that’s unsurprising considering what happened…i mean who would know what to do after they caused such a massive crash to a system?


especially on accident, bruh. If she was trying to do that, Kleya would have been like “yeah. i did it. what cha gonna do?”


And there’s the problem with being able to see The Code. You know what the system thinks is there, but because it isn’t visible to others they think you’re crazy, or you get some weird effects.


It’s easily explainable with navigating by touch tho, or with the floor later glitching out.

I do wonder how the game works, for the glitches to be like this, in an isolated place dangerous for avatars.

And I really hope Kleya opens up to Danni about at least some things.

Well, Second Life has its virtual world divided into sections that are on different servers, and sometimes individual servers can glitch out in various ways. I don’t think it’s possible for a glitchy region to damage the avatar itself, but I have had my SL avatar trapped in a region that I couldn’t escape from until the glitch was fixed. (If avatars were stored on the server they were visiting instead of on central avatar servers, avatars might be in more danger from individual server glitches.) It’s harder to explain why the people maintaining The Game haven’t fixed the glitchy… Read more »

Well that’s even more easily explainable – there are straight up not enough of them and too many tasks. I guess they figure “as long as nobody dies from this it’s priority number last”


Ah, yes. The “villain group ” problem (and the crowd wanting Kleya to be more exciting and villainous). I don’t know how much advice Danni is going to be able to offer, given her own mediocre social skills, but it’s touching that Kleya chose her to confide in.

Kessy Athena

I have a feeling that might not be Kleya’s top concern. I suspect her thinking right now is running more along the lines of, “Am I really a monster? Am I just too dangerous to be around other people?”


“Should I run and never come near people again? Did I just screw everything up?”

Yeah, Kleya does not have any form of poker face. Every little twitch and emotion screams out at you. Danni didn’t realize something was wrong with Kleya because Danni already has alot of problems. This looks like something of a reveal. I wonder how much Kleya will tell Danni.


I’d like to see this as an anime some day


YES! 🙂 I would so watch it!


That would be the coolest thing ever! 😀 I don’t understand why this comic isn’t more popular than it is; I think it’s awesome. Frankly, I like it better than the Marvel stuff.


Personally I like over half of the various web-comics I read more than the official stuff by Marvel or DC. The remainder are more of a case of being the right amount of entertainment for the time and cost it takes to check them. And before you say there isn’t a cost do remember that the internet connection and electricity to check them still cost money.


Kleya still hasn’t realized people care about her and I’m not talking about fans.


Kleya realizing people care about her is tempered by the fact that most people would want to murder her if they knew who she was. It’s not just paranoia; people have said as much, and the only reason there isn’t a manhunt for her is because everyone thinks that she’s dead.


It’s amazing, Kelya looks scared and alone. I never thought she’d have that expression.