Not quite the conversation I expected, but the end result’s the same – they come to a mutual agreement whereby Kleya offers Danni training in one of the heroic pathways, in return the group swings towards heroic alignment, thus pleasing Kleya.

Meanwhile, with D’s warning (presumably about Danni’s time expiring), Kleya may soon get an inkling of the seriousness of Danni’s Reality situation – which no doubt will give her an added incentive for success in The Game – for Danni as well as her.


Why noooow D:
Moment ruined D:


I’m just happy Kleya at least has someone on her side (for now)

Can’t wait to finally see all of Kleya’s backstory though!!


hmm…i wonder if the alert is for the area they are in or for danni being disconnected due to her time being up. if it’s for the area i’m wondering if it’s about to crash since it is supposed to be under construction…they should get out of there quickly.


H*** yes.
H*** F***ING yes.

I just hope Kleya doesn’t f*** it up.


If Aneeka hadn’t made the comment about her 10 minutes being up, I was about to suggest that the “fan” had infected Danni with some sort of computer virus. Still might be possible.


Same here… and after all the remarks about Danni’s coach worrying about her catching something from the fans in the real world, it did seem like foreshadowing that she’d “catch” something from a fan in L.i.F.e.

Helping Danni stay alive by coaching her in the Game is fine, but I wish Kleya would realize that her own time is better spent fixing real-world systems than playing the Game. I suppose that’s a long-term character development arc.

As much as that would be a good thing, it’s already been firmly established in the story that there’s no safe, sane way for Kleya to fix anything–the best she can do is patch together some “crappy” programming that looks amateurish, and only a little bit here and a little bit there, for those people whom her avatar-self would conceivably know. First, let’s talk hardware repairs: There’s no way that Kleya could repair the hardware (presuming she has the know-how to begin with) because we’re pretty sure she cannot remove the Kido cyborg unit from her body. That alone would… Read more »
Kessy Athena

I’m not sure if I think it’d be a good thing for Kleya to realize that she’s literally saving Danni’s life. On the one hand it’d help show Kleya that she can have a positive impact on people’s lives, including in Reality. On the other hand, I’d worry a bit about the added pressure on Kleya’s self confidence.


Uh oh…. What if all kleya sees is someone taking Danni away? And then stops them? And then more suspicions are thrown up! DUNDUNDUN


Okay – Kleya! You just made this deal and you need the person now. Plus she’s your friend. Now, be a good friend and murder the face off of anyone who tries to hurt Danni. That’s the heroic thing to do… uh… right?



A Nonny Mouse

“Physical contact is forbidden here!”




Darn! Right when she was about to have a friendship affirming handshake!


Hm, this may get interesting if Kleya finds out Danni’s situation. I wonder if she could build Danni a Hakido so she could move again in Reality (yes, there are obvious mistrust issues there considering Kleya’s already “the cyborg”), or if it wouldn’t work because Danni can’t move to begin with.