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Danni knows she didn't do very well in the Tutorial.  Speaking of the Tutorial, one of the stretch goals for Volume 2's Kickstarter was to do a text-based version of the Tutorial. It was finished and released to Kickstarter backers about a year ago but now you can all play it! You should try Danni's route and type "swim". Repeat that a couple of times and you'll get a sense of Danni's frustration 😀


By Caryn!And Caryn, a fan, made the cutest little crochet doll of Kleya in her L.i.F.e. outfit! And she was generous to include the instructions on how to make one. Check out the vote incentive for more pics of it and the instructions!


Repeat? One was enough!


Sure hope Kleya now gives her some tutoring on the Game. It’ll help Dahni catch up to others AND it will help KIeya feel better. Double win!
(it probably won’t happen, will it…)


Nooo! I was hoping the archives would last longer! Shouldn’t have read so fast… loving the story. Really well told and characters you can really feel for.


Misery loves company. Its always sad to see poor Danni go on about how she can only dance and nothing more… something tells me Kleya is gonna have one of her classic snaps to bring Danni back to reality… the poor lit misery driven reality…


Man ever since I saw The Battle of Five Armies I have been seeing a lot of emotional stuff (whether it is a comic or tv/movie)


“Repeat that a couple of times and you’ll get a sense of Danni’s frustration :D”

Hahahahaha, I did! 😀 Great, just great 😀


to be fair at least Danni CAN swim. that’s one up from me XD

Well, if Kleya finds out that success in The Game is vital for Danni’s (Reality) future, she could certainly offer training to help Danni progress – not necessarily in the test areas, but since it’s likely controls for movement etc. in The Game mirror those in LiFe, then some dry runs. The University would be a good location, given it’s the closest you can get to being ‘off the grid’ in LiFe as its unfinished status means most people will steer well clear of it. Needless to say, if Danni’s trained in one of the three “good” pathways, it could… Read more »
Chris Brown

I agree.
As long as you have fans nothing else matters.


Today someone told me I can’t do anything. creepy coincidence ‘~’