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Never mind, seems to be fixed! Keep up the good work with the comics, I love your art!


Who else but Kleya? Giggity Giggity goo!

Kessy Athena

Hmmmm, it’s interesting that Kleya chose to go see Danni first. I wonder what that says about their relationship?

Although I’m not quite sure why Danni is so impressed by Kleya floating in mid air, considering that they’re in a computer generated virtual environment. That’s be much more impressive if she were doing it in Reality.


The sign DOES say UNDER CONSTRUCTION too, so for all we know it’s a pretty glitchy spot.

Though the general assumption is hacking the gravity/collision box of the floor.


Or it’s just an untextured asset in the area and thus cant be seen.


Poor Danni… Alone in the middle of nowhere, and suddenly… “Hi.”


Now, the question is: is Kleya floating because this place is weird, or because of hacker powers? I’d bet on the first, it’s too early for her to tip her hand to Danni…


On the other hand, she may be doing it *because* she’s planning on revealing a bit to Danni.

And it makes an interesting conversation starter….

Alexander The 1st

At the very least, revealing that she was a ex-hacker is almost *certainly* not her usual plan, so it could work to *really* mess with Tenka’s minds…

“She wouldn’t reveal she was a hacker unless she had a plan. This is *clearly* not her.”


I would say because this place is glitchy like nothing else. And there is a hitbox to sit on without texture to see it.
She propably waited there for Danny, so she sat down.


She’s not floating, it’s glitchy graphics.


Woops, looks like SOMEONE screwed up the hitboxes.


Yea, the best greeting after causing a city wide catastrophe, making at least a few people fear for their lives, and a pretty much having everyone convinced you died a terrible death is probably not “Hi…”. Then again, I suppose it’s slightly better than “Sup?”


Nah, “Sup?” is for when you disappear for two years and find the guy you fell in love with on a random island trying to bring you back from the dead. “Hi…” is for hacking the world (virtual, but it still counts).


Wouldn’t actually floating count as hacking?
Unless it’s just a lag or invisible object or some other stuff like that.


“Nah, there’s something here. Come on, touch it.”

It’s plausibly-deniable hacking – no normal person would actually *know* it was there without bumping into it.


Well, that’s one way to instantly change the subject before Danni even has the chance to ask a question.


“Uhh, it’s a broken spot?”


The whole area is corrupted; I’m pretty sure she’s just sitting on an invisible box.


(She only floats in real life.)

Alexander The 1st

As far as we know.


Yay! Kleya’s back! It’s not like she’s the protagonist or anything…

Squire James

“I’m trying to find a good way to tell you that you’re the only team member who probably isn’t a hacker…”


Thank g-d, I missed Kleya. I can’t believe it’s been almost a year since we ‘ve seen her!!


i love how that is the first thing she complains about

Alexander The 1st

Kleya going missing or AWOL or avoiding people and contact? That’s pretty much par for the course.

Kleya floating in the middle of a damaged portion of L.I.F.E.? That’s new.

At least, as far as we know. And certainly Danni would be interested in finding out how to do so herself, at the very least.


It would make for a nice special, being able to do the ultimate flying spinning round kick and on contact put the person in the air permanently. you get to do damage, and separate you from your enemy so they can’t attack back.


I would say that physics aren’t fully loaded in this area… Just like in “haunted house” from Animatrix…

Is this inspired by Animatrix?

Did author watch Animatrix?

Is author familiar with Matrix series?

When is the next upload?

You know, when I met thic comic, (of course seeing this page) and started to read this from the beginning, I hoped there will be new page when I get to this one 🙁


And by the way, if you ever need this information, I speak Polish.

And I find this rather a superpower.


Kleya’s back finally! Was she just slumming it in the damaged sector the entire time? Seems like a great place to hide considering no one checks there. Seems like a great place for hackers to lurk.