouldn’t it be “See! you like her!”?


I think he’s breaking the fourth wall there.


Oh, right. First time though, isn’t it?


On vote incentives? Probably not, but I don’t really remember.


I wouldn’t really classify it as “breaking the fourth wall”. Expressing in third person isn’t exactly rare, and is usually one of sarcastic ways to emphasize something. Don’t think the author expected people to misunderstand it.

A Nonny Mouse

That vote incentive is absolutely hilarious! =D

I love the story. Keep it up!


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Sorry about the cold, btw. Not a lot of fun. 🙁


I must admit I’m curious…


OOOOOO! But now I’m just more curious, not warned off at all… I’m sorry you’re sick, feel better soon!

Time for WMG (Wild Mass Guessing)! The big plan, from Jake’s perspective, is to reveal that kleya’s father, who is still alive and running everything, was behind the Fall. He was doing this to get revenge for his former best friend/maybe-not-quite-girl-friend, child kleya, who had been corrupted by her father and his evil plans. Since Kleya is alive, though, he probably doesn’t want to draw attention (specifically her father’s attention) to the fact that she is alive (also, her father is saisuke and is still looking for her to burn her at the stake). This is why the plan needs… Read more »

The last two panels… wow.

What are you into, Jake, that keeps you from sleeping at night? How bad can it be? And Brandon’s reaction… wow.

Get better soon. I can’t wait for more.


Poor Brandon probably still sees crazy mechas in his nightmares…

Thought the story would go south once all this past relationship was announced(personally hate all kinds of romance), but with all these conspiracies popping up… Sandra – what’s her goal? She appeared too conveniently, when Kleya was told to “pass” the trials or something. Brandon, is he the “Donkey”(in Shrek’s terms) of this story, or something else? Jake\Grace – they clearly have separate interests from the rest of Tenka. President – he looks like the mastermind behind the “big plan”, the person, whom everyone tries to escape. I have half the mind to think that he is actually her father.… Read more »

It’s nice to see “Not A Villain” in the #1 position on Top Web Comics! There’s no doubt on why that is: the audience this comic has is growing as more people find out how interesting and well told this story is. Great job, Aneeka!


You know I only just realized that you’ve been quite cleaver in handling the lore.
all we know is that she activated something, destroying a lot of thing including her mother and this has cause a split. where we have her side in trying to achieve something and then the publicized view that she wanted everyone dead ect. but we haven’t been told these exact details, just hints. My admiration is yours.


Especially then natural way that the reader is prevented from knowing everything. Having the one person who does know what happened be isolated from everyone else in the story makes the lack of information feel like it should be expected, rather than shoehorned in… well done in that regard.


Haven’t posted here in an age and a day, but just wanted to let you know that I still love the story and am trying my best not to squeak excitedly and jump up and down on my seat whenever a new page is posted. 😉