Ohhh, does Danni get a popularity boost from her surviving real-world fans?

Your website has been showing various kinds of link errors in the last few hours. Could it be that you’ve been working on changing things ever since you got out of bed today? I’m glad that Danni finally gets recognized. Must be harsh when you were a star and now you can’t make any money from it because you aren’t allowed to work in L.i.F.e. She could’ve been rich. And if they have to pay taxes in L.i.F.e. the officials could be quite a lot richer by making an exception for her. I mean, apparently she can’t work in reality… Read more »
Because the younger generations are the ones undoubtedly driving the popularity polls. Most of such people likely have no idea of such things and see it as decaying remnants from a dead age. Sides, who would have really thought it was her? The people who would know of Dani are gonna be older. You are right though that there seems to be something not right going on. While the fact she is physically crippled would weight heavy on this it would seem that she is getting hit hard with restrictions for some reason we don’t know. The physical handicap can’t… Read more »
Kessy Athena

Yay! Danni is officially squee worthy. ^_^ Well, *we* all knew that, but it’s nice to see her getting some in universe recognition. ๐Ÿ˜‰


Let’s hope that it serves as a lifeline to our friend, Danni.

Dragon Master

Am I the only one who kinda feels sorry for the messenger girl?


Hey, if everyone became a cyborg, they wouldn’t have to worry about their headsets causing hearing damage! On the other hand, Kleya’s brain seems to have a lot of trouble with it, even with her Hakido, so maybe bypassing the ears isn’t necessarily the best idea.

Kessy Athena

Actually, I’ve been wondering if Kleya’s Hakido might have some sort of psychological side effects. Since it’s apparently hard wired into her nervous system, some sort of neural feedback going on would not be out of the question.


Oh, yes! I *hate* it when people scream in my ears. I almost flinched watching that girl’s reaction. ๐Ÿ™


Comments working again! Nice! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m so happy finally some fans of Danni showed up. Hopefully it will have some impact on these officials.


By the way, if you like ballet (in comics), you should check out “Subaru”, a manga of Masahito Soda.


Hurray! Danni now has a better chance of making it over that fan treshold in time!
And I don’t feel bad for the messenger girl. If I were her, I’d be d*** near ecstatic at the moment. And as for ear-screaming, there’s an upper limit on how loud sounds transferred by technology can be. I guess it’s possible hers is made so she got almost deafened by that, but she kind of should have seen that coming ^^


An upper limit on volume, yes, but even today pitch can reach… let’s say uncomfortable levels, and that level usually starts somewhere around “human screaming”


Aneeka, you have a “body { line-height: 0; }” leaking its line-compressing effects into elements all over the page. ๐Ÿ™


Danni has a fan club?! I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised it was foreshadowed when Paddy recognized her. I guess the real surprise is that she wasn’t discovered sooner what with being world famous apparently.

Dragon Master

Well, she didn’t do anything that would have drawn people’s attention to her before. And given that there’s whats left of the planets entire population in their, I’m not surprised. Also I don’t think their avatars resemble what they look like in reality, (unless they have a sh**-ton of money their willing to spend on it) so no one would be able to recognize her by her appearance.


I have a feeling that Avatar Crafter is contacting his little network of ballet fans in order to make Danni more popular and/or make her feel better. She will need it. She may cater to a small demographic, but she could develop a solid lock on that demographic and the Game organizers may take that into account.

So, unsurprisingly, there are surviving fans of Danni’s Reality self in LiFe who’ve twigged from her brief appearance in The Game that the avatar called “Danni” is the Danni they know. It certainly makes a change from Qualifying! Added onto which, if word gets around about her standing up to The Terrible AI Twins… Just as The Bandit and Dude are a double act, there’s potential for Kleya and Danni to be one: Danni has the popularity, Kleya has the skills. Aside from the game, with fans of Danni in LiFe (who may request a performance at some point in… Read more »

“…although the fact Danniโ€™s still alive indicates that they wouldnโ€™t be able to get away with officially authorising euthanasia”

Not necessarily.

In a much earlier previous page, Danni’s parents were seen in a flashback saying, “Please let our daughter keep living!” “I’ll work twice as many hours!”, etc. I don’t have the exact page number, and the second quotation may be slightly inaccurate.

It was also foreshadowed that Danni would die if she didn’t make it into the Game, or find some other way to be of use.


I don’t that would be because the City would euthanize her. I think that’s because Danni wouldn’t be able to survive if she wasn’t in a City. In that part, the City was threatening to kick her out, not kill her (though the two would be effectively be the same thing, it seems like).


Totally unrelated to this page, but look what I found!
A futuristic underwater city! I just had to share this article here…


So, cool! I think comparisons to Rapture will win due to pure mindshare, but all I see is the first TENka City. Too bad they closed the comments before I could post. ๐Ÿ™
(And yes, someone did already comment there that the headline’s “Atlantis-style” would be just a regular city that gets destroyed by their whole island sinking under the sea.)


Forgot to wear her squee-canceling headphones.


Ha! Standard issue for negotiating relations with excited fans?


Danni has a fan club


She looks so pretty in that second to last colon! ๐Ÿ™‚