Too Old To Be Cool

“Just dance (gonna be okay)
Just dance (spin that record babe)
Just dance (gonna be okay)



Is it Kleya? I hope it’s Kleya!

Also, poor Danni. πŸ™ To live with having all this in your mind all the time…


Considering the Publishing information says it features Danni and Kleya… I think we can trust that, anyway. πŸ™‚

It isn’t in her mind all the time! She dances to stop thinking about it, and she probably didn’t dwell on it in the Game either. πŸ˜€


I actually hope it’s no Keyla. I mean, everyone seems to hate her, and she needs more friends

then again, I hope it’s not an important selfish person

Then again, she probably gained a large number of subscribers. So, she’s not on her way underground just yet, or out of L.I.F.E or the game just yet


So this all but confirms it. She’s on life support in reality.

What I’m still thinking is perhaps during one of her shows something happened and an accident accrued that caused her to fall and break her neck, perhaps even during rehearsal. Such would have paralyzed her from the neck down, requiring her to be on a ventilator to keep breathing.

Unable to move, hooked up to a machine to keep breathing, Life would be her only escape. Why her parents have been fighting so hard to keep her alive.


In light of what we know about the use of a Kido (necessary for playing the Game), she would need to be able to use at least one hand (as seen before). Other mechanism ?

So, another kind of accident that puts her on life support but does not interfere with LIFE ? Kidney failure and need for constant dialysis ? Heart disease ? Those would be my guesses, as both explain the “problem” with a blackout and both can be mechanically resolved for a brief period of time.


I’m pretty sure the later Kido models don’t require any movement by the user. The hand motions we know about apply to headset users, I think. Mae mentions that her father is moving her body in Reality while she’s in L.i.F.e., so she isn’t using a Kido.

What interests me here is that Danni says there would be several open spots in her City without her. That’s more than just taking up a Kido full-time.

kit ramos
I think your right about the hand movements, they did mention that Kido users have to actually log out though the games interface where as headset users don’t. I think this is because when your in a kido you don’t actually move, even if you could. so unlike a headset user who can just remove the headset, to go back to reality, where as a Kido user is sorta trapped until the tell it to shut off. As to what you said about the spots used by Dani; That is a good point, although we don’t know what kind of… Read more »

It’s like I suggested, perhaps during a rehearsal for one of her shows an accident accrued and she could have broken her neck. Such things can happen, her partner lifting her into the air and losing balance with her leading her to fall in a bad way.
Being paralyzed from the neck down would require her to use a ventilator to breath.

Using a Kido seems to connect right to the brain. Her own thoughts are controlling her actions.


actually, if i recall correctly, it happened when everything was hacked. I can’t remember for the life of me where i read this, so i’m not 100% percent sure


Danni does have a pathological hatred of hackers (as revealed in the scene after a hacker attacks Danni in the Game Trials and D takes down the servers), but we don’t know if that’s because hackers contributed to her injury.


She’s definitely on life support, if her life can be exchanged for /several/ Outsiders.

And I really hope Kleya comes back soon )= Danni really doesn’t need this thought on top of everything else…


I’m pretty sure she includes her parents in this, too… because they’re always Watching her, right? So that’s three people, and all of them probably using quite a few resources since she probably needs life support or something else drastic that isn’t readily available in a City, or needs expertise to operate. It’s a full-time job to take care of someone on life support or anything else that makes them *need* to be in L.I.F.e, or else they can’t move/breathe/pump blood. They’re probably needed to take care of her, and with the ominous prone figure/heart monitor a few pages back…


….It’s a cruel reality. πŸ™


“Meastro, if you please…”
“Very funny…”
“Okay, I’ll work with that…”


That’s her problem. Maybe her city would be willing to fund her if she could dance to:

For the full 10 hours, of course.

In other news, I would make a great city leader. You should vote for me. I’d be like Dr. Grace, only more chaotic evil.


Something like these might entertain the crowds…

(Darcy is a former ballerina, now a judge on Strictly Come Dancing [the show that got exported around the world as Dancing With The Stars])

Alternatively, there’s always this song…

(Muhahahaha! At least give me credit for finding an original take on the meme!)

But if the yellow blob in the last panel is Kleya, “How did I guess you’d be here?”

Hmm… there are petitions in LiFe regarding game groups – I wonder if larger-scale petitions could be raised for other causes?


We see here the Kleya stalking its prey, waiting for the opportune moment to strike.
The Danni, quietly grazing in the field, is completely unaware of the danger.


If that’s Kleya watching, maybe she can do something to help Danni. You know, hack the petition program so that outsiders can’t vote for Danni to be disconnected, although I don’t think it’s likely for her to do so. Kleya’s probably getting down on herself for hacking and making D shut everything down. Does she trust herself enough to interfere? πŸ™


I think such harsh interference isn’t needed. If Danni manages to get her fans to back her in the Game, if she figures out the way how to get new ones by making her ballet moves entertaining, she’s probably going to become too valuable to be just killed like that anyway.


Maybe just saying “I’m Daniella Moretti” would help. I mean, she obviously still has fans, and ballet is really pretty (understatement) so she could definitely get fans that way. Also Kleya could use blackmail. She’s really strong and has a lot of fans, so she has a lot of power in the Game and in L.I.F.e.

Cray Z. Bouy

I had already figured that something had happened to her to end her career as a dancer, but I had thought that maybe she had been hurt during the Ending, maybe had a leg crushed by a piece of falling debris, or something. Wasn’t expecting life support. And now she needs L.i.F.e. to support her life support. L.i.F.e. support! I’m sorry. I’m gonna go now.

Aww… now I’m fantasizing an entire sequence where Kleya/Kat invites Dani to move in to her tiny little hideaway. She doesn’t seem to have much in the way of floor space, but if Kleya had a fully-equipped, self-contained life support module built into a wall? I think Kleya could handle a roomie that stays in her own room all the time. ^_^ And D can stay on guard and watch for a power failure or other emergency. Of course… Dani can’t stay in LiFe with the paranoid level of privacy filters Kleya has set up. So… not sure Kleya is… Read more »
kit ramos
Not to mention that she the “infamous cyber girl” that most people think orchestrated, or at least set in motion the events that led up to, the ending. and Irregardless of what actually happened and caused it. She is the one who’s being blamed for it the only reason she’s been allowed to do everything she has is because no one has made the connection between Kleya and “that girl” yet. And Someone might jump to wrong conclusions if they saw the real Kleya while she was trying to get Dani moved in. Which would be very bad for the… Read more »

this is beautiful. I am not sure what I would do in such a situation. I might cry.


I’m pretty sure I would laugh maniacally and then go on a rampage, but then, I do identify with Kleya more than I do with Danni.

Thank the Author their roles aren’t reversed, here. Though, I am very curious what Danni would do if it turns out Kleya needs her to be a hero.


When you start putting value on people (1 person killed to save 3) you devalue ALL life.

That is a horrific burden though…


But it works both ways. If you’re looking at this situation you either kill one person to save three or let three die to save/sustain one. Which is more fair? Which is “better”? Who can say?


It’s like the railroad car problem (or whatever it’s officially called): An out-of-control train car is barreling toward six people. None of them can get out of the way. You can divert it to another track, but another helpless person is on that one. Of course, I always choose option 3 (Blow it up), but I’m more of a Kleya person than a Danni person… Also you can’t blow up life support. Unless you’re a terrible person.


All she wanted to do was dance and THIS one keeps interrupting! Geesh, let a girl die in peace will yah?