Cat W

And then Danni gets ripped away her ten minutes up. =S >.<


Yeah, that’s on my mind, too….


Meant to add… I wonder if Kleya can keep Danni from being logged off? It would probably freak her parents out, though.


Going to confess, “Kleya”?


she isn’t “bad,” she is just defensive. if people attack her, corner her, do something that makes her uncomfortable, she lashes out in defense which causes others to suffer. she needs to quit the loner act and open up to her fans so she stops hurting others with her reactions. she needs to take some psychology classes and work on team building exercises so she isn’t prone to lashing out like she does.

also first…been a while since I did that.


Open up to her fans? Opening up to others makes sense, but not to her fans of all people. Fans as a group are not a good choice to confide into.


I’d honestly say they’re usually terrible people to confide with really XD


Yeah, they’d be all “My group has the creator of the Virus in it! OMFG GET THE POLICE!!!” or “My group has the creator of the Virus in it! Sweeet!! I’m’a tell all the peeps!” except nobody talks like that.


Opening up is -usually- a good thing.

But now when opening up might reveal the fact that you are the person believed to have destroyed all of human civilization.

That kind of thing tends to make people irrational.


Sometimes it takes someone who isn’t a natural therapist to help you properly understand your own problems. Being told a bunch of feel good platitudes only goes so far, but if you want to truly improve yourself first you have to understand yourself and what it is you want to change about yourself.

As for the hover text……….the saying goes practice makes perfect, and the archives show that you’ve had a lot of practice so it only makes sense that you’d be improving.


The defeated expression in the last panel is pretty cute ^_^.


Ah… this is going to be a fun conversation. Danni is going to learn so much about Kleya if it does happen.

And, just as Razmoudah said: sometimes all you need is somebody who is not a therapist.


I’m not sure what exactly the hover text says, its not something you can see from mobile, but when people don’t make it clear they are being hurt by an action I never have understood why they are surprised when the action continues. We are not a race of mind readers. If someone is causing you pain leave, yell, or hit back. A meek response only emboldens the bad.

Shay Guy

Is Kleya’s real name publicly known? I mean, obviously the public doesn’t know “Kleya Smith” is really the Worst Villain Ever, but do they know the WVE’s name? If she were to confess the truth to Danni, would she have to actually say what she did, or would “I’m Lina Inverse” suffice?


Considering that Kleya clearly was expecting to be recognized on sight (when asked to transfer to Sandra’s city), i’d say it’s definitely the second case.


That she was expecting to be recognized would be obvious, as she was on TV, as I recall (not to mention that her equipment is visually obvious), but that doesn’t ensure that people know her by name. However, since at least some people (e.g., Jake) do, if I were to hazard a guess, it would be that, at the very least, her name was allowed to become public knowledge in the time since she disappeared herself.


You’ve always been imporiving. That’s one of the things I like about reading this comic, in fact.


I really like how this page turned out.


Don’t worry Danni it’s hard to follow a conversation when you don’t have all the information.


Danni is all, “This is what always happens when I forget I shouldn’t get involved in discussions like this… it just isn’t my thing. wtf people…”. Fortunately, Kleya is probably not ready to give enough of the context that would be required for Danni to see how unlike those prior conversations this one would be (at least in terms of the stakes involved)… >_>


I am still trying to figure out what Danny thought Kleya was speaking about in the first place. If she thought that Kleya meant `Am I bad at the game?’ or `Am I bad for making everyone worry?’, then her response is unexpected. The best guess that I have is that she was so focused on the idea that Kleya was in trouble, that Kleya question threw her off and she just blurted out the first thing that came to mind.

Enjoying the comic and Merry Christmas everyone.

Iron Ed

Yes; this page works great! I really like that last panel. The two with Kleya work really well too; especially the first one, which shows how small and vulnerable she’s feeling right now.

Merry Christmas, Aneeka and all my friends here! I hope you have a happy and successful new year too!


You’ve got a question with an explanation that has nothing to do with the question.

Just because you keep hurting people doesn’t mean you’re bad.

The thing that really answers that first question?
Do you want to? Almost.
Or possibly….do you enjoy it? No.

Guilt…and regret. If you’ve any of either of those…..then you have your answer. (Unfortunately, it doesn’t mean you’re good, either….but hey, take what you can get, eh?)