‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 322


Hey, that looks familiar...


Also, the guy on the far left in the 2nd panel is Mark, one of my Kickstarter participants who get to show up in this Reality section (thanks Mark!). He's also sporting one of the translator devices. The girl (obviously) has one, too, but her father (the older guy on the far right) does not, so he's like Jake except he doesn't speak/understand much English (which is why he's hovering near his daughter).


Not related to this strip, but something you should probably look into:

I know you need ad money, and I want to turn adblock off for your site; however, when I do so some kind of script in your site causes my browser to crash.

Kessy Athena

So, I guess it turns out that sometimes turning it off and back on again not only doesn’t fix it but can actually be a bad idea. A very, very bad idea.


Hmm, so was D made to keep the Virus in check, and the Virus is like the default that gets loaded when you reboot the system? They should make a new OS and not connect the computers to the Net. XD


They have few programmers, but somehow they manage to keep Li.F.E running… making a new OS might be feasible.

Alexander The 1st

Keeping a codebase running and rewriting the entire kernel and operating system from scratch are two entirely different fields of programming.

Not to mention that it could very well be a motherboard hardware circuit that’s forcing the Virus in by default…


Call me old fashioned, but I am skeptical that a door could attack someone. Then again, maybe I’m wrong and the door is a hydraulically powered crushing machine. If that’s the case though, I might argue that they are just asking to be crushed >_>.

Don’t get me wrong, though, the people are acting the way one might expect. They are clearly machine phobes.


Well, if it’s an underwater city, all doors need to be capable of sealing tightly and withstanding pressure, it’s just a safety necessity – if one section gets breached/leaks, the rest must be able to seal it off tightly and survive.
I guess that makes all the doors hydraulically powered crushing machines… u\/0_0\/u just an environment very unfriendly to humans

Kessy Athena

No, no, no, you’re missing the point. It’s an elevator. Elevators are evil. they’re all minions of the machine overlords who are out to kill all humans. We nicknamed the elevator in my dorm at college Hal since it had a tendency to go to random floors regardless of what button you pushed. It’s only a matter of time. “Open the elevator doors, Hal.” “I’m sorry, Dave, but I’m afraid I can’t do that.”


When I saw those gloves, at first I thought there were alien hands. Then I was all like “wait a minute, that’s not the comic I’m reading…”


Oh, good, so I wasn’t the only one. The speech bubble with gibberish didn’t help either. I was like, “Did I… miss a comic?”


Am I the only one noticing that the virus door seems to be either quite happy or rather smug?

I have a theory! *waves hand in the air* On the page Aneeka linked to, the Virus was on one of Kleya’s screens while she was talking to D. So maybe that was actually D on Kleya’s screen, which would make D the virus. From the page where the Game trials were shut down because of a hacker, it looks like people think D is an anti-hacker program. But what if, though Kleya originally created D for that purpose, she ended up using him for Deconstruct Me (or something went wrong and he was accidentally activated for that purpose), and… Read more »

It’s 11:44 PM and I dazed through most of that. But yeah, I think D could probably be the virus. D might have been angry at Jake lately and shut down the life support?


Wow. That’s genius.


I’m pretty sure we already know D is the virus. I’m a bit surprised to find out that D uses the “Deconstruct Me” logo, but then again… “D”, “Deconstruct”… Was there ever really an organization of human hackers called “Deconstruct Me”? Or was it all just Kleya and D?

I wonder who (in the story) came up with the logo for the Virus/Decnstruct Me? Kleya’s no artist, and simple as it is, that’s a subtly effective symbol, mocking and menacing.


Just noticed it’s also yellow and orange… who else is yellow and orange?


And the translation is…?


Possibly from Thai, but if it is Thai, its not in the font my computer has for it – I don’t recognize any of the characters. Or well, three quarters of them.

Thai Axtell

It is Thai, just in handwritten form with very small handwriting, even I mistaken some of the letters for others. I first mistakenly read the first question as How can it be morning?

Thai Axtell

Thomas, the top panel basically translates to ” If we don’t do something we’ll definitely never find a way out”.

Middle panel 1st question was “How can you get in? (In thai the literal word translation was “in get can how”)

2nd question “Why aren’t you at TENka’s centre?”


I am pretty sure it established that the virus and D are one in the same. I am also pretty sure that The virus and the anti hacking system has been established as the same thing, but isn’t let out by tenka that it is. Clearly De – construct me and D are linked as the anti hacking signs carry a very similar face.


I don’t know if Kleya knows the TENka staff call D the Virus, though…


“if we don’t do anything, we’re never getting out of here!”

“how’d you get in here? why aren’t you at Central?”