‘Not A Villain’ Webcomic – Page 303


Sometimes, you can be too smart.


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And I have a vote incentive!! It's Kleya talking about her contraption.

Chris Godsey

And finally things get around to the apparatus that allows her into the system. And from the tone of this page, I’m guessing what led to all the unpleasantness that occurred.

So…a transhumanist coming to terms with her humanity, rather than embrace her evolved being? Still too early, but it feels like this little bit of backstory will end up with the world getting what they deserved. Kleya’s tale is going a bit too “they got what they wanted, but not what they needed”, “gone horribly right” kinda thing. Again, too early, but it gets that vibe. She’s still talking about her childhood, so it’s dubious whether she’s genetically modified to be smart or a natural genius, but something at least can be subtracted from this tale; no matter how advanced,… Read more »

What do you mean by transhumanist? Isn’t Kleya a human, just super smart? Like, i figured an Einstein of her time. Why wouldn’t she still be, or want to be human?

Hello Dooxi. I wouldn’t normally kick in and try to steal somebody elses’ answer, but I think Oscar was getting some of the same feels I was around this, and besides that, I like any excuse to explain really cool s— I’ve found out from around the internet. This’ll take a few seconds of history, but suffice to say, if you’ve been a major fan of the accelerating change theories, you can probably drop and skip past paragraph two. Alright, there’s a bunch of accelerating change theories, they layer ontop of each other like a wedding cake, those really expensive… Read more »

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Alright, he’s actually -read- the book, so pardon me if I’ve botched any details, I tried to stick to really basics and generalizations. The actual derail starts fairly shortly afterwards, and yes. It is a minecraft video, if that deeply offends you but you still want to hear about it, tab out.



Wow, i commented so fast my own name had a misspelling. I’m Soozi not Dooxi rofl Thank you for explaining! I had no idea about these theories, they sound very cool, and Oscar’s comment makes sense, thank you for the time to explain to me! ๐Ÿ˜€


If she is a transhuman of some kind, that would explain how she is able to view code and interact with it the way she does, because actual coding doesn’t look anything like how she sees it. Remember when she almost grabbed and twisted/broke the code of one of her opponents? If she has gained a unique set of senses/abilities from her constant exposure to technology or from augmentations, that would make more sense.


Chameon gave a decent answer on what transhumanism is. Another good resource is Sandbergs Transhuman Page

I like the pace of the story the way it is. Aneeka has done a good job setting up the story so that we care about what made Kleya do some terrible things– things that would be very hard to forgive if we didn’t first see how desperate she is to try to make up for them. I would love it if the pages could come out more quickly, but Aneeka doesn’t make enough from the ads on this page or the sales of the books to quit her day job, so I’m happy she’s able to reliably keep up… Read more »

So she was a very popular, world-famous person before everything went wrong. Now I understand much better why she was able to do such harm, and why everybody knew that it was her fault.


So we’re now starting to get hints as to how Kleya managed to make the biggest mistake of her life – the consequences of which she’s desperately trying to run away from (since, obviously, she can’t fix the world back to what it was before).


Her mistake was something that made people do this story’s version of a butlerian jihad. They began to trash all advanced machines and those who use them. Which was unfortunate cause what happens next? Magnetic field shift. Not a slow one that could be dealt with. A fast one that took the world by storm. I don’t think its all Kleya’s fault…but she has to be thinking that whatever she did made what was gonna be horrible into something truly hellish.


Awesome vote incentive! Based on that, I’m guessing Mom invented it (since she worked on the Kido units), Kleya fixed limitations and got it working (possibly in ways Mom didn’t really intend), and then… Dad found new uses for it, and for Kleya. ๐Ÿ™


I don’t follow; it seems like a pretty awesome device. It must have some baggage.


did she INVENT L.I.F.E. ?


No, Kleya! Don’t test dangerous technology on yourself! Spine tapping machines can be lethal if installed wrong!


I don’t think it’s spliced with her spinal cord. Someone else would probibly have to operate on her for that, but it sounds like something she fixed and used by herself. Also, it’s worn (?) outside of her clothes. My guess is that it’s like a portable Kido.


Hmm, now I suspect that most people would recognize her in person if they saw her, even folks that never met her before.


Reading this page made me think of Utena.
“Grant me the power to bring the world revolution!”

…does “D” stand for Dios?


Hm… so did she create/improve an invention to give humans closer connection to technology? When I first saw that she was part cyborg I thought the origin was medicine related –something was wrong with her spinal cord (or something) in the first place and so technology was used to get her over that, and then she just started using it to her advantage. In hindsight that was probably an overly detailed assumption (which I do all the time).

Well, you did revolutionize the world, I suppose. Whether that’s a good thing… The exoskeleton thing appears! In full, this time. I wanna know what it’s for, besides interfacing with tech for control, The Game, and stuff. There was speculation earlier that it had something to do with allowing her to move, but today’s first panel would seem to disagree with that. I don’t actually expect we’ll get told before it comes out in the comic, though. I really wanted to see what Kleya had to say about her contraption, so I hit the vote incentive. I think (or feel)… Read more »

Oh my GAWSH.

This comic keeps getting better and better!


She went full Doc ock. You Never go full Doc ock.

If she fixed the device herself, I don’t think it’s surgically attached. It can pick up signals though the skin. She just chooses to wear it all the time once it’s working, just as she ran around with VR goggles on all the time when she was younger. We know there are military cyborgs and mechs that she hacked later. At a guess, Dad used her success in getting the neural pickups to work to create cyborg soldiers and either hire them out as mercenaries or directly use them to take power. My current suspicion is that she did not… Read more »

Without knowing what she did its hard to say exactly how it all fits together. But I agree her dad prolly blamed her for it all. I doubt her dad was oblivious of her doings. He is likely even more guilty than she is. But question is will he every admit it.

This technology seems to also disorient the person and send signals to the brain as kleya uses it to play the game and other things. Imagine the whole world starts using this technology the picks up signals and directly interacts with the body. What if a hacker decides to connect and just change a few things that someone is perceiving in the world. I don’t know if it is possible for this technology to actually directly control the body, but it seems to at least be able to change what you perceive as kleya uses it to play the game/… Read more »

I made you fanart!


It’s Kleya, done in MS Paint.


Her thing looks like Bender from Futurama.