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He'd been waiting a long time.


And this page commemorates a HUGE achievement for the Dude. Check out the vote incentive to see what it is 😀


Good news! There will be glow-in-the-dark D T-shirts for the Kickstarter! Here's the design so far (I'll probably put NAV's logo on the back, too), plus the posters currently finished:

Designing merchandise is so nerve-wracking. I have confidence in my story skills, not my art skills, and merchandise relies solely on the latter. Ugh...

Designing merchandise is so nerve-wracking. I have confidence in my story skills, not my art skills, and merchandise relies solely on the latter. Hence the nerve-wracking.


…I feel like the vote incentive achievement is going to fail from the first bubble on the next page.

Also possible typo, I think it is supposed to be ‘Dude, who ARE you so badly…’ in the last bubble. Unless the Dude suddenly turned gangsta =).


Eh, zero-copula sentence forms are becoming more and more popular in standard dialects of English, not just vernaculars that people consider “gangsta.” Possible typo, though! It’s been so long since I’ve heard from the Dude that I can’t remember his speaking style.


I thought it was a typo too.

I’m also wondering just how much time Jake has logged in the last while. Probably a very impressive* amount. 😀

(*Impressive in that he’s still functional, perhaps?)


I wouldn’t worry so much about your art skills… some of those are actually seriously tempting for me, and that’s… extremely rare.

Kessy Athena

The D shirt is really awesome! I wish I had money for it…


I kind of really like Jake. Being a perfectionist for the sake of perfectionism, not because of approval of other people, and often contrary to their facepalms on your bad time management skills because you need to do this thing WELL…

yeah I just like him


Me too. Even though he’s scarily alike me.


Hey, could you maybe consider printing the Dee and Kleya poster as a tee shirt as well?


i immediatly thought the same thing of both of them though the bottom is cooler from my perspective


That is an AWESOME T-Shirt.
This …neutral, waiting space is interesting. They get free reign of they’re avatar – this area has the data to use full, high-quality game avatars.


Ok – that tshirt mock-up is awesome! But I’d suggest putting that dragon on the BACK and the logo on the front pocket area.

Or keep the dragon on the front and the logo front-bottom. Or sleeve logo. I just think a giant NAV logo is gonna look kinda dorky compared to that dragon, a more subtle one will be better.


I agree.




Your art may not be the most consistent, but some of your art is simply awesome. For example the next-to-last pic here, with D and Kat facing each other… awesome art!


The variance is because our wonderful artist/author is always trying to improve, thus always trying new things. Also, the change between reality and virtual worlds is made apparent in the differences of style.

Alexander The 1st

Jake/The Bandit: *Refresh* “Aw, still no response yet.” *Refresh* “Aw, still no response yet.” *Refresh*

Don’t know why he’s in such a rush to start that cycle so early… :p


Hahaha, well, give him some credit. Making contact with her is likely something he has been hoping for since The End happened. So…Two or so years of hoping? Surprised the guy hasn’t begun frothing at the mouth XD

Kessy Athena

Not to mention the small detail that making contact with her is potentially fatal, as per http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-332/

“No more nicey virus for you!”


Psh, that is just him worrying over it. I suspect it wouldn’t hurt him without a direct command from Kleya and despite her hurt feelings I don’t think she would give that unless she was in grave peril. At the moment they don’t know it is really her or that there is any club to hold over her head. Only two know who Kleya really is and they are currently not saying anything about it.

Kessy Athena

Agreed, but the question was why or why not Jake might be really anxious to contact her.


you shouldn’t feel so nerve-wracked, as I personally think the shirts and posters came out really nice! ^~^


Hi, just thought you should know that you misspelled privileged! Keep up the good work, I’m enjoying this comic so much.

Cray Z. Bouy

Loving the D Shirt! I bet that looks awesome in the dark!
And I don’t think any of your viewers have anything negative to say about your art skills


Poor Jake. I wonder how long he’ll wait for that message before he realizes it’s not coming. 🙁


OK, I NEED that D tee shirt!


Just started reading this comic, and I must say, it’s pretty cool!