Yes you got hit…

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This demonstration was brought you by Misunderstood Teenage Girls Inc. and Uncontrolled Emotional Backlash Corp.


Don’t forget Family Fueled Ambition Industries

Anarchy 101

And all of those are part of the parent company, the Dark Past Coalition. Whose slogan is, “bringing plot twists, revenge plots, and terrible parents since the times of Oedipus Rex.


Surely they have been around for longer than that. The Greeks just made it fashionable enough that everybody wanted to invest in DPC stock.

Kessy Athena

Okay, Jake, you’re going to need a radiation suit, duct tape, and a *really* big tictac. (Ewwww! Lizard breath!)

Basil King

Oo! Love the movement in the first panel! Eek, that “sneak peek” tho… xD Love it.


Maybe it’s a physical manifestation of Kleya’s dragon?



Yes of course we’ll wait, we have no choice BUT to wait.
That’s part of the thing with the reality strips.


Ah, power outages…am in the middle of one myself at the moment thanks to our lovely midwest summer weather. I would request TenKa to send an engineer but I would not want to see their service fee…oh well.

Anarchy 101

Same here, it was 90 yesterday, hailed last night, was 65 today, and will be nice and sunny tommorow.




Is that place underwater?


That would explain how people could protect themselves from the radiation an unstable atmosphere would let in.


Other ways to protect themselves including staying indoors and wearing hats…

Seriously, living underwater is total overkill as a solution to ozone depletion.

It does have the odd feel of a silent page that has dialogue stuck onto it, a bit. That was – at least – my first impression of it, before reading your comment. “It looks like it was intended to be silent, and the speaking is a bit ‘loud’ or … ‘intrusive’? ‘sharp’?” But, it’s high-quality enough to merit a comment on that layer in the first place. The background and setting are a very beautiful quiet. Perhaps thought would have been better than speech? I’m unsure whether showing the characters’ thoughts in this setting is at all your desire,… Read more »

You are mean sometimes still that’s still awesome
Loved that movie!!!!


“Oh crap. Alt Text.
*checks past few pages*

Phew! It’s just art notes. Can still be interesting, but I’m not going to miss out on 20% of the jokes and plot. (Sorry…just….it’s annoying to be reading something then find out some 300 pages in that you’ve missed the alt text for everything thus far, and every page had some. And it was extra jokes and stuff that you’d really be interested in.)


i know, right? i originally read nav on mobile, so imagine my surprise when i found out about the alt-text during the dude side story. someday i’ll re-read everything (again!), this time on my computer to actually see the alt-text.


Oh, and as for comments on the actual pages, they’re good. I know one thing for certain…you’re probably better now than I ever would be. (I don’t even know where to start with drawing something…I wouldn’t know how to get it right…and I certainly wouldn’t get the shading right. You definitely have the first, sure seem to have the second, and without knowing exactly what lights are supposed to be working right now, can only assume you’ve got the third. Very nice job on the moonlight. (That is supposed to be moonlight…right?))


I think his middle fingers need to be a touch longer. Or his ring and index fingers a touch shorter. It is kinda odd looking otherwise. But the hands are quite good otherwise. Keep up the good Aneeka ^^


Just read through this whole thing while at work(shhhhh don’t tell anyone) and have loved every bit of it. Thanks so much for making this 🙂