‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 371


Mechas to the rescue! Oh, wait...


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Something tells me this was the “hack reveal” I pointed out earlier… only it didn’t play out exactly how I had it in my mind… cos Danni is unconscious in the game…


I wonder how badly Danni is worrying about Kleya right now, although she might just be upset that she’s back in reality.


Oh G-d. No, take back what you just said.
She didn’t say HOW to make sure she stays safe… And I don’t think D cares about collateral damage.


Last panel needs an overlay of D doing an evil happy smile.

Yesssssss, Kleya, a little hacking isn’t bad. you are only doing it to make sure Danni is safe, after all.



Is it only me, that thinks “trouble incoming” whenever Kleya gives such general instructions to D? “Make sure Danni stays safe” – so, eliminate all those that think of kicking her out of the city? All those that try to disconnect her? Because we already know that D may, in fact, be capable of doing just that.


Oh, Kleya, *what* have I been trying to teach you about giving D open-ended orders when you don’t know *exactly* what’s going on?

– Experience


I’m guessing there’s no actual danger of Danni having the plug pulled on her from now on lol


My impression of D isn’t all that manipulative really. He seems to be sticking around someone who isn’t even his creator of his own free will.

He’s just somewhat destructively prone and over-eager. Like an energetic baby with an axe.

Kessy Athena

I agree, but I would add that D also seems to be overly literal and very bad at picking up on nuance.


Is it just me who thinks that D is a good guy, er… AI?

He does what he’s told, and even though he sticks with Kleya and does her biddings, he understands her somewhat. He immediately stops trouble she’s done if she asks it, but he also will cause trouble if commanded.

In this case, I would have thought more along the lines of D understanding Kleya’s message, and NOT going crazy.


Ya but he is just a machine so it is possible that he could take the open ended request the wrong way. she never said don’t harm any one so he may think the best way to protect Danni is to destroy the people who logged her off


Wow! She just compromised! I’m so proud of you, Kleya.


Yes Kleya, use your powers for good.

In all seriousness, this could be a chance for Kleya to use her skills for something worthwhile.


Ran into your booth at FanX a couple weeks ago, and I gotta say, I’ve kinda fallen in love with this comic. 🙂 Awesome! Very complex and engaging. I didn’t really like the drawing style at first, but I gotta say it’s grown on me. 🙂 Keep this up, it’s fantastic!

Michael Kremer

Am wondering if D will end up doing something to increase Dani’s popularity score as a result of that order.
It keeps Dani safe and in the game which will make Kleya happy.

Orange Blossom Special
Orange Blossom Special
I just noticed something that I never noticed before while rereading the comic: From pages 32-33, it’s implied that Jane/Bloody Mary is acting insane because she dislikes TENka so much: “Bloody Mary and her group’s popularity had dropped too low. They were going to be replaced with a group from TENka. But Bloody Mary went nuts.”… killing her own team so they would be kicked out and require the tournament to find replacement people, rather than being replaced directly by five people from TENka. My bet is that Bandit was going to be the person set in charge of that… Read more »

Clever girl.

I hadn’t noticed that either. Good on you for the catch.


nice theory, better a chance for players to beat the tenka players into the new team then a complete replacement by tenka, and if she made it onto the new team as well its a bonus chance to screw with tenkas plans even more, now how long before she works out bandit and the other guy are tenka and danni and kleya arnt or that screwing with kleya may be a bad idea hehehehehehehehe *cough* *cough* sorry I have a condition


I think Mary knows about Kat or suspects something at the very least if 235 is any indication.


There is also page 238 wich further suports this.


Good theory! Let me just add that probably, that clever manager who prefers to look a lot younger than she is (yes I forgot her name) was the one who put it all together – Jane more or less just followed orders.


Danni’s connection 100%, everyone else in the area. 5%

I think that D:s poor understanding of actions and consequences, and such things as collateral damage, has to do with his background. Someone built an AI, a learning entity, and probably didn’t put any knowledge into it from the start. For some reason D chose to follow Kleya and not listen to anyone else. And Kleya herself is still getting to grips with this. Ergo, D is even worse. A kid with an axe? Nope, he is literally a kid, but his weapon is code… in every computer on earth. Also I’d say that he absolutely does pick up nuance,… Read more »