Aw. So cute. 🙂 I wish she’d talk to him, too. She really needs someone besides D to talk to. But then the story would be over too quickly, I suppose. 😉 I am more and more convinced that the Bandit character was constructed to be an arrogant SOB entirely to try to get her attention, by doing exactly the kinds of things she used to do, so she’d show up and say, “hey, that’s MY shtick!” Which makes me wonder about the nasty twin AI girls. I wonder if Kleya used to use D that way– to drive off… Read more »

I’m pretty sure saisuke is Kleya’s dad, not Jake, but I could be wrong. It would explain why saisuke is reportedly looking for someone (Kleya), while Jake kinda hoped/ expected her to be dead.


I’m honestly expecting Saisuke to be unrelated to any of the other characters, and most likely played by a girl, to boot. Now that’s my kind of speculation!


I like the new version of the memory better, although I would love to see Kleya without the headset more often. 🙂

Iron Ed

Agreed! I also think you made a good choice of memories, Aneeka. 🙂 Nice page!


After saying about the other memory you got me curious


…until the Fire Nation attacked.


She’s flying. Jake’s flying a Kat, I mean a kite.


Does she know he’s alive? That he’s the bandit? I’m pretty sure but… I need to go back and be certain. I know she said she wouldn’t trust anyone, and I guess that means Jake too. Ugh I can’t wait for more reveals, find out what’s going on. Till then I’m gonna go back and re-read some pages!

a reader

I don’t think she know he is the bandit. or at least she doesn’t seen to show it…

True :-/ so far best I can find so far is from the trials, where she was bothered that he was doing her favorite path, and she said it was villainous, but he wasn’t. So… she might just think bandit is a jerk but not evil, or it was a hint that she knows it’s him? I kinda want her to be clueless though… h*** she might even think she lost him like her mom 🙁 Ugh now I’m just thinking of possible future conversations if that’s true, someone asking her if she has any family and she says something… Read more »

Kleya either recognizes Bandit as Jake or highly suspects the connection. Take a look at #253 when the idea/recognition comes to her.


That was Jake’s flashback though, not hers, he saw her smiling and was remembering when he last saw her smiling like that. She notices Bandit looking at her, scowls, and quickly looks away

When he triggers his special a few milliseconds before her for the third time in a row, she thinks to herself “Only one person could -“, this is on page 140. We can safely assume the person she is referring to is Jake, and so she has the idea from pretty early on (although it does seem that he is sure about her identity at page 77). She probably knows that if he is around, he is likely to be with TENka as their top programmer. Their respective spots as the number one and number two programmers in the world… Read more »

D****t. Why did you have to bring in so many feels? Urgh… It hurts.

Wonderful page, as always.