‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 331


Storage units that find things for you! (may not be 100% accurate)  This is actually tech based on stuff Kleya invented.

Also, now that we're in badly-lit Reality scenes again (YES!), I should be able to handle twice a week updates (bet you all forgot that part, didn't you? But I hate hiatuses, too, so I burned through my buffer to keep it up and thankfully never got sick. Now to build the buffer back up!)


Results from the polling:

concept poster shirt pollTwas a surprising result (for me, at least). I'm still trying to decide on what to do and how the graphic should look, but I'll let you know once I have it ready! Thanks so much for participating!


Boxes! Once the comic develops an expanded universe, every one of them will receive an elaborate backstory and secret mission, and many of them will become protagonists in their own right! They may even set a precedent for how other boxes are depicted as characters.

I’m just kidding, I think we’ve all learned something in the past thirty years. Still, I wouldn’t be surprised if we gave all the boxes their own elaborate backstories. Shipping containers really get around, after all.


Shipping code #896134-0786 sat silently in the darkness, it’s left flap shuddering with anticipation. Soon. Soon his revenge would be complete. Slowly, he slid down the loading ramp toward the sleeping mailman. The rubber matting squeaked and moaned against the cardboard as if trying to warn the postal worker of his impending doom. But it was too late for him. Too late for everyone….


“Twas a surprising result (for me, at least).” You mean that you need to do designs for both poster and T-Shirt?


Does the storage searching units use Kleya’s voice to speak, or did someone else ultimately voice them?

I am really enjoying your comic. I have noticed that the Bandit/Jake seems to treat AIs as real persons, notice that on this page he say “That’s what you said the last time” and “Yes, thanks”. Also he explained his motives to the kid in the game and told him how not to get hurt. Also he called the AI Angus twins his girls and defended them (page 49). I can see him and Jane not getting along (page 265). Also does Kleya see code like that (the yellow strings and the handwritten text), or is that something that D… Read more »

I have now read some more comments and I see that my wild guesses have been mentioned before. I am reading all the comments from this page backwards, I am now at page 222.


I’ve started reading this comic today and breezed through all the pages. This is such a cool comic and I’m glad that I found it! I’m sooooo curious about whats going to happen next


I have added this comic to The Top Tens List of the Best Webcomics. It is a fairly new list, hence the top item only has about 16 votes, hence it should be easy for this comic to reach the top of the list. I have also added a comment to NAV’s entry on that list, it is waiting to get moderated.



*pops in out of the ether*
Hallo! *heartsymbol*

I had an idea, maybe; if you want to use both sides (do you?) on a poster, you can include a mirror. XD
I’d totes get a shirt, I like custom shirts. ^^ (And I had a sudden lulz of wearing the Nice special on a pink shirt)

Yay for dimly lit Reality! Hehe. I love how you draw Reality pages. Also… salty porridge? Eww. Maybe it preserves better I guess… but still.


It could just be salty from MSG or whatever.

Also because salt is the most “neutral” taste that everyone can taste.

Sweet doesn’t appeal to everyone(mostly if you have cavities or are very old and/or diabetic)
Most people dislike bitter(usually a sign of poison, in nature)
Sour is acidic, and like bitter, possibly a sign of poison(acidic, vs alkaline for bitter).
Salt is just…salty. As long as it’s in moderate quantities, the worst thing that happens is you will get rather thirsty.


Salt can give you high blood pressure.


True, but a lack of salt in your diet causes several other health complications.


Love it! 🙂
I cant tell if they just love similar things because of built relationships, or if thats all how food is? I would imagine he went searching for it specifically because it reminds him or her.

Great update as always!

Weird, I pop-in to check the comic, it appears to have a new page (it seemed to be the one that will follow this one), but I couldn’t leave a comment. In the process of figuring out what was wrong the page suddenly disappears and now I can’t find it. I’ve hit some wonky errors before (I admit it, I’m gremlin infected, thus why I attempt to learn how to fix all of my own problems), but the code misreading the date for a few minutes causing the next update to be displayed pre-maturely is definitely a new one for… Read more »

Wow, that is the ugliest guy I have ever seen.