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Don’t worry, Kleya – everybody loves smiling villains! Also, Saisuke’s the brooding hero – we *want* contrast!

Just be sure to ham it up with the healing pacifis- er wait, you’re not vegetarian, are you?


Yes Danni, this is what that was about; but can you really get upset with her for desiring her role-playing fantasies to be about her not being a villain? Some of us prefer to fantasize about how we would or want to really act in a given situation (I guess that is why I like scenarios where both sides think they are correct).


This is not just a game, this is Kleya’s media face. She is not an actress, she only gets this one role to play for society. I think she has a right to be picky about it, and get upset when it doesn’t match what she wants.
Even if it seems a bit childish, she still has a right to it.


Checkmate Liliet! Great eye for the metagame and protecting the queen!

kit ramos
And this is where the different pov’s are coming back into play. To Dani the fact that everyone is playing a villain role in the group is insignificant to her, the fact that she still is in the group and still in the game are her main concerns and knows that even if some people might have issue with her playing a villain she can handle that she’s used to handling people who are upset with her for piddly things. But to Kat who at one point been branded a real life villain so vile that it makes hitler look… Read more »

Heh heh… “ENDED really badly.”


No alt text today? 🙁

Danni may see Kleya’s freakout as childish, but it’s perfectly understandable when you know what she’s dealing with: she feels she can’t risk being seen as a villain, even for pretend, or else she’ll always be seen as a villain and will never be able to have any real friends or any sort of real life. Kleya kinda needs to tell Danni enough, if not everything, so that she understands the she has real and serious issues and being a villain in the game is not something she can deal with. The best solution for Kleya would be if her… Read more »
Athan Nyx
Anti-villain is on TV tropes. They do exist in the exact opposite capacity of a anti-hero. They are villains you feel for and some are just barely villains while others are tragic villains. Bucky Barnes as Winter Soldier counts as an anti-villain. I think that if the group is still a villain group, Kleya should ask them to do a backstory that maybe made her and Dani pulled into the group? Dude and Bandit are opportunists while Mary is the perfect crazy leader. So their group can totally play up the gray villain angle. I don’t think the group could… Read more »

I can’t tell what angle im looking at in the first panel.


Kleya’s perspective, ish. Last page Danni was giving her a hand on the shoulder, so that’s her pulling it back. (Or possibly stumbling back slightly with the hand still up.)


I see it, thanks