Really? The officials want to throw someone out who made it into the actual game and is a famous ballerina? They must think very lowly of everyone who lost the trials then AND they must be very confident to be able to get more out of whatever outsiders they’re going to import. And honestly if they don’t import Saisuke himself and his group I don’t think they could (unless they have a Nairuto group ๐Ÿ™‚ ). Btw, out of curiosity: You said at some point reality pages take 3 times longer than comic pages and at some other point you… Read more »
They don’t care much about the Game or entertainment industry in general, which is why Danni gets left by wayside. They need manual labor – you know, things that all those robots gone murderous used to do. And that’s what the imported Outsiders are going to be able to do better than Danni, especially if some of them happen to be IT folk – what with the whole lives depending on technology. Sadly, objectively speaking, Dahni’s specialization is one of the least useful in times of crisis. Had she had a healthy body, her physical training would probably have come… Read more »

Oh, ok, it’s about manual labor. Now I get it. Thanks for clearing that up for me!

I understand that food is more important than art, but why feed Outsiders if you can’t help one potentially handicapped citizen? Shipping food must be a lot more expensive than feeding someone who’s right there, so you might as well give her some cheap food to survive, too. Oh well, that’s politician’s logic as we all know it. Resources go to where money and power is.

It’s obviously not about food. She seems to be on life support right now, and fully paralyzed. This makes her a lot more expensive than shipping food. I don’t like their logic either, but it sadly makes economic sense )= Plus, I think their concepts of what is expensive to which degree might be entirely out of whack compared to us. Whatever is abundant is cheap, and whatever lacks is expensive. I think fuel for shipping robots doesn’t cost nearly as much as food they carry, hell, they might be solar-powered for all we know, and if they don’t need… Read more »

I don’t think this is the permanent “logging out” that was being discussed before, or Danni would be way more upset than she is. This is probably just for a few hours, or until she’s scheduled to play the Game again, to save resources or allow repairs. Like back in the dialup days, when your folks would holler at you to get offline so they could make a phone call(does remembering that make me an old man? Bah. I’ll own it.)


Weeell, honestly I think it’s about a permanent log-out, because logging out for a day until the Game resumes shouldn’t be a problem for Danni at all. She might be in need of some sleep by now anyway.

Btw: Your nick reminds me of this:
Is it from there?


Didn’t you pay attention literally two pages before? She can’t move in Reality. She’s paralyzed. And probably on life support. She told Kleya before that she /refused/ to stay in Reality.
So yeah, ~just logging out for a day~ IS a big problem for her.


given that the doors are entrances to personal space and they are all of a different color we can assume they are personizable by their owners so it may well be that they were set to blink in different color


No doubt you knows how to do a cliffhanger, d**** you ๐Ÿ™‚

Let’s hope our new character’s about to offer Danni a lifeline – after all, Sandra’s game group’s going to be seriously stuffed if one of its members is Killed Off For Real (never mind another member currently being AWOL). That is, assuming it’s a new character and not someone we’ve met before, but only in Reality or The Game. One thing that can be said with almost certainty – it’s not going to be Kleya with a new avatar, as they’ve enough money to purchase their own outfit. It’s not Annie or Carol either (although it’s likely they’ll reenter the… Read more »

I think that is Jane’s Life avatar!


I hope so! (except then aneeka can’t reveal it’s someone we knew all along or whatever)

either that, or Paddy. Ha!

I thought about Paddy too ๐Ÿ™‚ If he likes being a giant purple bald gorilla, a young girl is not a big deal. It even could make sense. Paddy seemed to idolize Danni and he and Sandra likely are important in their city, also the game is a priority for them unlike Danni’s city officers. If they was willing to use resources to import an outsider and give her a Kido to solely play the game, maybe they can find worthy to import a citizen who lost only against whom became the first and second places, plus two very willing… Read more »

Why is everyone assuming Danni’s about to die? They said she was going to go offline – that is, stay in Reality until the Game is back on. Which sucks for her since she can’t move in Reality. But not really… like that.


Yeah, the conversation she’s having is not quite that… intense. It could be that the decision-makers in her community are annoyed that she managed to get into the Game at the last minute, just when their plans were all ready to move forward, only to encounter some more delays. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was partly them trying to show that her increasing success and popularity doesn’t entirely leave their hands tied.


I agree with this assessment as it is very plausible. It may also serve them to limit Danni’s time online so as to keep her from doing anything which may increase her popularity. They probably know that she’s right on the edge of being kicked out of the game from low ratings.


I have a feeling she’s crippled…


More than crippled, she needs machines to live. That is why she is trying so hard to get into the Game. She gets to live and her parents don’t have to work themselves to death to keep her going just a bit longer. Being a Game player is win/win for her.


I’m pretty sure we know she is, from previous statements (her parents “please let our daughter keep on living” her: “The game is all I have left” “I’m useless in Reality”)


Yeah, the whole “Yay! I can move!” a couple pages back wasn’t enough of a giveaway, was it?
She’s paralyzed.