Interesting method of saving space – rather than staircases as backups to the lifts, a shaft with a ladder. Don’t lose your footing though…

Meanwhile, the dialogue in the last panel suggests that despite the world having had some rather large problems with robots in the past, there may be some still around… although bizarrely, this one (offscreen) doesn’t appear to have been programmed with compliance to Asmiov’s Laws…


That leaf wall doesn’t look too healthy….

Dragon Master

This wall looks like just plain old dirt to me.


The wall looks healthy at the top but then extremely wilted at the bottom. What the heck

Thai Axtell

In case noone knows, the Thai says ‘What have you done?’.


Just discovered your comic and read through the archives. Seriously awesome stuff! But now I have run out of pages and have to wait. :-/


Awesome page is awesome. c;

Kessy Athena

Somehow I had a feeling Jake was being overly optimistic when he declared that everything’s back up just because the lights were back on. You’d think the end of the world would have taught him never to taunt Murphy.


Tis a common human failing to tempt fate. I dare you to say you haven’t jinx yourself at some point XD

Kessy Athena

LOL, Sorry, but I’m not falling into that trap. 😉 Saying that I never jinx myself would itself be taunting Murphy. Let’s just say I try hard not to.


The art on this page is very, very pretty.

The fourth panel background particularly wowed me.


how long has there been alt-texts on this comic? *impending dread*