‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 312b


Yep, that's Bandit! His real name is Jake, in case you forgot.

EDIT: The last panel's Chinese was wrong, but it should be fixed now. Thanks everyone for pointing it out!

Random Background Info on Translators:

Part of the draw to live in certain Cities (pre-Ending) was the gimmick of giving out free super-cool-and-cutting-edge (at the time, at least) translators to whoever moved in. TENka City (not originally called that) advertised this heavily. It wanted to be seen as a City with no language barrier and somewhat succeeded at that goal. The translators weren't perfect and it was common to get confused at times, but it worked a whole lot more than having nothing at all and a lot of people enjoyed trying to make conversations via the translators.

Alas, a good chunk of those translators no longer work (or were harvested for parts for other, more necessary items) so everyone has to share them (or, if you're multi-lingual, graciously give it up entirely and use the archaic route of muddling your way with just your own language skill instead). Each City (that has them) have different rules as to how they're shared. TENka City, obviously, does shifts. Luckily for Jake, the 'common' language in his City is English so he can usually get by and he knows a handful of common phrases in a bunch of languages, but there are still quite a few that can't speak/understand English (at least, not well enough for a decent conversation).

Random Request:

I would love to incorporate more languages than just Chinese. If anyone has a native language other than English and wouldn't mind helping me translate a few phrases, please contact me! I particularly need Asian languages, but I can utilize other ones as well.