I did not expect that, somehow I have been conditioned to think that the protagonist of a story never gets good breaks during a story arc, in that they have to make do with what they started the story arc. I am not saying this is good or bad (in terms of story quality), I am just saying that it is surprising (in my subjective opinion I actually like it in this case, often people do help each other out, although maybe not so much in a post apocalyptic world).


Isn’t she forgetting about her ten-minutes-and-all-will-be-over-limit? Besides, I think ten minutes are up meanwhile. Or will Danni be offline only a short while and then return to the Game? I’m confused.

Cat W

Off for the day or so to save resources, then she’ll be back to participate in the game. Kinda like: “Hey, five more mins? Please?”


She’ll be back for the Game, they are only turning off her net access to conserve resources while the Game is down


Cue Kleya giving Danni a slightly more detailed look at the six alignments than either side of the Tutorial – probably focusing on behaviours that lean you towards them (or at least behaviours that lean you towards the good / evil sides, e.g. how you treat ‘civilian’ NPCs).

A basic overview of gameplay / scenarios / the most common types of NPC you’re likely to meet might be useful as well. With luck, the two may be able to achieve both their aims (Danni: staying alive, Kleya: being remembered for the right reasons).

Alexander The 1st

Calling it now – Danni ends up jumping from Morto and goes through every other alignment at least once before ending up at Erbana, despite Kleya’s advice.

“Sorry – forgot Demoli was a villain alignment.”


Getting Mani accidentally while trying to do Cardista or Kesti…


More like, “Well, he was being annoying! I had to beat him up! And I made such pretty colors! Oh, wait, sorry Kleya. How do I fix it? HELP!”




Eeeeyup! Morto definitely doesn’t suit Danni.


So can players just go in and redo their Tutorial and reset their alignment any time? (And I’m a bit surprised Kleya looks so startled that Danni wants to change her alignment. Morto didn’t suit Danni at all.)

Cat W

Not really no, your decisions will affect your alignment throughout the game. Since they are right at the beginning, their decisions will heavily influence what alignment they will be in until there is enough “weight” in one category or another to stabilize it. The others chose their alignment as they are experienced players and knew more or less what to do so will be unlikely to change, but Danni did not so you can expect her to flux for a bit.


I wonder if Sandra can let Danni redo her tutorial? Just reset her Game status?


The game tutorial data was lost last time Kleya had to call D in, so they’re going to have to replay it anyway.


I remember it being a theory, but do we know that for sure yet?


It’s a fact, see last bubble in last panel of:


Hahaha. Kleya continues to sulk through all of Danni’s soul searching advice until Danni casually and off offhandedly mentions a technical solution. Gee, Kleya, your actions make me think you are technically minded. You wouldn’t happen have any natural affinity for logical systems like – I donno – computers, would you?


Danni’s soul searching advice is very far off the mark, as she has no idea what Kleya’s specific problem is. It’s easy to say “don’t care about the fans” when you are the one who’s liked and remembered, not the one universally hated and wanted dead.


I forget but Morto involves solving problems with violence right? I can see not wanting that. Seems like it would take a lot of energy.


Is there a more detailed explanatiin of the alignments? If there is I would love to see it. I wonder how you get the questing alignment?


By doing what the NPCs ask you to do, as usual in video games. My guess is, outside of Tutorial, doing stuff other players ask you to would count as well. But I’m not so sure about that.


Check out page 298. It has short descriptions of them all.

Michael Davison

I think the Kesti route would suit Danni very nicely, but I’d also be interested in seeing the Mani route. Has anyone done either of those routes in the text version of the Tutorial?


Mani essentially involves “commanding” everyone you meet. Kesti essentially involves “giving help to” everyone you meet. At least, that simple approach can get you a decent score on the two routes in the tutorial.


Well, that’s got to be a surprising breath of fresh air for her! She’s trying so hard to be a good guy 🙂

Side note, It was great to meet you at FanX! I was the Tron guy


See, I dunno, is she *really* trying to be a good guy? Seems to me she has “being seen as a good guy” confused with *being* a good guy.

I mean, seriously, if she really did intentionally murder millions of people, including her own mother, how messed up is she in the head if she thinks playing the role of a good guy in a video game would somehow make up for that?


This scene is sooo long! Or am I just not used to waiting for new pages to show up?


A solution they can all (these two at least) be happy with!


I’m not a dance expert, but my mother tongue is french, and from the little I know about dance, a “plié” is a move (the verb it’s coming from being “plier”. Which is pronounced the exact same way even though it’s written differently). So, in the first panel, shouldn’t Danni say that she “can do a plié” (or a set of pliés…) rather than she “can plié” ?


It’s been awhile since I’ve taken dance lessons (particularly ballet), but I seem to remember everyone using the moves as verbs. Personally, I think it’s accurate, or at least acceptable in English. At any rate, language evolves over time, so something that’s not standard at one point can become so later.

And I’m pretty sure she means just one plié. There are a lot of expressions saying ‘things can change/be done quickly,’ so ‘faster than I can bend my knees’ would be fit in with them.


“In-game Title Achieved: Label Master”
“You’ve clearly been around the block a few times! You’re practically a super-star among your peers!”


I suppose it would be easy to overlook the fact that Danni still doesn’t understand why Kleya left the game after their group was labeled villain… maybe we might get a page coming as to why Kleya despises that tag? :3


If Not A Villain had musical theme what would it be?

How about: “Player” Solid State of Society is fitting for Past! Kleya. Alot of the lyrics are in russian(?) with translation in the description.

Or epic osts in general.

I would like to hear what other music people would find fitting for Not A Villain.