‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 311

NAV has returned!! YAY!!!

If you need a refresher course, here is the page before this one (skips all the hiatus stuff--which will eventually be moved out when I find some extra time).

It should be obvious that I can't update 2x/wk with Reality pages, but that notice is mainly for new readers who are archive binging so they're not confused/shocked by the following half page.


After much deliberation, I've decided to just split the pages again. Some don't split well, however, so I might have to take breaks here and there in order to keep up. They should be short breaks, though. Nothing like the insanely long one I just put you all through (and thank you so much for your patience on that!).

Buffer status: I now can average a Reality page once a week (assuming I don't have anything else going on that week) and I have about 7 pages done plus 2 in progress and 10 sketched and ready for coloring (coloring consumes the most time). I have about 10-15 more pages to sketch (I keep adding stuff) but I hopefully can survive this Reality scene without too many breaks.

Again, thanks everyone for your patience! And for reading my story!!




Yay NAV is back ;w;
Perhaps you should put the Dude’s short story in the “Extras” or something, instead of leaving it in the comic? :<


YAY! I enjoyed the mini, but missed NAV so much! Looking forward to things going forward!

Alexander The 1st

Well, I guess that’s *one* way to stop what Kleya did…

“Did you try turning it off and on again?”

If it works, don’t knock it, right?


As for the pages, by all means, feel free to split up the pages whenever there’s a good cliffhanger. :p


“Schedule change alert!
See blow for details”
Perhaps “below” is the word you were looking for?


H*** yes!
Remember kids, Kleya was just confronted with a modern media public who think baddies are cool. She previously displayed a worrieing lack of composure and little to zero ability to coop with or process the trauma’s of her past. Effectively a sociopathic 10 year old mind with teenager emotions/hormones/doubts empowered by near divine hacker skill (from the commoners perspective).

She just initiated some form of digital mass-murder on that group of entitled pricks, only coming to her senses at the last possible moment. Ordering her AI animal sidekick K to ‘undo what she just did’ (how’s that for ambigiuety?).

I don’t think Kleya is a sociopath. She actually feels remorse and can understand why something is bad and that she shouldn’t do it. I think of it as she is trying to reprogram herself to something approaching social norms when she lived much of her life outside of such. She has never had to live with the repercussions of her actions before the moments that made her decide she didn’t like who she was becoming. Now she is, all alone, trying to be a well adjusted member of society. Face it, she is fighting an uphill battle where the… Read more »

Hey Aneeka, just letting you know you missed the “e” in the word below, so it reads “see blow for details”
.. made me chuckle, but I doubt you want to leave it like that. Love the comic, keep being awesome!


Welcome back!

But who is this? Kat doesn’t use the kind of Kido unit that has the box…. Who would yell for help? Dude? Danni?

P.S.: “See blow for details”? 😉

I wonder how much got shut down. If different parts of L.i.f.E are on different servers, then D could have just stpped the one. D doesn’t seem graceful enough to just pick a single room. If it was just that one room, this will significantly increase Kleya’s visibility. If she really really wanted to stay anonymous after being revealed as a hacker (if this event reveals her), she could feign being attacked by “The Virus” and start a new character. However, she seemed determined to stay and help all of her friends when she thought about it last time.

Depends on whether anything was recorded outside of D initiating an immediate and massive reboot. I am fairly confident everything was affected, so don’t worry. D has no subtlety. That is why his avatar shape is a dragon no doubt. Kill it with fire until nothing remains is likely his motto. He prolly purged everything to make sure whatever command she initiated was nullified.


Judging by how crazy difficult the artwork was during the last Reality interlude, that little ‘The Dude’ mini was probably necessary (and amusing 😀 )…

Nevertheless, good to see the story progress, looking forward to it 🙂


I certainly understand about the delay… I’m just glad to see my favorite webcomic, bar none, come back after its long hiatus. Thanks for your good work.


Well, when we have a comic updating every weekday as an interlude, is that even a hiatus? I had more fun than I had withdrawal problems, so I’m quite happy! 🙂

That said, at one page per week this will still be a lot more comic happiness than the interlude was at five pages per week. How? Well, Reality, that’s good stuff. Very good stuff.

Yes!!! She’s back!!! Well, it was D, really, but same thing… You know, after going back and rereading from the first real-world scene, and then making it back through the dude-the-Great scenes, I actually appreciate Dude a little more. Mostly the narrator gets the bonus awesome points, however. : ) No! I made a mistake!! Don’t save!!! *Shuts off power* …Whew. Safe…probably. Did my screw-up stick? *Power on* NO!!!!! … Chill, Kleya. Those people knew nothing, but that doesn’t mean that they should be nothing. You need to learn how not to let other’s opinions affect you… Poor kid related… Read more »

Wake up, check internet… wait, NAV hiatus is over? …

really though, so happy the main story is updating again ^^ can’t wait to see what happens next


I can’t help but feel like I’ve revealed some sort of secret identity or something… I apologize if links are bad, but this seems so, so Kleya.



Yay!!! NAV is back!!! 😀 YAY!!!


HUZZAH! Welcome back. 😀


…OK, all I can think of is who the h*** designed those Kidos? Who in their right mind would build a sarcophagus thing like that that locks, and who in their right mind would buy such a thing? Normally the makers of electronics like selling the things they make, and don’t like being sued by people who got stuck in them during a powercut…