The blobs will find you, Aneeka. You can’t hide. They don’t sleep. O_O.


Good Transition scene…. hint of future pages?? Maybe some exposition of where this virus comes from or how it got to be or how it ties in to kat??


Danni is paralyzed isn’t she


I was thinking something along those lines too…

But not by me, because my speculificator is broken.


And almost everyone with the expertise to fix speculificators has already been hunted down and terminated.


Drat. And I can’t find any on Amazon, either.


Reading through some of the older comics and found this:
Looks like her situation was already alluded to. And it’s far worse than we feared.


Been a long time since I looked here. Awesome work, great story so far (again). New computer, but now you’re back in my list. I’ll be around.


If she is paralyzed it took a while to set in, because she moves between all of the last three panels.


I think she was happy because she is paralysed in real life. After life was shut down she was stuck in her real body unable to move but when life came back up she is now able to move.


She’s paralyzed (well, most likely) in real life. She can move only in L.i.F.e. – and that’s probably why she is so determined to spend there as much time as possible.
Being unable to login must have been hard on her.


Danni’s situation in Reality is significantly worse than being paralysed – she’s on life support.

If that’s not bad enough, the Powers That Be who run her city would remove it if she didn’t do well in The Game (so they could import a healthy citizen capable of working on the farms).

Dragon Master

Where was that? I don’t remember anything about her being paralyzed or on life support. I do remember her saying she had to get into the Game or else she and her family would have to leave LiFe.


Wasn’t it that her younger sister needed extra resources (due to partial paralysis?), and they wanted Danni to work on the Farms if she didn’t deliver in L.i.F.e.?

Still not ideal, of course. But marginally better than “stuck in a frozen state, looking at the bleak world she’s been left with while the threat of being conscripted to work in the farms for the rest of her life weighs heavily on her whole family”; She doesn’t need the first five words!


You might be thinking about Mina here. Her little sister has something wrong with her arm and is constantly kept on painkillers and inside LIFE. They are Outsiders.
With Dahni, her own life is in danger. Actually, yes, she’s probably on life support, given that her parents had to work extra hours to just keep her alive… On life support and paralyzed / unable to move (I don’t think the first necessarily implies the second…)

I think Mina’s sister’s arm is actually missing, and her family is trying to keep it a secret from her for as long as they can. It didn’t really seem like they were on the same page about her injury… or that she was on any page at all aside from the one that says ‘ouch! in the largest font possible. I don’t think they’d be cruel enough to hide the truth it if she was still at risk of losing her arm, and I don’t think they’d be so worked up about hiding something if It was more minor… Read more »

The comic does not state explicitly that Danni is paralyzed, but in #186 she describes herself as “useless” and “a costly liability” that the city officials want to replace with several imported outsiders. Apparently, it’s taking a lot of resources to keep her around. Paralysis or life support would be a good explanation for the officials wanting to be rid of her to free up valuable resources. At least she’s concious. I don’t think she could use game controllers if she were comotose.

Life support was more-or-less implied by showing an ECG during her speech in the University. She bluntly puts it that without LiFe and The Game, she’s dead in Reality: p185-6 “Money won’t cut it anymore. They changed their requirements again. My City. The City officials. The top guys. Whatever you want to call them. I’m useless in Reality. A ‘costly liability’ as they put it. They want to replace me with several imported Outsiders. My parents have practically killed themselves to keep that decision at bay. I’ve been trying to make money, make friends, make anything, that’ll show I have… Read more »
Having once been a dancer, I know how painful it is to not be able to dance. While I’m perfectly healthy and capable of dancing again, it appears Danni has had something happen to her in Reality that prevents her from dancing as she still has her skill and talent when she logs into L.i.F.e. I’m guessing that she probably has a broken ankle at the least (even a twisted ankle makes it impossible to do ballet properly) and quite possible has either broken or amputated arms and/or legs since she’s unable to work in Reality. Something like a broken… Read more »

To be unable to work in Reality AT ALL she has to be really badly damaged. There are lots of manual tasks that don’t require, say, legs at all.
I think the “I can move again” phrasing isn’t just about dance moves – yes, they are what she did, but she may just as well have said “I can dance again”. I think it’s indicating full paralysis )=