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Quite a few people played Erbana, but when you look at the percentage pie of all the routes combined, Erbana was the smallest. After the Ending, that percentage dropped to near non-existence. Kind of tells you what type of population survived the Ending...


Sidenote: Realistically, altruistic people did survive the Ending. But this is two years after that. Most of the purely unselfish ones have either died trying to save others or are too devoted in their quest to help others to even bother with the Game.


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Eyes in the sky…
Cold, metal eyes, and they’re always watching, so you’d better be good children.

You don’t want to find out what happens to naughty children.

Sorry, went a little dark there.


You know what? I’m thinking that not Kleya nor D really has all that much control over the Virus. For one thing, it seems to have been quite active throughout the two years since the ending, while Kleya stayed hidden and was probably not doing a lot more than wrestling with her thoughts.


I don’t think she has a lot of control over it. I think its linked to her emotions when ever she is angry or upset it drivers the virus

I’m… pretty sure she still has to input the commands, or nothing happens. It’s not just linked to her emotions, it’s that when she gets very angry or upset she also loses her impulse control and reverts back to bad habits. You can see this when the scribbly yellow-and-black ‘hacker vision’ stuff shows up, it’s like she’s operating some sort of console (though it does seem to be an entoptic interface.) It’s self-control she has trouble with; while D might respond to her emotional state, he doesn’t act without instructions, nor does any program. The tricky part when it comes… Read more »
Good reasoning. But D is an AI after all, and seems to let the Virus loose when Kleya meant something else. Additionally Kleya may well have forgotten most about what the Virus actually does. I’d say the issued command is by now really really far away from the result, and with an AI in the middle the same command issued under different circumstances may give different results. She has certainly not linked the program to her emotions, if so she would have redone it substantially now that she has another view on her emotions. But her emotions are extremely closely… Read more »

I am not sure we can say D “let the virus loose”. We don’t even know what it is. Nothing but circumstantial evidence on whether D is connected to the Virus. We can’t make claims until something definite is said/did that beyond all doubt links to one theory or another. But we can speculate. For instance the circumstantial evidence does seem to suggest that either D is the Virus or has some connection to it. If so, why does either D or the Virus do those things?


I think that the Virus is just a name given to the AI program that has the face displayed in page 323, on that page we see that the other people are calling it the Virus. While people in the know how on page 330 are also calling it the virus.

Now Kleya refers to that face as D, see page 206b. Look carefully at the direction that Kleya’s eyes are looking. The same can be said for page 208.

Thus I conclude that D and the Virus are very likely the same AI program.


Not necessarily so that those who play Erbana would be to devoted to helping to play the game. Being altruistic doesn’t mean that you don’t want to escape reality.

Sidenote. still looking for foreign language speakers for extra languages in your comic?


I suppose they just nerfed the Erbana alignment to a point that it’s not even funny to play it, since playing that route aggravates the virus.

There’s a lot of competition to play the game. People wanting an escape are more likely to just watch it… since playing it means constantly watching your back and your front, playing politics with your groups, fans, sponsors, and TENka itself. Things that the viewers don’t get to see, since they only see the cool stuff that makes it to broadcast. Given that there’s people like Danni who are desperate to play the game to support their families, and following the Erbana route is a quick way to publicity failure, those who play the game to help others–by redistributing the… Read more »
Playing the game at all seems like an awfully risky decision for Kleya. Playing a route like Morto or Demoli could nudge her back into old habits and result in a real-life body count, but now we see the Erbana route can do the same thing by causing her fans to stress her out. Kleya seems to have a very rudimentary understanding of what makes a “hero”, and she’s trying to go through those motions. As much as I like Kleya, she doesn’t seem very emotionally mature. Considering what we’ve seen of her childhood, she really can’t be expected to… Read more »
kit ramos
Yes you have a good point. and I think you hit more on the reason why it’s so unusual for people to pick the Erbana route. because that route really is more for someone who is just there to play the game, due to the fact that it’s easy to get disqualified by either being to unpopular or not pacifist enough, during the competitions, and thus lose all the money and time invested into it and have to wait for the next round. means there is a lot more at stake now then when it was just a game that… Read more »

@Aneeka: Is the slim black rectangle below and to the right of the last speech bubble supposed to be there?


Kleya’s mother name starts with “Chi”? That looks Asian to me. Actually, checking the reality page, the mother does look Asian. Any theories what the name could be?


Seeing how the “HER” is showcased here, I think it’s actually Kleya’s birthname that begins with “Chi”, not her mother’s.

It could be asian, or african… or completely invented :s


I have to disagree. Kimi corrected herself when she was saying a name and mentions later that anything related to Kleya’s family could set the virus off. So the emphasis on “her” is simply to emphasis which mother she is talking about. IIRC, Erbana was the favorite of Kleya’s mother so that fits too.


That last comment seems like an odd leap of paranoia to me. Thinking Kat is “her” for choosing Erbana (and completing it perfectly) is somewhat plausible. Thinking Kat is some unrelated person who discovered the Virus exists and wants to use Erbana and Hero Smiley to destroy everyone seems a bit far fetched.

Though I suppose that could be Kim’s point.

I’m guessing Kleya doesn’t realize the extent to which everyone is afraid of D/The Virus, or she’d be more careful in her instructions.

Kessy Athena

A certain amount of paranoia probably greatly increased your chances of surviving the End. There’s a reason that it’s part of our makeup: for a hunter gatherer, assuming there’s a lion behind every tree is probably a good idea. If people weren’t at least a little paranoid before the End, I imagine they learned to be pretty quickly.


I agree, but am not surprised. After an event such as ‘The Ending’, people are going to find and blame the first correlation as to what caused their misery and stick with it – even if it turns out to not be true.


That is pretty much how all misinformation gets created and spread. Why superstitions get created. You don’t know. You make something up to fill the ignorance you feel. Since you can’t usually fact check it you just go along with it until it is a pattern.


@Aneeka’s hover text question: Hmmm, I’m checking this before heading to work, so I’m not sure, but aside from Kleya’s mother and Kim possibly being good friends I’d guess that maybe D has become a nearly omnipresent entity due to the prevalence of technological items and that it has reacted to something it has observed through them before.


I think what panel 3 hints at is that either they are being monitored by higher ups and it is illegal or socially forbidden to mention Kat’s family, or that they are being monitored by the virus itself, and saying the name out loud would produce a reaction from it.

Dragon Master
I think it is a camera but their avoiding names because their trying to keep it a secret. Bandit because he’s still a bit hung up on her and isn’t 100% positive Kat is Kleya. Kim because she’s trying to “oust Dr. Grace”, and if he gets wind of this things could go badly. Kleya and her mom’s name are probably flagged. So that if anyone says them the computer will save the recording of the conversation or whatever that contained those names, and alert someone (Dr. Grace probably). The person who is alerted will then review the recording in… Read more »

I’m guessing it’s The Virus, if only because ‘Her’ with special emphasis could be flagged just as easily… besides, Dr. Grace is even more careful about not saying her name. That, and the next panel describes that The Virus flips out around anything involving Kleya’s family. Though I guess it’s too easy if the answer to what is being implied in panel three is stated explicitly in the next panel…

That’s a dangerous road, I’m not going down that one.


She Who Must Not Be Named (and for similar reasons as well)…


Great one!

Hmm, well, that pretty much confirms the suspicions that Mr. President is Kleya’s father, at the very least, since he has to use the saferoom while “online.” So I wonder, since the virus is able to monitor at least some of the equipment in reality, if that means that he can’t interact with any of the surviving technology at all unless he is in that saferoom. An interesting “punishment,” even if incidental. He’s surrounded by many people in a city that survived well, but can’t interact with them because most of them are staying in LiFe, and he can’t interface… Read more »
Technical Vault

Is that a camera looking down on them in panel 3, implying that if anyone even says Kat’s mother’s name in the present of tech it might rile up the virus?


What I find truly telling is that one person apparently (how much indication for other people in the comic is there that Kat knew exactly what she was doing?) chooses to do a selfless route and the first thought this girl has is that Kat is a malicious person trying to kill them all on purpose.


Kim knows she scored 99% or 100%. I highly doubt you get that high of a score on the game by accident. Look at Danni’s score which was purely by accident. Brandon, who had a better idea, also had a terrible score. I think technical viewers would see that she knows the game very well.

It’s not the fact that someone went Erbana route itself. It’s the 99-100% result, and the fact that Kleya seemed to know the route (it wasn’t exactly intuitive, after all, and she did some shortcuts like grabbing one piece before she was asked for it). I have suspected that it might pose a problem as soon as her result was announced. Kim has already suspected Kleya, and this definitely doesn’t help to allay those suspicions. Kleya really should have tried to go for a lesser score (but then her nature likely drives her to perfection even on a route she… Read more »

Spot on, I think.


Re: panel 3… I think that Dr. Grace (or the president, or someone else in charge who is looking for Kleya) has cameras on them, and mentioning Kleya’s mother’s name is dangerous/not allowed? She won’t say Kleya’s name either, I notice.


Panel 3 is showing a security camera that the woman does not want to speak TOO freely in front of.

Kessy Athena
You are being very very evil today, Aneeka. Such a tease – I’m just going to wait for the rule of three to catch up with you. 😉 So, Kleya’s mom’s name begins with Chi-… there actually aren’t that many western names that fit that, so maybe she’s not from the English speaking world? There are plenty of Japanese names that start with Chi-… Chiyo, Chika, Chizuru… hmmmm…. Yup, the round thing in the upper right of panel 3 is a camera: somebody’s watching and listening. Maybe they’re worried the virus will react to the mere mention of Kleya’s mom’s… Read more »

i doubt anyone does at this point…


In panel 2, Kim was about to say the mother’s name (Chi-something). In panel 3, she sees the camera and stops herself. I’m guessing that either the camera might either be connected to D and the mother’s name causes D to react or the camera will relay information to the President and he has banned the use of the mother’s name (I’m of the opinion that the President and the dad are the same person).


In panel 3 I actually thought Aneeka was trying to get some interesting perspectives, and that this was just a light hanging from the ceiling; but I now see that they are both looking directly at it. I also noticed it in the previous page.


Chihaya, Chitose, Chizuru.

Chi could be pronounced “Ki/Kai”, so Chi-rose? Chi-mera? Chi-ffon?

I’m kind of out of names for now.

Alexander The 1st

I’ve been playing a lot of Persona 3 recently, so…Chidori?


Chibiusa, Chihuahua, Chi-Chi, Chicken Delight…. Okay, I’m sure it’s not any of those. Probably not Chiron, either. Chinook, maybe, but I think East Asian names were on the right track. There’s a lot of good ones here if you want to speculate on them: http://www.thinkbabynames.com/beginning/0/Chi


What is this? Has she been elevated to Voldemort status?

Alexander The 1st

If Voldemort could change any spell – even Expelliarmus, Wingardium Leviosa, or even a Animagus spellcasting – to Avada Kedavra, then yes.


“Kind of tells you what type of population survived the Ending…”

Or what the ending did to people.


Just went back and re-read everything from page 1. And when I got to this page it was like “…awww….now I wanna read more…” which of course was why I went back and re-read everything in the first place!


Okay WOW.
1) Yay! New name for Kleya! I don’t like how Kleya sounds, so Chi it is!
2) So this is a new interesting development to prevent happy reunion. Amazing. Should have seen this coming. Chi has a lot to prove and disprove…

whoops my second comment got eaten so trying again 1. I think that if “Chi” was corrected to the whole phrase “her mother” and not just “her”, the whole thing would be empathized. So still sure that Chi is Kleya. (I know it’s not the whole name, but it’s a good one-syllable shortening and I love how it sounds) 2. Actually, realistically, I absolutely don’t agree that Erbana is a publicity suicide. Think about it: statistically, there should be SOME percentage of Erbana fans. Like, you know, people who would have played this route if they were playing instead of… Read more »
While the Erbana playstyle itself might be ‘novel’ to those whose memory doesn’t expand beyond a few years, it’s not a monolithic thing… and in the tutorial, at least, it’s composed of harvesting plants, taming animals, and making deliveries, none of which are likely to thrill an audience that generally considers ‘working in the fields’ to be nigh-on the ultimate punishment. There definitely would be a small fanbase who don’t understand why the Erbana route is not done more often, but such a following would not have the power to get someone near the required threshold to stay in the… Read more »
Well drawing triangles isn’t exactly a game mechanic, is it? While Kat is doing an existing, accounted-for and coded game route. Most people won’t know about Erbana, because – my guess here – the Game wasn’t such a big thing before Ending. Only MMORPG fans would have known stuff about it, not the general TV audience. Which is who have switched to the Game as the only public entertainment outlet left. You do have a point – there’s a reason Erbana is unpopular. However, you are forgetting that pretty much all of surviving humanity is watching the Game. How many… Read more »

“my guess here – the Game wasn’t such a big thing before Ending”

A 360 degree immersion and fully interactive world MMORPG with amazing graphics?

I’m pretty sure the Game was the ONLY thing people played (aside from single person puzzle games and Windows Solitaire). Hence “the Game”. =P

…I wonder if Blizzard executives aren’t reading this comic.

Yeah, because these days literally everyone is playing (whatever the latest game with the coolest graphics is). The Game might have dominated the MMORPG market, but people who prefer strategy games, shooters, puzzle games, The Sims, casual games, and people who don’t play any games at all – would probably have heard its name, but far from knowing the details of game alignments. I mean, who hasn’t heard about DnD? Yet I keep meeting people for whom “Chaotic Good” might has well have been said in another language. Oh, and even dominating the MMORPG market is only assuming this was… Read more »
It’s not as simple as ‘if x% of people prefer a route, then they will wholeheartedly support one who pursues it’. That only works in a society that’s utterly devoted to (and competent at) protecting individual freedom. That’s the exception, the rule is heavy interference, and the results of this are often so severe that ‘10% of people have a preference, so more than 0.001% should be able to express it without dying in obscurity as a result’ and ‘99% of people don’t need or understand it, so it shouldn’t be overwhelmingly popular’ both end up looking terribly naïve. It… Read more »

i get it. she doesn’t want the camera to pick up the name, anti-viral measure.


Chi = Chinese?


Aneeka, did you happen to be travelling to the All Hallows Fantasy Fair in Sonora this weekend?

While I accept their theory of everything related to Kleya’s family will spike the virus’s activity (they seem to be experimentally testing this theory), I am a bit sceptical that that is the only reason that the Virus’s activity peaked. I think the virus was using more processing power to determine what was making Kleya upset; looking at modern AI, I would suspect that something like that would use up more processing power than its other usual tasks. I think Kleya has programmed the Virus to protect her (or the virus has a mind of its own and has decided… Read more »

Remember back during the interviews with the characters when D was being interviewed? There was speculation then that D used to be Kleya’s mom’s (favorite color yellow) before he was Kleya’s (favorite color red) and that’s why he’s orange.


I think that that interview was before I started reading the comics and I cannot seem to find any reference to it.