Does that mean the avatar with the terrible hat got deleted? No loss.


She deserved it for two crimes against humanity: butchering the English language, and that hat.


Seriously…that hat was awful.


It’s amazing how nobody has put 2+2 together yet. I mean, there’s probably a big block separating the idea of “this person I like” and “an evil Hacker”, so Kleya has that working for her. But still.

Also, poor Dahni. Everybody will probably think she doesn’t care about Kleya, while she just has zero influence on anyone or anything )=


I think Danni actually has a rather large influence on Kleya. But this has not yet demonstrated in a direct enough way for Danni to recognise it. Actually, no one seems to have a lot of direct influence on Kleya’s actions, not even Kleya herself.


Well, Kleya, yes. But here the point is not to influence Kleya but to influence someone else to help her. The starting condition is Kleya’s absence, and int it Danni is powerless )=


The blobs suggesting that Danni contact Bandit are pointing out a way in which she probably does have some influence that could help find out what happened to Kleya, if Kleya really did need help from someone. Unfortunately, a) Danni hates Bandit (for good reason) and b) she’s used to being powerless and isn’t thinking through her options.

(I love Mina’s reaction in the vote incentive!)


What if D is just that aggressive?


From shapeless blob to shaped blob to full color avatar! Someone’s moving up in the world.


That’s crazy, next thing you know she’ll be getting a name and personality, then she’ll steal a whole character arc!


Ah, crowds of jerks who think that they should be in charge.

It’s idiots like that who just got the place slightly wrecked.

Shame they’re too stupid to comprehend that. (And Kat’s good enough at hiding from them for them to know it. But hey. I don’t like them anyway. Gang up on people until they do what you want….yeah well sounds like maybe your friend deserved to be deleted.)


I’m surprised they didn’t blame Kleya due to her outburst before the digital crap hit the fan.


I’m guessing it was kind of a ‘Hey, look, a distraction!’ kind of thing. Can’t ruminate about getting snubbed when something even more interesting than getting recognition from a celebrity is going on.


Congratulations! You have graduated from blob status to colored extra status!
Work hard and one day you might be a name character!


Ug, entitled jerks.

They seem to mean well at least, but they should realise how harsh they are being.


There just jerks that are looking for someone to blame for their problems. Simple as that.

Poor Danni, she used to be so focused on getting fans and votes, now she is so easily flustered. I think a number of things are getting to her, 1) guilt, she clearly blames herself for anything that has happened to her partners; 2) stress, I am a lecturer and I have seen otherwise intelligent students lose their ability to think from just a little stress; 3) the need for privacy, many want fame and think that they can handle it; but when one gets fame, it is another story. I am glad that the blobs that were near Kleya… Read more »

That’s actually a really good question. Are Kleya and Danni friends? I’d like to say yes but so far their relationship seems to be mostly one of convenience and maybe obligation. There have been some bonding moments but is that enough?

I can’t help but think Mina would be super famous in our world. She works super fricken hard and knows how to promote herself. Keep on grinding girl it will happen!

Kessy Athena

Yes, Kleya and Danni are friends, although I doubt either of them realizes it enough to verbalize it as such. I would imagine that Kleya has some serious issues with the whole concept of friendship after everything she’s been through. I bet that if you asked her and got her to be really honest, Kleya would probably tell you that she doesn’t know how to be friends with someone.

As Kleya hasn’t revealed her Reality location to anyone (for good reason!) and everyone knows she’s an outsider, nobody can do absolutely anything whatsoever until she logs into LiFe again (given her computer skills, it’s likely her connection’s routed through numerous proxy servers and IP / MAC addresses masked so her location can’t be pinned down digitally – never mind if [as implied by the first Reality scene] she is on board a submersible, her Reality location changes periodically). As for Danni asking her city to help – fat chance of that, since they’d rather the resources and bandwidth she… Read more »

Something’s been bugging me about Kleya’s IRL situation. She clearly can’t reveal her location, but she seems to be getting regular shipments of provisions from cities. She even mentions that she won’t illicitly reroute a shipment of real food because she wants to do things the way the other outsiders do. So how is she getting these shipments without giving herself away?


There was a lot of speculation back in the first Reality section that Kleya may actually be hiding on an automated supply transport ship.


All of the shipments are automated and shipped by robots. Tenka wouldn’t have time to check up on everywhere they are shipping supplies to outsiders.
Also it wouldn’t matter because from what we’ve seen she’s always on the move anyway. She gets a shipment in one place and keeps drifting

Tim C
“Meanwhile, further evidence that despite proclaiming to be a benevolant corporate entity with everyone’s best interests at heart” I’ve been wondering about that, myself. I have a hard time picking out TENka’s motivation. They’re a corporation, and corporations are usually motivated by money – but given the amount of control they already have, that seems unlikely. There’s also the thing about popularity and subscribers – it can’t be advertisements, because this society has been destroyed to the point where “eyeballs” don’t represent potential customers. It seems to me that, while TENka’s leadership may be (or may have been) horrible evil… Read more »

I have to presume that the path Kleya is going is supposed to trigger a failsafe for the Virus, the virus which presumably took control of its creator for a time, and destroyed almost anyone that could trigger the failsafe to defend itself, but because a large part of it is linked to Kleya, it can’t kill her

Dragon Master

I like Mina, she never lets an opportunity go to waste if there’s a chance she can get something out of it.

A Nonny Mouse

Haha! I like the pun in the mouseover. 🙂

(For those who don’t get it, dither can mean to waver or, in graphics lingo, to smooth by mixing colors, especially along an edge.)