‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 357


Danni would really like to feel useful to someone.


Hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Or a happy Thursday if you don't celebrate Christmas! I almost forgot to put up a page but remembered at the last minute. Whew!


danni and kleya are very similar in the fact that they rub ppl the wrong way and attack first without thinking about the repercussions. i hope they turn into good friends that Kleya can finally confide in someone. It must be lonely out there with only an AI as your friend.


Have a Merry Christmas, too! Thanks for putting up a page even on this day!


She who speaks before she thinks…giving advice to She who acts before she thinks.

This’ll be interesting. I’ll go make up some big batches of popcorn. Who wants extra butter?


Ooh, me!

Iron Ed

Please! And Thank You!! 🙂

Iron Ed

p.s. And I’ll contribute the drinks!


Need any popcorn salt? great, now I want popcorn in real LiFe.


Niether of them are good at friends but their trying.


I want to hug both of them and give them cookies )=


“Or something like that”? Poor Danni doesn’t understand tact, which would account for the social skills problem.


Hu, but what could she do?
Anyway, I’m looking forward to more! This is the first I’ve had to wait for a page to be uploaded since I started reading when there were already 354 pages. The wait is so worth it though! And so short too

Iron Ed

Way to go, Danni! You’ll be a good friend to have around.


What? No! I just read from page 1 to now in a few hours! Why must my reading-binge end so abruptly?!

*ahem* That aside, really good story! Almost can’t wait until the next page comes out!

kit ramos
They have both been though a similar experience in my option. As both at one time where a rising star in their own areas, and both where getting a lot of positive attention. And both saw their entire lives crumble and fall completely apart right in-front of them due to some event that they do know they didn’t set out to cause and that what they did normally wouldn’t of caused it but also know that there is evidence to suggest that they may of hand a hand in causing it just the same but it’s not certain either way.… Read more »