‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 324


There's a lot of unknown to what they know about the Virus (and fear has built up a lot of impossible hype), but they did figure out really quickly to never attempt bothering the Virus while in/using a Kido.


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Wow, those guys are almost religiously frightened of the Virus. No wonder if almost nobody understands tech.

But why does it “like” original Tenka employees?
How can a virus “hate”?
What has science done?


Well, if it’s D, it has its own AI of sorts – it’d probably “hate” anyone that tried to wipe it out. Which, as far as we know, Jake hasn’t, yet.


Scientists can and have done worse things, want me to list them?


I think the virus would be programmed to hate some individuals. The virus is probably old, so only original tenka members should be recognized by it.

You could also model feelings in a system, anything is possible with at least a rough concept of how you want it to work.


Sounds like Jake does know what D is. And hoping D doesn’t hate him is cute, kind of like hoping Kleya doesn’t hate him…. (Of course, Kleya does hate Bandit, but not enough to sic D on him….)


I don’t think that’s D. Different face and all that. That said, what is the virus,that it has likes and dislikes? A security system gone amok?


Actually, the last panel of http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-310/ kinda looks like the one presented on the screen here, only in draconic shape.

http://navcomic.com/not-a-villain/page-206b/ That page leans me towards believing that the virus and D are one in the same. What would be the most useful tool for a hacker to use against other hackers, and anti-hacking program. What does the virus do, shuts down hackers. What was the last thing Kleya told D to do. Stop ME! The virus seems to have been made really to keep her in control. Haven’t you noticed when she gets close to hacking the virus does nothing, it is probably because D, the virus, is actually doing the hacking. You have to think this girl was… Read more »

It points to a connection, true. But nothing that is more than circumstantial. But if the Virus is sentient then it does stand a good chance of being D. After all how many AI of such capability can there be? But for now there is no definite evidence. But we could get that next page. Keep your fingers crossed ^^

Dragon Master

My theory is that D is not the virus itself but rather he can control it. He is the virus’s master, just as Kleya is his. D himself I think is pretty powerful, but I think he does clean up jobs because he did say he likes to” ANNIHILATE” things and he said he would protect “mastermind” which is what he calls Kleya. So he goes and does the dirty work and cleans up the stuff that they don’t want others to know,


“The virus should still respond to an original TENka employee.”? That raises soooo many questions!


It also allows for some new ideas of what the virus is, like maybe it was originally a TENka company firewall that was repurposed and attacked anyone not on its TENka employee list or who angered its AI


Anyone else think that his arm looks like it would reach the floor if it hung straight down in the last panel? It struck me as looking like a snake.
Also I live these realaty pages, the ammount of background reveled about all the characters is awesome for so few pages.


Looks like anyone who isn’t a programmer has no real knowledge of technology. At least that’s my theory so far.

Actually, it’s been my experience that this is true even today–technology is rapidly becoming so complex, so advanced that most people have only the most general ideas of what it can do. Forget people not knowing what it can do if used correctly–most people don’t have any idea what it can do, period. This applies to programming, to banking, to manufacturing, to…well, jut about everything. Most people handle this by specializing–they focus on a single area where we DO understand what’s going on, and pretty much ignore everything that doesn’t touch directly on that area expertise. Myself for instance–I’m a… Read more »
That’s a pity! You, my good sir (or madam?) should go learn the basics of how to get animals to have sex, wherewith solid foundations are laid and behemoths constructed, the wonders of Euclidean geometry, and the amazing mass to energy conversion induced by successful chain reactions!!! I feel as if everyone should have a, albeit very, basic understanding of everything and what it can do… but then I’m kinda a insatiably curious dilettante, with a liberal arts degree… so, yeeeaaahhhh… Seriously though. Thinking that computer viruses, by themselves, can “change the magnetic field” or “cause electrocution” without some form… Read more »

…any mention of Euclidean geometry always brings to my mind the “non-Euclidean geometry” of the Cthulhu mythos creatures… XD

Ignis Maximus
Well the electrocution part I get. If it’s a highly advanced AI that is sentient as D seems to be, they could cause the computer to electrocute someone. It would be a simple matter of rerouting the power so that it would overload. So then right as the person touched it or got near enough the built up power was discharged and the unfortunate person was hit with it. Also we have no idea how advanced or primitive the computers are. They may once have been highly advanced, but then after the Ending they may have been reduced to the… Read more »

Considering that today’s computers are build in a a way to avoid electrocuting people and in most cases software can do nothing to change that, why would people who are so afraid of computers do anything to change that and build computers with technical possibility to harm the user?


Overloading the computer like that would definitely damage the machine. It would be much more effective to just force the monitor to keep turning off and on again to stop them from interrupting the virus… And I doubt the virus actually aims to kill anyone in this case…


Is that a touchscreen?


Why do I get redirected to some ad site sometimes?


*Touches the screen*

Jake: Oh, the horror!
Guy: What? What?!
Jake: I missed the deadline to inherit 600,000 USD from a Nigerian prince!
Guy: WHAT! I’ve been paying that guy for months!

*Awkward silence*