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Due to impressive technology advances, cars could drive safer by themselves than if driven by a human being. It became harder and harder (at least for the well-developed countries) to get a car that you can actually drive yourself. Hacked cars was always a fear, though, so self-driving cars had extensive protective measures in place.

In the list of major damage/casualties during the Hacker Attacks, hacked cars would be near the bottom since less than 30% were hacked (and all hacked cars originated from certain companies--the other companies, if the world had survived the Ending better, could have used "Hacker-Safe!" in their advertising) and really didn't do much damage in comparison (it did clog quite a few roads up, though). However, the psychological effect of the hacked cars was far more destructive than most of the other Hacker Attacks.

Hacked military robots is scary, but if your own car can be used against you, that makes the attacks personal.


Yay! Details!
I think you’ve been staying up late: berserking, rampaging.


Oh my word! That’s terrifying! COOOOL. Love the new page! These reality pages are really impressive.


Man, who would want a manual operation for their car?
That’s legally considered a sign of an irrational mind.


In case somthing like what happend happens? That’s sort of a given


He has a point though, Wolf. While the decision to get manual override was vindicated by events most people would have believed it paranoid to get it. H***, he -is- paranoid from what we have seen so just because he was right that one time doesn’t mean much. Prolly checks his fruit cups for mind control chips. XD


Automatics and AI are fine.
Just never forget the offswitch.
If it is a glitch or if it is a hacker, you really want to be able to turn it off.


Also, make sure the off switch isn’t placed next to the automatic shaving mechanism. >.>


Hacked cars and robots I can understand. Volcanoes?


Super-volcanos are rare events in the history of the planet, but they do happen – it’s still under debate and speculation as to whether or not the one coinciding with the Ending was really a coincidence or not. Personally I haven’t yet seen any indication of anything but coincidence, same as with the massive solar flare(s).

For example, this is a super-volcano: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yellowstone_supervolcano


If volcanoes were erupting to a degree it was that noteworthy then it meant there were other geological events going on. Likely this reference to volcanoes is not idle but telling us there were other players in causing the End than just the obvious ones.


You see, after the hackers hacked the geomagnetic field, they then hacked the volcanoes, the trees, the deep-sea-trenches, and the atmosphere.


Hack the earths magnetic field, and the super volcanos make sense.

Well, to anyone who actually believes you can hack a magnetic field on that scale.

But given their tech base, figure on having some space assets that could leave a really good mark.

Any sufficiently sized rock with a gravity tug is indistinguishable from a dinosaur killer.


Good plan. Frankly, with a story this good, I’d be fine with more stick figures, just so long as it doesn’t go on indefinite hiatus. Although, I don’t see what you’re angsting about as far as art quality . . .

Stomme poes

Your own car against you? Meh.

Your home appliances against you? Your toaster trying to kill you? That Stephen King story makes you trust absolutely *nothing*.

And with smart appliances joining the Internet of Things before this happens, it’s totally imaginable.


Yikes, hacked technology just sounds like a freakin’ nightmare. So does that mean if my own car is against, I don’t have to go to work in the morning? I can use the excuse that my car tried to kill me and people would believe me because it’s the future?

The Amazing Anita

Sounds like a good excuse to me! 🙂