‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 327


This door is the one that leads to tunnel that connects this sphere to the main sphere.


Random Background Info:

Each sphere can seal itself off from the main sphere.Β It can even detach and "swim" away if the main sphere (or any other sphere, for that matter) becomes unstable or destroyed. It was one of the main priorities when TENka City was first proposed and being built due to the disaster of the previous underwater city. Also due to the Ending and hyped-up fear/dread for impending calamity, these outside doors are kept sealed when not in use. Most people tend to stay in their own spheres and only travel when needed. Jake is not one of these.


Hi! Just read through the archives! Good comic, keep it going! Also, I am sorry that I cannot donate due to my current lack of job, but you still have my support!


I absolutely love, love, LOVE this comic! I stayed up until 4 a.m. in the morning because I just can’t put it down. I’d like to help, in any way I can, but I’m currently still in school, so… yeah… Just stay awesome! πŸ™‚


You know what I find most impressive about this comic? The mystery. ^_^ Aneeka obviously reads the comments, and frequently replies.

But… not even the most rampant fan speculation ever gets so much as a peep from her! That is very, very impressive. If this was my webcomic? I’d be handing out major spoilers left and right every update. *sigh* I admire your restraint.


I like how Jake seems to be the go to guy. Everybody likes Jake ^^


I like how little Kleya’s mind helps out big Jake years later πŸ˜€ I think because it gives me hope that all of my vaguely similar shenanigans will one day be useful…


Fun fact: from now on I am going to leave a comment on every single comic page ever, even if I’m catching up on what I missed.

I am just so happy that they see Jake as their savior and not as ~ a terrible danger ~… though there are probably those too. I want to never see them >__> I already suspected he was the /actual/ cause of all the bad things and Kleya just the scapegoat…

Okay, I don’t know if anyone thought of this, but I was reading through the character sheets. Saisuke was at the very bottom, and most of his desc. is talking about how he’s searching for someone. And it occurred to me, what if he’s looking for Danni? We were told he’s a love interest, but Aneeka never specifically said -Kleya’s- love interest. I can’t see that many people searching like that for Kleya, plus most people don’t know Danni’s alive. He might be in Japan, but we already know Danni toured all over the world. (When Paddy is talking about… Read more »

So Jake is quite important there if some kind of boss wants to see him…

@Aneeka: I know you’ve got veeery much to do with the reality pages, but what about a new vote bait picture on Top Web Comics? This one doesn’t work anymore! ^^