Fire Hazard

TENka City is awesome! I want to build one!


Is it hanging in the sky? Oder under water?

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Mr. Random

That must mean he’s under a lot of pressure.


Lol totally.


Under water? Risky, expensive to supply… But extremely safe from radiation.


Are all the Cities underwater? That would explain a lot…

What are the fringe things?

So D’s caused a large-scale blackout. After turning the power off, the other half of a power cycle (standard IT fix for software problems – the hardware equivalent is “percussive maintenance”) is to turn it back on again. Hopefully D will have had the foresight not to turn off the power in the submersible Kleya lives on (and where his code is presumably based), and after turning the power back on will also immediately amend the system logs, either to indicate it had nothing to do with the shutdown, or to indicate the shutdown was in response to an unknown… Read more »

Ah yes. The first resort for fixing tech. Turn it off and on again. 🙂


How else can you discipline naughty ghosts in the machine?


Exorcism? Or, in my computer’s case, lobotomy. (Had to beat Windows 7 into submission when I first got this computer. :P)

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My preferred method of dealing with malfunctioning equipment is to threaten it with a screw driver after having destroyed obsolete hardware in the same room as networked equipment. I’ve never had trouble with servers after I shoved a screwdriver through a spun up hard drive, nor have I had trouble with with my PC’s after I starting ripping pieces off of the replaced one with a claw hammer. Turns out machines can be terrified into behaving, you simply need to demonstrate ability and willingness to do this; sadly, comcast support is not nearly so easy to deal with, they don’t… Read more »

wooooooow that looks so cool!
(and I know this is obnoxious but: first)


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To repeat my comment from last page: is it underwater?


It is underwater.


Not only under water, but also looks like it might be under ice as well…


This reminds me a lot of the post-appocalyptic world of Aquanox/Archimedean Dynasty games.

And a bit of Stargate Atlantis pilot.

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“Oops, sorry – I tripped over a plug earlier.”


Well I guess that answers how they can survive super-volcano eruptions. Any theories on what the string things are? I’m going to say they filter/desalinate the water.

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Hmmm, at a guess, I think those filaments look like they might have something to do with the city’s electrical systems. Something like that could be used as a ground. Or they might be something akin to an antenna. Or maybe they could have something to do with some clever way of generating electricity based on being submerged in an ocean of highly conductive salt water?

Anyway, the likeliest answer is just that they look cool. 😉


A ground is unlikely since you’d want a low radius of curvature (unless somebody’s trying to zap you), which the hull already has. Antennae are unlikely because water is a terrible medium for EM communication; most mobile underwater networks are acoustic. But the other ideas seem possible.

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I was thinking it was more along the lines of ventilation shafts because the city is underwater and needs a air supply.


They remind me of roots. Maybe they gather algae from the water to use as a food source. That would explain the nasty tasting food concentrate Kleya drinks in her Reality scene a while back.

I don’t think they have to do with providing oxygen– there aren’t enough of them. But then, TENka City isn’t as big as I was expecting it to be….


I will admit, it does look a bit like some clouds bringing even more bad news.

But once you realize they’re underwater, not bad, actually. (Though, if I’m honest, it looks a bit like someone had some green dirt or something in there…but eh.)


“Green dirt” in any sort of water-connected way tends to mean “algae”.


I would LOVE to know why everyone is underwater.


Because unrestricted solar radiation is a Bad Thing to be exposed to. But we don’t know if all cities are underwater, or if even what we see here is the whole Tenka city or just a part of it.


Oooh! So Kleya is not the only one underwater…


It very well may be that the “tentacles” outside the city structure are to generate electricity by capturing the wave action of the water.


Wow, TENka looks so cool underwater!

…which is even more dangerous that the system is down D:

@questions – yeah, it’s under water. As Ort On said, this protects from radiation (that’s why nuclear reactors have pools of water – the radiation is completely negated after a few feet of water), and as TLink suggested, it keeps them safe from supervolcanoes. I’m guessing the pipes provide vital transportation of air and possibly people to and from the city. I’m also guessing that the tentacles produce electricity, as StellarJ said. As for food and water, you can make clean water out of salt water with reverse osmosis (or just plain distillation), and with enough space, energy, air, and… Read more »

Holy H—, this page is beautiful. I wasn’t expecting this. Very nice page!


I take note that Tenka City seems to be supported from the surface rather than anchored to the sea floor as I seen depicted in any other ocean dwelling I’ve seen.