Down in the dumps Danni’s no fun.



“She died no matter what I did.”
“She died despite what I did.”


The current version makes it sound like Nanea died multiple times. (eg., Danni was time-looping or Nanea is a character in a video game that Danni was playing)


Or that she tried everything she could do to get Nanea saved, and she still failed.
It was part Nanea’s fault (for overfocussing on the game), part the worlds fault (for not caring for an outsider).

Alexander The 1st

On the other hand, could also be referring to how Nanea’s avatar in the game kept dying to the NPC twins no matter what Danni did.


No, Danni simply saw it coming for a long long time and tried multiple times to prevent the inevitable. A more logical and clear-cut way to say it is “No matter what I did, she still died.” But not everyone speaks clearly when stressed… actually, very few do.


I think it was more a “She would have died no matter what I did”

kit ramos
There’s no Time looping involved here. Nanea was Dani’s friend before she met Kat. She brings this up towards the begging of the series when she’s telling Kat about who had that avatar before she gave it to kat to use during their practice run. from what I remember Dani was talking about how her and Nanea where really close friends, and they where constantly being picked on by those ai twin jerks. which caused Nanea to obsess at getting good enough to beat them and untimely burn out trying. I think Dani who was trying the whole time to… Read more »

I’m sorry about what happened to Nanea, but the situations aren’t really parallel. Danni is in the Game now, and the team has a sponsor, Sandra, who probably does have enough power to help if Kleya actually needed it. Granted Danni may be assuming Sandra is already on the case, it still seems like it would be reasonable to call her. And it would help Danni be more popular with Kleya’s fans, too. Then again, Danni doesn’t seem to really get how staying in the Game works.


She doesn’t really seem to get how the world works. Who have what power, how to be popular, how people think, what influences what.

I’m no expert myself but I’d say that given Dannis background of first being famous (probably without quite understanding that), then not being of any use and therefore threatened to die (also probably without quite understanding), it’s no wonder that it all seems random and far out of anyone’s control to her.


I got the feeling she was worried about Kleya and stressed that everyone was asking her about it, and she couldn’t affect the situation, and it reminded her of her uselessness(?) with Nanea.


Dahni needs support to just stay alive. She is in no position to demand anything from anyone. She doesn’t even have enough fans to stay in the Game.
Of course, this means she should start getting more active and figuring out new behavior strategies so she DOES get more fans&influence, but it isn’t exactly simple…