‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 320


For the record, Walter is only 38 years old. But his not-so-great health makes him look (and feel) older.


Thanks for everyone's suggestions on the earlier pages. I didn't have time to individually respond, but I'm experimenting with several of the suggestions; we'll see how they go!


See Walters got it figured out if it looks cool I’ll be old for it


*giggle* Falcon head huh? Ok, this page was worth the wait.

But I will third (fourth?) the opinion that I strongly prefer a less polished Reality page to you stressing yourself out and delaying the pages. 😛


Same here. It’s the story that drives this comic, not the looks. And that’s how it should be, too. ^_^


Looks are important, but are worthless without a story worth investing yourself in. Story will always trump art. Being pretty is just a really awesome bonus 😀

I literally have followed comics to the end that had the worst d*** art but had a story that intrigued me. But to play devil’s advocate I have never claimed to be normal XD

I think the reality pages need a noticeable and logical artistic difference from LiFE and higher quality achieves just that. Plus, it would be hard for Aneeka to improve her art skills by drawing lower quality images. While I agree NAV is story-driven, I would not agree that lower quality is suitable for these reasons. I’m inclined to believe that Aneeka is more than capable of doing even higher quality art based on what she said about her hair-drawing method. It’s one of the most realistic looking (non-photorealistic) drawing techniques I’ve seen – and I’ve looked at a lot of… Read more »

Yes, but what we mean is that she doesn’t have to stress herself half to death and put the comic on hiatus for weeks to manage the reality pages.


It’s like with everything worth doing in life – you start off as a beginner and get better over time. Aneeka’s artwork has improved from the first page of this webcomic to the current point. In a year or two, if (as I hope) it’s still going, the art will be better again!

Everything with time. To Aneeka, I’d say do your current best, and work on making it better piece by piece as you go, without stressing yourself to the point where it isn’t fun for you anymore. After all, if it isn’t fun for you, what’s the point?

Oh, I agree hanna. However, I felt it was important to explain why that’s an untenable prospect in the long-term. Artists want to feel satisfied with the quality of their work, so not meeting their goals tends to make them upset. On the flipside, overworking yourself tends to cause burnout. That said, Aneeka has done a great job of figuring out what works for her, as she discussed on the previous page. There’s no need to tell her what she should be doing. Any good storyteller knows that the story is important – but it’s key to remember that in… Read more »

That last panel wins the whole comic.

“I’ll be old for that.”

Dragon Master

There you go Walter that’s the spirit! Don’t take any back talk and don’t be old unless it’s cool.


My brother has one of those canes. His has an eagle head, not a falcon, though. And he doesn’t even need a cane.


I have two ones a dragon others a wolf


Many many moons ago, I found a black cane with a brass/gold falcon head.

Cane like that, I’d take up a limp for. Alas, it got reunited with its owner. (Slow news day, made page 3).

artificer urza

I’d hold out for a dragon head cane before I’d be old it. =P


If it’s really cool, then sure, I need a wheelchair. (Rocket-propelled should work. :P)

stomme poes

I mis-read the bottom panels. My eyes naturally went from “I can survive the next 5 minutes” to “get out of here, punk”.

Anyone else read it like that?


I didn’t read it like that, but it was worth sharing. I got a good chuckle out of it. Well, it was more of a weird, inward gasp.