‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 311

NAV has returned!! YAY!!!

If you need a refresher course, here is the page before this one (skips all the hiatus stuff--which will eventually be moved out when I find some extra time).

It should be obvious that I can't update 2x/wk with Reality pages, but that notice is mainly for new readers who are archive binging so they're not confused/shocked by the following half page.


After much deliberation, I've decided to just split the pages again. Some don't split well, however, so I might have to take breaks here and there in order to keep up. They should be short breaks, though. Nothing like the insanely long one I just put you all through (and thank you so much for your patience on that!).

Buffer status: I now can average a Reality page once a week (assuming I don't have anything else going on that week) and I have about 7 pages done plus 2 in progress and 10 sketched and ready for coloring (coloring consumes the most time). I have about 10-15 more pages to sketch (I keep adding stuff) but I hopefully can survive this Reality scene without too many breaks.

Again, thanks everyone for your patience! And for reading my story!!